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  2. 1st evening: I would bring a couple of cigars and go to the Nacional's patio to order a Cubano sandwich and a beer. Then some mojitos and cigars before going to bed early-ish in Vedado, near the Nacional. Day 1: Conde de Villanueva (custom robusto + coffee in the courtyard. Plaza Vieja - coffee at El Escorial. Walk around Old Havana... Lunch at El Chanchullero. Then I would hit Parque Central, Capitolio, the Partagas Factory store to grab some cigars and head down calle Obispo toward hotel Raquel awesome rooftop to smoke a cigar with a couple mojitos. For dinner I would pro
  3. I was also going to suggest the 7 minute workout. That's what I do when I travel - unlike Mus I just do 1-3 series per day...
  4. Silly question, but why would you be afraid of a 4m shark chasing you and NOT be afraid of chasing the same 4m shark, just because one of your kayak enthusiast buddies is in sight??? I have zero fishing experience, but common sense would suggest to get to shore asap, especially at dusk...
  5. Hi Ken, I love wine - and can really appreciate it, whatever the style... Except for Champagne. I never was able to really appreciate Champagne, even though I tasted many from different chateaux. Would you say that it’s the hardest type of wine to learn to taste and « enjoy » or it simply could be that it’s just not for me? thanks!
  6. I don’t want to start a political debate with Canadian members, but I thought it was funny. A little present from Doug Ford... (stayed at the same hotel in London, Ontario on Wednesday night and he chatted with me for about half an hour while I was smoking on the patio). It’s actually a fake fake. No attempt to try making it look legit. Nice gesture by a nice guy with different views. Let’s leave it at that.
  7. Has anyone had it? Curious to know if it's a good HP. Thanks!
  8. Really close to Portland... delicious food. Have you been to a NH liquor store yet?
  9. Currently... Bolivar PC 14 RA Superiores 14 PL Picadores 15 Punch Punch 14 VR Famosos 13 HU Connaiseur 08 & 11 RGPC 15
  10. I would suggest you drive to the Jean-Talon market on Saturday. Can either find something you like there or go to the Petit Alep, le Pourvoyeur or the Pick Up depanneur (off the beaten path, but great sandwiches). For dinner why don’t you try to get a table at l’Express (an institution) or au Pied de cochon (MartinbPicard’s restaurant)... or Lemeac. Enjoy!
  11. I personally love Electric Mud - awesome BBQ in Parkdale The Richmond Station is more central and also an excellent option. A more touristy spot, but totally worth a visit, is the Distillery District. You can find some decent beer at the Mill St. Brewery pub and Balzac Coffee serves a decent espresso. My favourite spot for craft beer (and right downtown) is C'est What? For whisky there's the CC Lounge on Front St. Enjoy.
  12. Drinking a Glen Moray Chardonnay Cask: for $39 CAD it’s the deal of the year, IMO. Going to run to the liquor store tomorrow to get another couple of bottles of the same and some of the port cask as well... Not the best single malt in the world, but what a great value! it was paired with a 1yo custom robusto from the Conde de Villanueva, which was also really good.
  13. Hi Ken, I am sure that I saw a bottle in the humidor of the LCDH at the Melia Cohiba in early February. Could not tell you if it was full or just for show, but it definitely was the same bottle. I'm pretty sure it was there in 2016 as well, so perhaps it's just to decorate the humidor!
  14. I personally believe that someone who works 40 hours + per week should be able to afford a somewhat comfortable life (that comes from someone who doesn't mind paying more taxes in order to have access to universal healthcare, subsidized child care and education though, but let's not get into that). I think I would agree with the notion of the living wage. The only problem with that is that it could not be national minimum wage (cost of living in NYC is much higher than Springfield MO or Toronto is a lot more expensive than Montreal...) to avoid hurting smaller businesses, as NSXCigar me
  15. Hello fellow Aussies! Is this true? Below is an op-ed from the Globe and Mail... there's a big debate in Canada about raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour... What would you say is different in Oz (simply a higher cost of living?) Interesting subject. "Australia pays fast-food workers $20 an hour and the sky hasn’t fallen"
  16. Why not just go for Elon's new toy? It's only $500USD and extremely useful around the house, aside from lighting cigars... HOME FAQ JOBS MEDIA FEEDBACK HAT FLAMETHROWER Navigation Home FA
  17. There would be a few, but the winner would be the Partagas Serie du Connaisseur No. 1... just a brilliant smoke!
  18. Didn't see any on the shelves. Only saw Winnies, some Punch DC (including a cab of 50), RA Gigantes, HdM DC. No MdO 2s either... Alexi from the casa de las Artesanias LCDH (where I usually find real gems) said that he was hoping to get a decent shipment on Tuesday (the 6th). Again, the stores were well stocked, but with regular stuff and lots of short fillers (the cruise ship theory does make sense).
  19. Hi, I was referring to the RG Panatelas Extras, which is short filler (I'm a huge fan of the RGPC and RGP). As a matter of fact, there was a cruise ship docked on Sunday.
  20. Hi; none. I only saw a lot of Reyes and the seldom boxes of Fundadores. I really saw nothing out of the ordinary or exceptional (aside from the QdO 50 or the Anejado cigars, which I refuse to buy out of principle).
  21. Hello, I just got back last night. The weather was great (not too sunny, a nice 23-26C everyday). Here is a brief report of what we saw in the LCDH around the city: 1) Winnines were rather easy to find (!). There was not piles and piles of boxes, but you could find some here and there. 2) Many boxes of Connie As and Mag 50 and the Robustos (Anejados), Partagas Anejados, Ramon Superiores & Gigantes, ERDM Choix Sup, SLR Regios. 3) Lots and lots of "mainstream" stuff: RyJ, Montecristo, Cohiba Sigs (we saw one box of VI), regular Partagas, etc. Soooo no EL, or som

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