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  1. Thanks for this recommendation: Jorge is awesome and knows a ton about the city... his English is very good. I called him at 8:30am for a 10am pickup (very last minute plan) and he asked one of his friends to cover a much more profitable trip to Vinales that he was supposed to do that day, to be sure we would have good service! How long have you known him, Rob? I feel that he did not one to disapoint someone dropping your name.
  2. We stayed at 359 Jovellar (Carlos' casa) and it was the best accomodation I have ever stayed at in Havana. Above all, the service was fantastic: great breakfast, made at the time of your wish, by Mayra and Yimi (who keep the place immaculate as well). I would just recommend to bring some ear plugs as it can get a little noisy at night.
  3. I'll just enjoy my FR even more now that I know how transparent they are. Thanks for the great read.
  4. Just booked Jovellar 359... Yily answered all my questions really quickly. Thanks Rob.
  5. There's so many, so I'll just post a top 5! Partagas SDC 1 & 3 RA 898 Sancho Molinos Punch SS1 (ok, let's make it a top 6 and add the RS11 to the list!) SAD!!!!!!! ;-)
  6. Hey Shlomo! I'm afraid I missed that one. Thanks for the tip though!
  7. Caol Ila 12... I grab a bottle when available - which is quite rare. What a great dram!
  8. ^^^ This. And one key per lock! These accidents still happen too often, which is really unfortunate. We had 3 fatalities in the last 2 years at my company. It may sound like a cliché, but all of them could/should have been prevented through better training, actual risk assessement, LOTOTO or better use of technology, etc. Every fatality in the workplace is a real tragedy. Thanks for posting.
  9. If you have access to Cadenhead whiskies I would go for those, given their very limited production (I don’t know how much they would cost in the US though)... Shoot them a quick email to let them know what you like and they will give you really good pointers! regular production single malts will/should always be around. A good Cadenhead really is special, IMO. enjoy!
  10. In Montreal hockey is a religion. I think that a game between 2 original 6 teams is a good game. A game between the Canadiens and the Bruins is a great game (even when both teams suck).
  11. Thanks again for organizing Chris - and this thread was both educational and entertaining! And, above all, congrats on the big news!!
  12. I would suggest to visit l'Intendant... very unique & beautiful wine shop. Enjoy!
  13. Will definitely look for the inserts. Learn something new every day... Thanks Ray!
  14. Hi Ray... a little off-topic, but I was always told that Zippos and cigars were not a good combination. Either you don’t believe in this theory or you’re a rebel Either way, I’d be interested to know what’s your take on this. thanks - and great review by the way!
  15. There is only one importer of Cubans for Canada and, to my knowledge, they could not import Punch to Canada for a long time... More details below. ChanceSchmerr Prominentes Members 1,993 posts Location:Victoria, Canada Report post Posted October 8, 2012 Going to reply fully to the post, but to clarify this (because the same thing happened in Victoria here - Multiple boxes of Punch Black Princes showed up on
  16. Well I guess I'll have to visit Canadian LCDH more often then. I was not aware of that. Thanks.
  17. Hello, I went to the LCDH in Montreal for the first time in years (8-10) and checked out the vintage section. They had a decent selection of vintage regulars - including many discontinued vitolas - ELs and REs. I naturally expected prices to be insanely high. Suprisingly, it was the opposite! When I asked the guy why there was no premium on vintage cigars he told me that most of his customers prefer "fresh" cigars and that they sometimes have to sell some 10-15 year old cigars at a discount!! I didn't buy anything, but let's just say I will not wait another 10 years to return.
  18. Hi, if you are only spending you will likely have time to spend in Habana Vieja. I would go to the LCDH at the casa de las Artesania (near where the bus should drop you off) and check out the selection there. It’s a hidden gem IMO and Alexis who runs the place knows his stuff. Don’t buy right away so you don’t have to carry the bag all day... Then hit the LCDH at Hotel Conde de Villanueva, grab a custom and check out the selection as well. Reynaldo’s blend is often really good and well rolled. Finally check out the Partagas store, just in case... that’s what I would do in a day. Ot
  19. I don't purchase cigars at auctions, but if those boxes were properly stored over the years some buyers made great, great deals!
  20. I grew up with the Hip. Simply the best Canadian rock band of my generation - if not all time, imo (no disrespect to Rush). Great performer, songwriter and activist who will sure be missed.
  21. Slow Dancing: U2's version is better than Willie Nelson's... imo The Man Who Sold the World: Bowie's version was good. Nirvana's was simply great. Live and Let Die: I prefer G&R's cover to Sir Paul's original.
  22. "Rustic " cigars, such as the Cazadores, are usually the best ones down the road, imho. thanks

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