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  1. "Rustic " cigars, such as the Cazadores, are usually the best ones down the road, imho. thanks
  2. Great review Ray. That is one of my favourite cigars of all time. So complex. I think you nailed it when you said it was floral. thanks
  3. First box ever was JR Ultimate Coronas, in the Spring of 1997, bought in NYC - still have one... maybe I should smoke it to celebrate its 20th anniversary. First Cuban box was Monecristo #4 in the Summer of 1997. It was a beautiful box and I smoked it all during that Summer.
  4. I am smoking one of those 2011 "moldy" cigars right now and they do deliver! As mentioned above the 1s are more straight forward (I get leather, nuts and a hint of cacao at the end). I have older and younger 1s and they never disapoint - I really like that profile. I would not nuy them blind though. The A is simply a sublime and complex cigar. And I would buy blind as the quality always seem to be good to great - I opened at least a dozen boxes and they were all looking awesome, which is consistent with what I have read here. To me the Connie 1 is greatly underrated while the Con
  5. Despite its ridiculous RG I think the Libertador is a great smoke! Would I buy another box? Probably not, but only because of its size. I have never bought any of the others as I do not find them appealing at all - but that's just my taste.
  6. This box is from 2015. Good construction & burn. I've always been a huge fan of RA and have been smoking these like they are hoing out of style ever since their initial release.., I smoke fast, I think: 73 minutes this time around. Maybe I should try to pace myself a little. Great smoke!
  7. From Montreal I would say the Jukebox Distorsion, Simple Malt IPAs, Dieu du Ciel IPAs, Castor Yakima and Dunham APA...
  8. $6,60 for the "Unemployment" tax??? First time I hear about that. Will do some research on that one. Only in Quebec...
  9. Steinhart makes great pilot watches - great value indeed imo.
  10. Funny thing is that he still sells La China'a customs at his restaurant... and some really nice vintage cigars. Really nice guy!
  11. Can we do a second pass, before the box returns to Victoria? Just asking
  12. Smoking another Diploma 2 years later: just a great cigar. It delivered tons of flavours and complexity (espresso, nuts and leather mostly) and was truly a full body NC. Really interesting cigar. Still have maybe five left and I will make a point to smoke one every year.
  13. Update: I ended up taking the Alex Churchill instead of his Behike. Approved by Chris. Thanks!
  14. Hello everyone, Here are my proposed puts/takes - pictures are below: 1) Take: SLR 2008 Put: VR DA 2003 - code unknown, split the box bought in Havana (Club Habana) in 2008 with a friend. It was a splendid box and the cigar still looks great. 2) Take: Alex Behike 52 Put: Reynaldo's Super Robusto from April 2017. Needs a bit of time to mellow out (18-24 months imo) 3) Take: Sancho Panza Molinos 2008 Put: Partagas SeleccionPrivada 1 2000 - OSU Jun2000, bought at Club Habana in 2001 and selected by Mons and Cid Gordon (for those who may remember him
  15. Not yet. At least not because of cigars. However, the NH Liquor Stores are just the best and everytime I come down here I do get comments on how much I bought. But it's soooo cheap, I just can't resist! Od Pulteney for 40$ - how can one resist? live free or die! Great motto.
  16. I'm actually spending the week at THE lake in question. Beautiful.
  17. Youtube... it's pretty much a daily thing now. Really enjoy watching Trevor Noah, John Oliver, Colbert and Seth Myers' clips. They have been inspired lately and their stuff is really funny.
  18. I get the Siesta Key spiced rum every time I visit my in-laws in Sarasota. A little on the super sweet side, but excellent with an ice cube.
  19. I have never been a big fan of Cohiba (overpriced imo) and it showed with cigar #4... in fact I had never smoked a Siglo 4 before. I thought it had the Hoyo profile and that it was a no brainer. Never imagined it could be a Cohiba. Kudos to those guessed right!! Really enjoying this blind tasting comp.
  20. I say to each his own. And tastes evolve... 20 years ago it was port or nothing. That phase has passed and now the "perfect pairing" depends on my mood, the friend I smoke with, etc.
  21. I read that the toe was sent back to the bar along with a apology letter - how touching. I remember going to a rum bar in Marseille - in the old port. One of the bottles contained a viper. It was really gross. Aparently back in the days shepperds would drown a viper in a full bottle of alcohol: the snake would then release its venim and the shepperds would become immune to it by drinking the ''venimized'' alcohol. All that to say that when one has had a bit too much to drink one is willing to drink rum with snake scales in it. Since there is not much to do in Yukon I'm sure the g
  22. Thanks for all the work Chris! Much appreciated. It will be hard to decide what to take/put, but a lot of fun for everyone!
  23. Thanks for organizing this! Just one thing I was wondering; with summer vacations around the corner should participants give you a heads up if they know they are likely to be away at some point? I would hate to slow down the pass for a couple of weeks... Really looking forward to it.

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