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  1. There is one Casa Del Habano in Aruba. Abraço Cambada!!!!!!
  2. jfestrelabr

    Help Cohiba Siglo VI TRANSIT SEAL ONLY

    Friends the Cohibas are fake. Abraço Cambada!!!!!!
  3. jfestrelabr

    Hello from Brazil!

    Hy my name is João Felipe Estrela i live em Brazil, one hug to all FOH members. Abraço Cambada!!!!!!
  4. jfestrelabr

    Help Cohiba Siglo VI TRANSIT SEAL ONLY

    Ok the box are come to my hand in a few minuts and i do the pictures And the "2015" is a bad indicative, i never see this too. Abraço Cambada!!!!!!
  5. Hy all, A Friend receive a box of Cohiba Siglo VI code TMB / Oct 2015, gift of a Cuban diplomat, however to send me the pics i found it odd that this box came only with transit seal and no Green seal with bar code. I started a search and detected that seal is correct for the year of this box. I would lime to opinions on the appearance and whether it is possible to say this is a 100% box or a fake box. Thanks one more time. Abraço Cambada!!!!!!
  6. jfestrelabr

    Cohiba or Fauxhiba

    10000% fake, please, dont smoke this Abraço Cambada!!!!!!

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