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  1. TheMonk

    Hello From Bourbon Country

    Welcome to FOH, John!
  2. TheMonk

    Hello from Chicago!

    Welcome to FOH!
  3. I like the packaging, it's more refined without being over the top!
  4. TheMonk

    Hello from ATL

    Welcome to FOH, Ryan!
  5. Great job, have yet to smoke one of these!
  6. Nice job, one of the best pyramides IMO!
  7. TheMonk

    Greetings from NYC!

    Welcome to FOH!
  8. TheMonk

    Newbie from PA!

    Welcome to FOH!
  9. TheMonk

    Hello from Calgary!

    Welcome to FOH, Peter!
  10. TheMonk

    Hey Y’all from Charleston SC

    Welcome to FOH!
  11. TheMonk

    Hello from chilly England

    Welcome to FOH!

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