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  1. Very true. Although I'm not personally a big fan, they do provide a very long smoke, and the added benefit of being able to keep them almost anywhere without humidification concerns is a big plus.
  2. It seems almost everybody loves Upmann. No surprise there. My current favorites are: 1. H. Upmann 2. Trinidad 3. Partagas 4. Ramon Allones 5. Cohiba The order of preference does change over the years, but the Top 5 not as much. Probably could've included Quai d'Orsay as they're doing some fine cigars at the moment, but still a very small range available in order to assess consistency.
  3. Trinidad can have very herbal flavours IMO, specially when aged. The La Escepcion Don José was fully herbal when fresh, I could barely taste anything apart from green tea. They've changed a bit over the years, though, but I still find them quite herbal.
  4. Don't be so sure, sometimes it's really just a matter of personal taste! I've tried more then a few, and the DC was the only one I found enjoyable. Nice short review, BTW!
  5. Great review! Hoyo is one of my least favorite marcas, but I'm gonna try this one nonetheless.
  6. Another nice review!

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