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  1. I believe the Straight from the Barrel is the only one available in the USA. The others are available outside of USA. I believe this may be due to the ownership of brands between Takara Shuzo and Sazerac. I haven't figured out who owns what for the Blanton's brand.

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  2. I wonder if someone from ISIS is following along with the Best books you have read in the past 12 months floating around in "The Watering Hole".  At the recommendation of that thread, I picked up the book Mr. Mercedes.  That book now has two similarities to two ISIS attacks.  The book starts out with a guy running a Mercedes into a crowd of people waiting a job fair.  That threw me back to the Nice attacks last years and the method used there (truck instead of car).  Then, the book ends with a spoiled bomb attack at tiny bopper concert (sorry if this spoils the plot of the book for those who have not read it).  That seemed to much like this attack.  I know when things like this happen people try to draw similarities, but they just seem like two eerie similarities.  

  3. How does one become friends with the Prince where he would share his cigars with them?  For as much as they are on Instagram, it must not be that uncommon or are they copy cats?   This seems lit it would be something only enjoyed by the 0.0001%?  Those who attend Davos or something like it. 

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  4. In planning a trip down to the island I was looking at attending a baseball game.  Afterall, I am starting to see more and more Cuban stars in the MLB.  I was wondering if anyone has attended a game down there and has any advice of seeing a game from either Havana or Varadero?  I understand one of the best teams is in Matanzas that is accessible from Varadero?  Are there any good teams near Havana?  How to the logistics of getting to and from a game work?  What is the game experience like?  What is the best way to get tickets?  Do the games sell out?


  5. I got free passes for Disneyland through work.  I took the family for a quick Spring Break trip.  We have taken the family to both Disneyland and Disney World at Spring Break (wife is a teacher) and I can say it was utter madness.  I have never seen so many people in my life!  There was probably not a square foot in that park that day without a person in it.  You almost couldn't move because there were so many people.  We grabbed some fast passes and headed back to the hotel and swam during the day.  Went back at night and during the Electric Light parade that my kids did not have interest in seeing we pretty much had easy access to the rides.   Also the park was open till midnight so that weeds out some of the younger kids (if it is open that late during the time you are there).  We have also done the Disney cruise which is still hectic, but great with little ones.  Probably the only place you can enjoy a cigar on Disney property too (they have a high deck reserved for smokers with a bar near by...adults only deck)!

  6. Your politicians must have visited Chicago. They taxed cigs so high they started losing money on people who quit buying them and started rolling their own. They started raising taxes on bulk tobacco a few years ago to make up for it . Now they found a new angle for those that said screw it and started vaping. Yep they got their claws into that now. Starting in July we are also fortunate to have a penny per ounce tax on sugary drinks. You see, all this money is to help save the children. Its a blessing to have such caring politicians who want to help the children. Its always about the children. We cant have obese children from sugary drinks. We cant have children smoking. The exceptional part is that people who are on government assistance will not have to pay the sugar  tax . My favorite is the plastic grocery bag tax. I think its 10 cents per bag. Thats not for the children , thats to save the planet. 

    You just took the words right of my mouth. We have vilified tobacco...let's keep milking it and find something else to pump for about sugar?

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  7. I wonder if there are any tax consequencies to rolling your own cigars?  I remember a while ago all these roll your own cigarette shops popped up around here.  When I inquired about them, I was told that people could roll their own cigars and avoid some of the government taxes associated with buying cigarettes from a merchant.   Also, I have been to a few places where they have a cigar roller making cigars.  There used to be a place in Oakbrook Mall that always had a couple guys rolling cigars in the back.  That always seemed more as novelty than something boutique.  

  8. 3 hours ago, cardinalfan85 said:

    Dec 06 Saint Luis Rey Churchill (from the Christmas sampler 2 years ago?) Today is opening day for the St. Louis Cardinals and what a lovely cigar to start the baseball season with! Smooth, creamy smoke. Lots of citrus and graham cracker.


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    Nice hat!


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  9. I am in the Chicago burbs but it is going to be 60 here this weekend.  I doubt this will last till you get here, but it has been rather warm this winter.  

    For the sheer fact that Chicago is still trying to attract jobs and businesses to the loop, crime there doesn't seem to be as bad as other cities.  However, you go south of McCormick Place, west of United Center or North of Wrigley Field you may see a rise in crime.  I have noticed more stories on the new at night about crimes happening within this area.  

    Uber and Lyft are great in the city.  I would recommend the L if you are coming in from Ohare.   If there is traffic, you can get to the heart of the loop much easier and quicker.

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  10. I will be in Atlanta or Alpharetta, GA in June. My normal place to smoke in Alpharetta is in the Bar area of the steak restaurant at the Hyatt, but they open only in the evening. Right across the street there is a cigar shop where one can smoke too. But they don't have any Cubans. So I normally go for plan B: Camacho American Bourbon Barrel. In Atlanta I have no clue where to go. Does anyone know a decent place there?

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    Isn't there a good cigar bar off of Windward parkway down there? I believe one of my co-workers recommended that one to me. Unfortunately all that Pine worked up my sinuses last time I was down there.

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  11. I would agree that the only thing worth bringing back from the LCDH in Cabo is the Edmond Dantes if they are in stock.  I think I got Dippy 2 and and HDM1 and it was around $40 USD when I was there two summers ago.  I think I read that the tax on cigars in Mexico is around 150%.  Even Duty Free at the airport had crazy high prices compared to this site.  

    That said the LCDH is a great shop.  They have a great bar and it would be a great stop even for the Girl on the Bachelor Party.  They have an excellent Tequila selection and their staff knows how to make great drinks.  When I was there my wife came with me while I was to enjoy a cigar.  While there, we began talking to some other people and some guy ended up buying us glasses of 1942 all night long.   My wife ended up having an great night too!  It was probably the one thing I will remember about my 40th birthday!  That and the dinner before at the Patagonia Steakhouse up the street!

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