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  1. Took this picture on Turtle Beach on St. Kitts on a trip down there in 2006. A very lovely and relaxing place.
  2. Is support for Tapatalk done? I still cannot login from there.
  3. Congrats Mike! I know it is a different sect, but you should get together with archbishop TImothy Dolan and you can be FOTL (Fathers of the Leaf). I remember reading that he had requested that the pope bring him back some Cuban cigars on his way from Havana to the US last year.
  4. I used to play golf...then I got married...bought a house...and had two kids. With each one of those steps I played less and less until I stopped playing after having kids. I played in high school on the team and used love it. Also loved working at a country club during high school and college. To this day, that was my favorite job. I still sport the same Ping Eye 2 copy irons that I have had since high school, but had upgraded the woods to R5s. Best round of golf was playing the Royal St. Kitts golf club. Went in the afternoon and had the whole course to myself because their was a bi
  5. I agree with Professor Twain on both points. I have used the site and it has always returned the same results. However, I i am surprised that the site doesn't match the factory code on the back of the box too. It returns a serial like number, but I don't know what that is. What does this mean... HSA: 10.8006.01.0550, and what does this mean... UW-GPSR-M-n-25 Also, I have heard of some vendors shipping to the US who remove the bar codes to prevent detection.
  6. I would imagine that they are in the Netherlands too. If I am not mistaken the Dutch have some lines of their own cigars. I remember one of the first cigars I ever bought was a Justus Van Maurik I got in Amsterdam. I want to say that the tobacco from that cames from Java. Don't the Germans have their own lines of cigars too.
  7. We had a work function where we had to make a masquerade mask. Having a few cigar bands sitting around with their gold shininess gave me a good idea to put them to a good use. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I just started using mine last year after I was diagnosed with SA. I got tested after my father had a near heart attack and they found from that he had sleep apnea. My father-in-law (also still a BOTL) and my skinny as a rail sister-in-law have it. My buddy who I smoke cigars with has it. A lot of people have it, but it is serious stuff. There was even an article out there that Anthony Scalia might have died because he wasn't using his machine (
  9. Like the Guinness Salt and Pepper Shakers too. Those are pretty sweet!
  10. I . I found this at Binnys tonight. Couldn't believe it was not marked up either. Though it was limit 1. It was more than I usually like to spend on a bottle, but figured I would never see it at this price again. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I see what up did there with the Lusitanias. Didn't the ship the cigar is named for sink in May of '15...1915? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. The funny thing is that I cannot find anything to confirm or refute the 500ml bottle thing either. I find it weird because you can get 50ml bottles, 375ml bottles, 750ml bottles and 1L bottles. Why wouldn't they allow 1/2 litter? However, a quick search of liquor stores near me did not have any. Weird.
  13. I have asked the same question and got a similar answer. And, my friends leaving the country for business that could pick some up keep forgetting on their way back. What I have found is that some stores in Vancouver Canada carry it and you can order it from Master of Malt, but that comes with a hefty shipping price
  14. I remember reading about a similar system last year called Snet which basically seemed like a large scale LAN patched together.
  15. Couldn't they just mix it in St. Louis and float it down the Mississippi and then on to Havana in barrels as Agriculture material. The interesting thing about this is that In-Bev is a foreign controlled company and should be able to transfer assets from one country to another.. Could they just relocate agriculture products under the easing of restrictions. When does something go from being an agriculture product to raw material?
  16. Isn't the typically Pappy season around Nov-December? I hear of it popping up occasionally around the year, but the most I hear about is in the late fall. Try looking here if you are just trying to find a glass of the stuff...
  17. Hi Tom! Welcome from another Illinois BOTL.
  18. Also, it would take Congress to lift the Embargo. That change doesn't seem likely to happen. This will certainly be a high turnout election for both sides. However money talks. Then again, that is why the trademark issues will not be quickly resolved. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Actually, Coke has managed to remain profitable despite declining sales because they are selling products in smaller containers. The small cans and bottles command a higher profit margin.
  20. Actually, that is on top of the already existing taxes by other taxing bodies Every premium cigar imported to the U.S. is taxed at 52.75% of the wholesale price, and that is capped at 40.26 cents per cigar. The Chicago is in the state of Illinois. Illinois taxes cigars at 36%. Chicago is also in Crook, I mean Cook County, and on large cigars they tax them at $.30 per cigar.. While certainly not as bad as other countries, for non-Cuban cigars, the price adds up very quickly! Luckily for me, I live in Lake County near the Wisconsin boarder so I can cross over and cigar taxes there are capp
  21. We cannot even find Weller 12 in the States either.
  22. I believe Nashville is also one of the only airports I know of with a cigar lounge. Is Greycliff still there? That would certainly make getting a delay better!

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