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  1. I have a 2008 box of PSP Unicos which are pure bliss. I have smoked from a few boxes of the 2006 Famosos art edition which are almost as nice. From my limited experience they age very well
  2. My box of 2005 ERDM Tainos is still sealed. One of these days I'll light one up. Probably still too young at the moment?
  3. The Cohiba siglo VI grand reserva is the most significant. The release started the trend of an increasing number of limited hard to find releases and increasing speculation in this segment of the market. When these came out, they sat on the shelves for 6 to 8 months despite universal praise. When they sold out the prices on the secondary market went through the roof in short order and people were clamoring for more. It seems like there’s a new special release out every month or so now, prices going up and up, with none seemingly available at less than 2x msrp.
  4. I looked up mensch in wikipedia and your picture popped up Prez! Thank you and Merry Christmas to you, your family and staff. You folks make a lot of people happy!
  5. I voted for H Upmann because I thought the question was which one I liked the most. I suspect all of us who voted for Upmann are also easily duped.
  6. I just cracked a box of 2012 PSP Monte 3's and they are heavenly.
  7. Before Rob published the findings from his plume studies, we all coveted plume. So why the bias on the type of plume?
  8. I find that boxes that mold is a sign of a good box of cigars. It does tend to come back when wiped away. It is unsightly and I understand why it's off putting and, even with my previous stated experience with mold, it's not something I look for in a box. I'm surprised that no one has noticed that the moldy boxes tend to be the better ones.
  9. I have a few boxes of the same month and box code. They have been stellar.
  10. I have a mother’s day story I’d like to tell despite its irrelevance. My wife is Mexican and my mother in law used to live with us. My mother in law does not speak English and my Spanish is as bad as it gets. A few years ago I got them both flowers and cards to celebrate mother’s day. My mother in laws card greeting read “Feliz dia del Mamas!”. My wife tells me that this translates to “Happy blow job day”. I was the only one that thought this was funny.

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