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  1. lordlister

    VRDA - UGO NOV 17?

    I have a few boxes of the same month and box code. They have been stellar.
  2. lordlister


    Happy Birthday Lisa!
  3. I have a mother’s day story I’d like to tell despite its irrelevance. My wife is Mexican and my mother in law used to live with us. My mother in law does not speak English and my Spanish is as bad as it gets. A few years ago I got them both flowers and cards to celebrate mother’s day. My mother in laws card greeting read “Feliz dia del Mamas!”. My wife tells me that this translates to “Happy blow job day”. I was the only one that thought this was funny.
  4. An LGC #6 from I don't know when. These were great cigars!
  5. lordlister

    Your Best Cigar of 2013?

    VR Maestro...why didn't I go in deeper on these!
  6. I once had the pleasure of smoking a 70's Diplimatico's #6. Outstanding cigar and, to date, the best I've ever had!
  7. lordlister

    HQ/PSP End of Of Month Clearance

    I'll take these 2!
  8. How are these smoking right now?
  9. The buttons are so small and everything's moving so fast...
  10. So it's a win win situation then! Glad to be of service!

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