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  1. Lisa, Di, Lucy and Rena, I am very sorry to hear of your loss. My condolences to you and your family.
  2. I have been away for a while, but I just moved. When I did so, I saw all my stored smokes and decided I needed to get back in gear. So hear I am. I hope all are well. Missed you guys...
  3. Hoyo de Monterey Pyramid, I think. It is Hoyo and pyramid shaped. Just awesome!
  4. Por Larranaga - Robustos de Larranaga - Exclusivo Asia Pacifico EMA JUN2007
  5. Here in California, unfortunately, NC's are very common. It is worth noting the good ones (which generally pale in comparison to CC's) are still more expensive to purchase here, than it is to "import" CC's.
  6. Start with a Blazer PB-207 and branch out from there, if need be.
  7. I was just at a Restaurant/Bar called La Bodeguita del Medio in Palo Alto. It is not in San Francisco. It is near Stanford U., about 30mins South of SF. They have a room in the back (and a patio) for cigar smoking. To avoid issues with the CA laws, they do not offer service in the cigar smoking areas. You basically need to head to the bar yourself. A nice, unique setting. Worth checking out if you come down that way.
  8. The safety lever is VERY easy to remove. Just snap off or cut off the tab. It is not hard to do. I think the body styling on the older models was less rounded/more square on the gas button. There are minor differences besides the safety tab.
  9. Dressing me up like that is only something I could picture in a horror film...
  10. You know, now that I think about it, all the lighters I use eventually die. I have not seen a single one which does not. I am just currently impressed with the Xikar havana lighters. They actually have never died on me yet. I have a few. I am sure soon after this post, the one I have been using will give out... Still, they seem to be impressive was my main point. The Blazer PB-207 is still a great, practical choice (for something which fits in your pocket!) Cheers, DC
  11. I do not recommend this ever. The result is not something that can be predicted in many cases. It may work well for some smokes. I am guessing it will work poorly for far more. The general guidelines for humidification changes with cigars over time is 1%/day. If you can control your secondary humidor well, you can take cigars from a resting place of 65-67% and increase their humidity over three to four days to 70%. I like to age at 65% and smoke at 70%, but I rarely bring smokes up to the 70%. It is easier to simply pull from my aging stock when I want to smoke. I am guessing there are plenty of views in the links Colt listed above.
  12. Don't try to play good cop / bad cop with me! Inquiring minds need to know what these smokes are. We will be sure to tell everyone else what we think. If you are confident in the product you are offering, you should have no worries... Ahhh, maybe that is the issue. Poor quality product, huh?
  13. I detect jealousy? You can be number one. Hell, you are number one. Rob does not count. So there. I will be number 24. As long as I get one of those smokes Rob offered out... He is such a great guy. I love Rob.
  14. Melia is like a European hotel, complete with european-esque service. The Hotel Nacional is 100% state owned, state run and the service really shows. That being said, The Nacional has so much more character and is simply a fun location. I do not know any other hotels in Havana, but I suggest the Hotel Nacional over the Melia Cohiba. If you think you are really high maintenance, (which no one who is, ever thinks they are,) then, undoubtedly you will enjoy the service of Melia Cohiba over the character of the Hotel Nacional. Otherwise, buy a ticket and take the ride...
  15. There is nothing wrong with the PB-207 (Blazer). It was my old standby. It costs less than the Xikar and has a more directional flame. I just looked on a cigar accessory site I like and the Xikar is only about twice the cost of the Blazer. The Xikar has lasted well over twice any PB-207 I have owned. I have been through about 15 PB-207's over the years. They die.
  16. You should send singles from that box out to the first 24 people who respond to this post. I would be number one. :-)
  17. It is the opposite end of the price scale, but I have been having great success with a Xikar lighter. I bought a few when they were released with Havana cigar labels imbedded in the sides. It is a torch. I forgot what they cost, there are people on here who sell them, if they are still available. Maybe $200.00. These lighters have WAY outlasted all of my Dunhill lighters. They have outlasted all my standards by far, which are Dunhill, ST Dupont, Blazer (the real cheap workhorse), BIC, Bugatti, etc.. The flame shape and heat is one of my favorites for cigars too.
  18. Or now that I think about it, perhaps a Dunhill cuban. I love the Cabinetta and the Estupendo, closely followed by the Dunhill Havana Club. Why? Blend, blend and blend. That was the real deal.
  19. Between a Behike and any Cohiba Torpedo release I have tried, but 2000 Jar's are in mind at the moment.
  20. Nice video! I did see the start of her set. Someone who said she was her sister was talking to me during it. She was a cutie. What a fun club. I should have found it before my last night. The last thing I remember is looking at my watch, realizing how late it was, looking up and seeing Bugusha, and quickly excusing myself to run back to the hotel.... I will be back to experience this incredible town again.
  21. Hardly daily, but I had a Cohiba LE 2006 Torpedo last night. It was covered in oily extractions and was simply amazing. Like they were a few years ago, but plus lots of depth of character and flavor.

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