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  1. In Seoul, I swear I'm working. <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo image_zpszgdifhsc.jpeg"/></a>
  2. Thanks guys, my friend will be stoked. I sent Rob and Di a PM for the address.
  3. Hey guys, An Australian friend of mine that I met in Korea is returning to Australia. He knows I buy all my cigars, and the cigars for my club, from FOH. He would like to visit the shop. I told him it's near Brisbane. But is it an actual cigar shop he can go into, buy cigars, smoke in a lounge, etc? If so, what's the address and number? I couldn't find it on this site. Thanks. Matt
  4. I still prefer the RAS, but can totally see the RACA tearing it up in a few years. I'd like more boxes of both.
  5. Ulsan Cigar Society event tonight here in South Korea, this is the first cigar of the evening. Love these.
  6. BBF (ULA NOV 14) Enjoyed this while studying tonight. Going back to university when you're almost over the hill is quite an adjustment. Time for a couple beers.
  7. PSP/HQ PSP2 (ULA MAY 15) I'm really enjoying this box. Trying to decide if I like this or the D4 better, and it's a tough decision.
  8. PSP/HQ HdM du Prince (Not at home now but I think the box code was TOR NOV 15). A cute little box of cigars.
  9. PSP RyJ Churchill (PLA OCT 14) After two nights in a row of disappointing smokes, this is like heaven
  10. Happy Fathers Day to all you poppas out there! I had a great Fathers Day thanks to my wife and daughter. Now I'm on the patio enjoying a glass of wine and trying to enjoy an RyJ Ex4 (GEO MAY14). Unfortunately, I just can't get behind this cigar. Great construction etc, just nothing to them flavor-wise for me. Wish I was smoking a Churchill instead, love those!
  11. I couldn't pick just one, but my top three are Ramón Allones, Bolivar, and Partagas in that order... I love pretty much everything from all three.
  12. PSP/HQ BCG (can't recall the box code but pretty sure it's from 2015). Had a great bbq today with family and friends, wife's chimichurri was a hit with the ribs. My 5 yr old is riding her bike like a champ now, it's fun to watch. Now it's time to unwind with a cigar and some carmenere, bbqing is hard work! On a side note, I used to abhor red wine with a cigar, but it's growing on me. Usually I like something bubbly.
  13. PSP Mag46 (GEO SEP 14) fantastic While I watch Ozzy Man Reviews on YouTube, this dude is hilarious

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