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  1. Bacon poached eggs and english muffin. Maybe 5 or 6 glasses of champagne.
  2. Let me add my thanks to the crew! They have been quite busy.
  3. I buy gifts for my team, not for my boss. I think current thinking is no gift for the boss. 🤨
  5. wineguy

    Cigar Cravings

    I have that problem in the winter here in western Pennsylvania, I have a couple clubs I can get smoke inside but they are not always convenient. I tend to think of a return after a break as a treat and will usually have something long and skinny. Fundy, Lancero, Monte Especial, 1, or especial 2.... Last sunday after a week or so off I went for a Trini Vigia from an unopened box and it was great.
  6. wineguy

    In the box or out

    I would be a little concerned about long term condition of them and damage. Maybe a coolidor or tuppadore as an alternative for extra long term storage boxes. If I only have a few as referenced above I will remove and put in the drawer and pitch the box.....
  7. wineguy

    Online Dating Sites?

    You are quite right- I just assumed that was the case.
  8. I am very sorry for your loss. It is so hard to loss a pet so close, I know the feeling well.
  9. I will do an occasional snap to make the GF happy when I am traveling but it never hits social media and the phone stays in the pocket for all meals. Also my children have known since they were very small how to behave properly in public.... It may have help to have been raised by an Englishman......
  10. wineguy

    Online Dating Sites?

    I think Ken will be fine 😉. He just needs to act like he is interested in the other person, let her do 75% of the speaking and pretend like everything she says is incredibly fascinating.
  11. wineguy

    Online Dating Sites?

    No- Cigars aren't smoking 😁
  12. wineguy


    I have Fonseca #1 from ENE 15 and JUL 17. Both purchased here.

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