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  1. Sound like the skills you have developed!!
  2. wineguy


    Trying them and putting them down are not mutually exclusive. Put them away for 90 days and then have one every few months until you want to smoke them all and remember to buy more along the way.
  3. wineguy


    Sounds like a business that will be quite popular with the business travelers!
  4. wineguy

    50 cabs

    I have two 50 cabs of HdM DC and they are both 16, RUE DIC 16 and UGE SEP 16, both purchased here.
  5. wineguy

    50 cabs

    I have all of the above in 50s except shorts as well as Punch Punch but have never seen JL2s in 50s... Would love to have those...
  6. I am deeply infected by it. Currently seeking Lanceros, Monte Especials, Sir Winston. Always on the lookout for other skinnies but have been a pig with Fundadores, Monte 1s and Monte Especiales #2 lately... But clearly not a problem...
  7. wineguy

    For 2019

    I like the metal one....
  8. wineguy

    Real or Fake?

    Love that it is curved!!
  9. I’m like a kid waiting for Christmas!!
  10. Bob just sent me an update on mine. They are just waiting for glass. Ordered June 25. I am very excited to receive it.
  11. Serous DB move... I only avoid opening guest brought wines for the opposite reason, they don't make the cut or I open them later when everyone is hammered already...
  12. This one from PMU JUL 15 is starting quite nicely. As I read the SD4 thread.
  13. I have a friend who is very wealthy, think 9 figures, and he smokes $2 cigars and brings $8 bottles of wine and then happily smokes and drinks what others have brought. I tried addressing in a light hearted way it didn't work so he has just been getting left off the guest lists by our group almost entirely now....
  14. I would be thrilled to contribute to this as well. I have the utmost respect for those who serve and would love to make their day brighter.

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