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  1. wineguy

    "high roller bourbons"

    1.75s of Woodford Reserve are on sale right now by the Peoples Republic of Pennsylvania for $ 63.99.... I bought a case....
  2. wineguy

    "high roller bourbons"

    Blanton's flies off the shelf in PA for 70... but they never have it..... I enjoy regular Woodford reserve.. and am right now.
  3. wineguy

    24:24 TUESDAY

    I had the same on my last of Espendidos....
  4. wineguy

    24:24 TUESDAY

    I have notice the Esplendidos, Lanceros etc are always clearance and of great quality...
  5. wineguy

    24:24 TUESDAY

    Maybe there are a good number... I thought there may be when I saw the quarter box option....
  6. wineguy

    24:24 TUESDAY

    Agree on the Lusi but I have a 50 cab of those and they were gone anyway... I don't have any Sig VI... or I didn't...
  7. wineguy

    24:24 TUESDAY

    Picked up some Siglio VI..... First for me.....
  8. wineguy

    Odd Inventions

    I think this is for passing a drug test.... Or so I have heard:)
  9. The Amazon ad also says that they are Robustos..... Lol....
  10. I would agree with you on all of the above, the performance and technology will improve and I am all for it. I don't think we are likely to see a near future increase in the price of gas given how much further exploration can be done in the US. Particularly off the coast of Alaska. The BMW i8 is very efficient and very high performance and also very expensive but as these technologies grow they will certainly be scalable. Hybrid is likely the near term solution. Of course this is only IMHO....
  11. I think you are spot on.. the reality is that the customer facing job or those who bring in the revenue are higher stress and also higher paying, you can't have it both ways... life is about give and take and sometimes your stress, family and liver suffer for the job... it's not required but a choice many make.
  12. I can't speak to this outside the US but in the US the vast majority of "clean electric vehicles" are being charged with electricity made from burning coal oil or gas. Granted some wind and nuclear power but wind is government subsidized and not sustainable without that from a cost respective and in my option the best solution of more nuclear power generation is unpopular due to a lack of education.
  13. wineguy

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Trini Vigia. BMP ABR 16... picture late in the smoke. Anyone else use a perfect draw as a nubber too?
  14. wineguy

    Long & Skinny

    I love the long and skinny sticks. My favorites are Monte 1, Fundadores, CoLas, Monte Especial, Monte Especial 2, Cohiba Corona Especiales. I have some Fonseca 1s and they are a pleasant everyday smoke. I also just received some PLMCs but am letting them rest.
  15. My son watched Airplane on the way now from a western ski trip. Talk about a movie that is really funny because they make fun of everything and everybody but could never be made now... along with Blazing Saddles.... The whole thing is insane. I am teaching my kids that it is a good opportunity for them to leapfrog all the snowflakes while they are in their safe places....
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