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  1. I have an inventory spreadsheet and that is it. I don't keep the number in the box though, just what it started with and when it goes to the single drawer note that and zero out the count.
  2. It works great for me. And way better than a golf tee when on the course without a PD. I need one for the golf bag.
  3. This was meant to be tongue in cheek. all in good fun.
  4. Worst car was a used 1981 Chevy Chevette that the heater didn't work and leaked water in the passenger side and froze in the winter. I used to put the floor mat on top of the ice. Best was an Audi A8 that was the perfect car except for cargo space.
  5. A good friend bought a box 25 of these locally and paid $300.00 US. I ran the serial number and they came up as Partagas Super Partagas. While the labels look good the font on the box code looks off to me and the price is way off. Also don't know if they were produced in 2019 and I thought were in boxes of 15. Thoughts?
  6. I am mostly smoking from 17 or earlier but I did have a friend on my deck with a younger PSP2 on Sat that I had bought for him earlier this year work on it with a perfect draw for half and than gave up... but that is also a sample size of 1......
  7. I agree completely!! ( and this is not a comment on US politics!!)
  8. This and I get the earlier point of not having too much concentration and have had a bad 50 of PLPC. But I love the 50 cabs.
  9. I like Alden for dress shoes particularly the Shell Cordovan. And for casual Trask has some great different leathers. I have a pair of the Buffalo hide boots and Sheep skin loafers that are very soft.
  10. I have an EML MAY 14 cab and have had a few and generally good.
  11. I miss dining out greatly and meeting up with friends although we still have some small groups. I am enjoying the excuse to have time alone and tranquility.

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