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  1. Very much! Great construction and draw! Was really great. I have a younger box I am letting rest so appreciated being bale to try it.
  2. Trini coloniales. LUM JUN 12 Thanks @THEMISCHMAN
  3. I voted 70% but assure I have no and will not have first hand experience! I’m headed for the deck for a post dinner 2010 Reyes from FOH auctions...
  4. Congrats! A 21 day job search is nearly impossible.
  5. More than I need with reasonable life expectancy.... I’m 53 and will likely leave my sons a nice collection. But still buying.....
  6. For me it is very hard to beat a perfectly cooked prime bone in Ribeye. And would put well prepared rack of lamb(mine 😋) over most pork. But all tastes are different.
  7. Upmann 2. MEG OCT 15. Great mottled wrapper, perfect draw and construction. Really enjoying this one. Lamenting that I am down to the second half of the box. Will save them to see how they continue to develop.

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