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  1. I scored upmann RR but lost on the HDM rio de seco..
  2. Connie A MEG JUN 16. I know I should be giving these more time but they are so good. Great mottled wrapper and smoking great. About a third of the way through the box. These are one of my current favorites.
  3. I am loving them and have smoked 10 or so from the box. They will continue to improve but I am having a hard time resisting. So have one and see what you think!
  4. Have just started to pull low count boxes to label and put in the singles drawer. Part of my Tetris strategy!
  5. I’ve got a UGO AGO 18 50 Cab from FOH sleeping...
  6. I’ve got a UGO AGO 18 50 Cab from FOH sleeping...
  7. Monte ESP. 2 SEP FEB 11 purchased recently from FOH auctions. Smoking very nicely. Edit: Smoked beautifully, no relights or touch-ups...

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