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  2. Just finishing a Robusto from 2014. My first Johnny O. Very good cigar.
  3. Sorry to see your sad news. I lost my father back in July and was also fortunate enough to be by his side and say goodbye. Condolences to you and your family.
  4. This. Exactly this. I had a 1926 torp last night that, when I picked it up out of the dry box, felt light and airy. When I torched it, though, it burned beautifully and produced copious amounts of smoke filled with wonderful flavors. While I agree that a cigar that produces less smoke can still be tasty, I find something very satisfying in drawing in a mouthful of smoke and slowly letting out a massive cloud, which a few minutes later drifts past the flood lights and off into the neighborhood.
  5. Funny stuff! I was relieved to see that none of my emails made it on the list.....
  6. On average, vegetarians live years longer than meat eaters. Long, joyless, bacon free years.
  7. So the US of A came in at 201 lbs per person and Aussies do 205? I demand a recount....I eat at least that much just in bacon!
  8. That's how I see it. I'm a noob here but after sitting back and taking it all in for a while, I kinda like it.
  9. Yeah, mine too. Patrick just never realized that CF is not primarily a trading/selling site. He would have had far better reception at onlinehumidor or similar. As it was, he displayed a behavior that CF has come to instantly distrust: someone who has just joined and posts that they wish to sell their cigar collection for one reason or another. During the 18 years that I've been a member there, I have seen friends get swindled in that same scenario over and over. I did a trade with him that went well. He's probably a great guy. He just covered himself with blood and jumped into the s
  10. WA6FWK de W4TDL TKS FOR QSO 73 Oh my God what has happened to me?
  11. Greetings. I'm Tom, I've been smoking cigars for about 20 years and have gotten more serious about them in the last 5. I was born and bred in Florida but lived for several years in the UK. My current favorite cigars include BBF, Boli RC, Monte 2, Lusitanias and a great many non-habanos as well. I have my sights set on a trip to Cuba, hopefully within the next few months. Hope to learn a lot while I'm here, and maybe contribute a little as well. Thanks!

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