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  1. Just incredible. Tiger displayed how superior thinking and strategy can win against the worlds best. He did all this waking up super early with a crazy early tee time. The guy has the strongest golf IQ ever. Best to ever live, by far!
  2. Thanks all who responded! Boveda was nice enough to respond to this question via email and I wanted to share the response on here. Hi Eddie! You're right when you said you couldn't find anything on it - Boveda doesn't rob the cigar oils. Boveda releases and absorbs moisture as needed according to the RH on the pack and the environment its in and actually helps the cigar release it's oils and maintain it's flavor and richness. I found this article that has a great explanation on the workings of how moisture and humidity affects your cigars. http://www.newair.com/articles/how-mois
  3. Thanks, @irratebass I just Emailed Boveda...I'll see what they come back with.
  4. Hey, So I recently bought some Custom Rolls from local guy. He told me that they like higher humidity levels...72RH. I told him I'm using Bovedas in my Wineador...He said to get rid of em...Something about Boveda using a newer solution with some salts or something that Rob cigars of their natural oils. I searched around online and on this forum a bunch and didn't find anything on the matter. Has anyone else heard anything about this? Can anyone present evidence that Bovedas are ore aren't robbing cigars of their natural oils? Thanks! E
  5. It's hard not to be defined by ones job in these times...I suffer from that delusion. One things for sure, you will be working your butt off in no time, so try your best to enjoy the extra time...and do some things that you normally wouldn't have time to do.
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  7. Thanks for all the info on Whistler and BC. I just got back...Cigar smoking culture is really underground...shame. In the whistler village I visited Castros Cuban Cigars. It's a shop with a small barber shop for cuts and hot shaves with a nice tasty selection of cigars. I didn't end up getting any but wouldn't be apposed to picking up some cigars that I have a hard time getting...they had some regionals and discontinued sticks on display...next time @AussieCanuk, I remember driving by the casino, I would have certainly stopped by for a smoke if I read this in-time...Next time I come up! Luckil
  8. Thanks again for the tips! @Headstand...I'd like to shake your friends hand!
  9. Thanks so much! I appreciate the info. I'll bring my own sticks but will check out the shops and probably buy a stick from one of them. I'll be staying near the Fairmont so that info was really great!!
  10. Hey all, This is gonna be my first time visiting Whistler BC for a snowboard trip. Anybody know where I can smoke and or buy cigars in Whistler? It might be too cold to smoke cigars outside, but I do have some Partagas D6 for quick outdoor smokes... I hear the smoking laws are horrible in BC? Thank you! Eddie

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