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  1. i think i know this one, won't be surprised either way though -dobbs
  2. i recommend the vertigo "serpent". it's a large single-flame lighter that has been pretty damn solid for me. i like that it is a single because it's versatile regarding ring-gauge: -dobbs
  3. i have a couple of boxes with this code, so glad to hear they're smoking well so soon. thanks for the review. -dobbs
  4. last pitched was an hdm san juan, just completely uninteresting. the last one nubbed was a bolivar silver jubilee hong kong. still hoping to snag a box of those, but fear i may be too late. -dobbs
  5. some that hit within the last week or so. not really a maduro guy, but the price was right and there's a bit of rest on these: never smoked these before: and some 10's of one of my favorites: -dobbs
  6. agreed, i have a couple of bre apr 19 boxes of connie 1, and they look and smell absolutely amazing. need to smoke one though -dobbs
  7. esplendido, erdm, fundy, bolivar silver jubilee in that order. i've smoked through many of the sampler, mostly to figure out which of the regionals to buy. -dobbs
  8. best car is my first, still own it 29 years and many thousands in repairs and upkeep later: worst car? hmm... strangely, it's a vehicle generally known for reliability, but that just wasn't my experience. 1990 toyota pickup with a 22re engine. i loved that vehicle, but it gave me clutch and rear-end problems, and eventually i lost the engine bottom end. cost more to fix than it was worth, so i donated it and got a $500 write-off. other than that and the fact that it is a vehicle with absolutely zero cool-factor, it was great. i have no photo, but here is one from the internet that looks exactly like the one i had: -dobbs
  9. i don't like that coolers are so bulky, but i do like that they buffer temperature swings pretty well. the insulation gives a lag to daily temp swings and effectively narrows the bandwidth, so to speak. not climate-controlled by any stretch, but works well enough for area temp swings. these bins don't seem like they would help much in that respect, so i'll probably stick with coolers for bulk storage. -dobbs
  10. this sort of happened by accident, so i don't have a pic of the burning cigar... i have a crane showing up this weekend to set some equipment on the roof of my project, so it's an early start to this saturday. generally i commute by motorcycle, but it's early, and saturday parking will be easy, so i take the truck. i grab my 5-count travel humidor which already has a ramon allones gigantes, a lusi, connie a, dip 2, and a bpc. the drive isn't that long, so i grab the bpc and light it. i've had 5 cigars from this box. the first was forgettable, the third and fourth were good, but not great. the second was great and had me wondering how good these can get. today i smoked the fifth and it was fantastic, even on a commute ride. about halfway through i remember that it's bolivar review weekend, so i decide to cobble something together. not overly strong, nutty, complex, with good malty flavor. i was reminded why bolivar has recently become my favorite marca. this was highly enjoyable, and i finished the cigar on the street with my coffee. a fantastic pairing, even if the surroundings weren't exactly stellar. in lieu of a cigar pic (was driving, cut me some slack!) here's a photo of 1/5th of the equipment being hoisted: i don't generally score cigars, but am easing into that 100-point scale people seem to use. if a good, but run-of-the-mill cigar is 88, and a classic is a 96+, this was a solid 93-94. freaking great smoke, well worth buying more boxes. -dobbs
  11. these bbf are an amazing way to close the week, really lookkng forward to having one in the fall: -dobbs
  12. these tainos are from a couple of weeks ago: the rest hit today, and imagine my surprise with this box code. to be honest though, they may have been advertised as such on 24:24, but i don't remember; rafael gonzales petit corona: excited to try these reyes: and a sixer of the bolivar silver jubilee. the one i smoked from the christmas sampler was one of the best cigars i've ever had, i want to land a box, but have missed lately: -dobbs
  13. a truly good corndog is elusive, but when they're on, they're amazing. mustard only, ketchup is for kids. -dobbs

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