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  1. well, i suppose i'll go against the grain here and say it tasted exactly like an upmann to me, and they're definitely not my favorite. it was a good cigar, but with the exception of the connie #1, the upmann profile doesn't do much for me. that said, i am no expert and do not expect to score well in the competition. -dobbs
  2. favorite is sparkling wine (champagne or other), that and coffee goes with any cigar. also like white wine, orange soda, 7up, negronis, boulevardiers, margarita on the rocks, and whisky of nearly any kind. beer always seems to detract from a cigar, and i say that as someone who drinks beer more than any other recreational beverage. red wine seems a no-go as well. -dobbs
  3. now i don't know either of them, but seinfeld seems like a putz, gervais for sure -dobbs
  4. i've never seen a real habano for sale stateside, haven't been looking for them either... -dobbs
  5. my sample started with a touch of floral sweetness, leather, and resinous raisin (a little), it moved more floral in the 2nd third, but didn't change a whole lot until the final 3rd. that last third ramped-up in strength and sharpness, similar to what MigsG described. i also found the mushroom/earthiness migs described as well. overall a good cigar, burn and draw was excellent. i know my choice, and already voted, but my inexperience with all of the marcas will most likely be revealed. -dobbs
  6. sabbbbbbbaathhhhhh! how is this even a question? -dobbs
  7. i agree with islandboy, the only reason i don't take it off before is because it's giving me trouble. then i'll smoke and pull it sometime later. i still voted yes. -dobbs
  8. interesting points of view, glad to see most are courteous. like several others, i tend to want peace and quiet, so i rarely smoke in a place where confrontation is likely. i don't need to smoke cigars, i try to set myself up for an enjoyable experience. occasionally in public areas away from people, but usually in the comfort of my home. the general consensus seems to be that smoking around kids is not the thing to do, and i am not looking to change anyone's opinion. that said, my take is that kids need examples of reasonable adult behavior as often as possible, "vices" included. no need to cultivate a generation who can't understand that reasonable people engage in a variety of activities. -dobbs
  9. awesome, thanks! and this was a great thread, i really enjoyed reading everyone's story. thanks again, -dobbs
  10. the bike, without a doubt, would be the 1992 honda nr: honda cbx is a great choice too though, at full-song there is not much sweeter. car? hmm, there's a bunch, but probably something cool but goofy, like a buick gnx: -dobbs
  11. i purge occasionally as needed to keep a cigar lit. my thought is that pulling hot air/smoke through the length of the cigar is what causes them to heat up, which causes bitterness. if i have a cigar which is having a tough time staying lit, for whatever reason, i'll purge in an effort to "stoke" the burn without adding harshness. seems to work well for that. i have no opinion on actual harshness removal. seems like whatever is in the unburnt leaves is gonna stay there. blowing through to blow anything out does not make much sense to me. just an opinion though. -dobbs
  12. i love this. in some ways my dad was similar and i take inspiration from this attitude toward life. i try to remember that the point is to live appreciatively as much as possible. -dobbs
  13. great topic, thanks! i've enjoyed the responses so far. my dad enjoyed smoking the occasional cigar and i would sometimes join him. i enjoyed our time together, but being a cigarette smoker, failed to see the point. we would buy "cubans" in cabo while fishing for dorado, but i was never really impressed (probably because they were fakes). after quitting cigarettes some years earlier (both of us), he got a box of henry clay corona gordas and we had one after thanksgiving dinner that i really enjoyed (i still like them and feel they're underrated). after he passed, we found that box and with the help of a cigar-smoking friend, i rehabilitated the cigars, but they had been ruined by neglect. that cigar-smoking friend would bring a few when we went drinking, and i vaguely enjoyed them. but it wasn't until i went camping and decided to go buy a few that everything changed. i bought a tatuaje reserva sw which showed me just how good cigars can be, and kept buying. i turned to the internet for more information about this new hobby and found various online cuban cigar vendors. my first purchase was a "what's smoking good now" sampler from foh, and while i enjoyed a few, i am now sure that storage conditions were crap and that probably affected the experience. i tentatively bought a few boxes and struck out on a box or r&j ex4 and hupc (all terrible, even the few i've had lately, c'est la vie...), but that first plpc and hdm ep1 from the sampler kept me coming back. i went to costa rica and bought a few cigars from the lcdh there, and the two plpc blew my mind with caramel. those plpc are what hooked me completely on cuban cigars. the psd4 and an unknown (to me) r&j that i bought were differently amazing and i knew i was on a different path. i've bought many boxes since then, found my tastes changing, learned a lot from this forum as a many-year lurker, and know there's still a lot to learn. i am experimenting with rh and smoking new stuff all the time. i finally feel i have a tiny bit to offer and have started replying more to the forum. thanks to the foh team, and thanks to all the members here for making my journey into cuban cigars informed, enjoyable, and entertaining. -dobbs
  14. partagas, specificaly sd4 and sd6 (haven't had a 5), but nothing really comes close to that nicaraguan spice hit, and that's just fine by me. -dobbs

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