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  1. h upmann half corona. was smoking something else that just turned bad. after i pitched it, i grabbed the half corona because i wanted a shorter smoke. maybe it was because my palate was abused, but that huhc was fantastic by comparison. they're really good when i smoke them as a first choice too. -dobbs
  2. these are great, i've had two boxes of rag dic 18, and when they're on, they're very good. i can tell which ones will smoke well by rolling between the fingers, the super-firm ones were tight and smoked like crap. also, looks didn't seem to matter. thanks for the review. -dobbs
  3. for me, when the money is spent, it's spent. smoke em. -dobbs
  4. a man after my own heart, that sounds amazing. live your dreams. i ask for nihari anytime i go to a pakistani restaurant, but only one spot does it truly good. that place uses beef shank and it is so, so good. for me, food that hits the soul comes from a variety of places. korean beef knee soup, burmese tea leaf salad, chicken and waffles (predictable, but still...), barbacoa (lamb only) and consomme with house made corn tortillas, pescado zarandeado, tacos de tripas, roasted chile salsa (hot!) with barbecue beef and macaroni salad (put salsa on the macaroni salad, seriously!) bun
  5. yeah, this was my experience getting a checkup at 40. the doc was rushed, minimized my concerns, and then said "see you in 5 years". i guess i'm fine??? i am alive because of modern medicine, but under no illusions. most doctors are arrogant and uninterested in anyone's opinion other than their own. wouldn't you love to work in a system with a huge support system designed to ensure your success? nurses, clerks, janitors, techs, orderlies, all there for you. probably hard not to get high on your own stink in that environment. -dobbs
  6. my preference would be for 12mm. if a guillotine cutter were included, i can't see it thinner than 3 credit card thicknesses. maybe the punch could be like the victorinox on a swing-out "blade" i'd love it with a lighter valve release tool and a small, flat screwdriver to adjust flame on some lighters. draw poker would be awesome, but it would be short. hope this happens! -dobbs
  7. probably not what what comes to mind when you think kamado, but i recently picked up this weber double-wall steel kamado and it is freaking fantastic: smoked a pork shoulder with just salt and pepper (a little paprika for color) and it turned out way better than i thought it would. accidentally bought boneless so i had to tie it up and it didn't seem to suffer, very moist and lots of smoke flavor: it grills really well too, did a tri-tip, salmon, and carne asada and the only limitation has been me. -dobbs
  8. chose the winston, if it is truly great company, then a wonderful churchill sounds about right. -dobbs
  9. i wasn't super excited by sobremesa when they came out, but these have received high marks. if it's not too much trouble, please follow-up once you've tried them and provide impressions. thanks, -dobbs
  10. probably guessed wrong, but it's worth the risk! -dobbs
  11. anchovies are great on pizza and are under appreciated in general. -dobbs
  12. a 50 cab of lusitanias makes me happy: -dobbs
  13. the point was that your argument is hyperbolic and therefore not intellectually honest (thanks for the phrase). and i'm well aware that cannibalism existed/exists, don't you think it would be difficult to make an argument with a concept that doesn't? -dobbs
  14. well, you weren't there, but you know, that whole slavery thing in the united states, pretty good example of a return of freedoms. and slippery-slope arguments are generally unreliable. we eat animals, but somehow haven't yet slid into cannibalism. -dobbs
  15. this thread is proof that getting a "b" in logic should be mandatory to graduate high school. requiring vaccinations as a condition of employment, to travel, to attend school, etc. is not a mandate that anyone be vaccinated. it is not even "effectively a mandate". arguing why anyone should or shouldn't personally get the vaccine is not part of the logic involved in the question as to whether or not employers can make it a condition of employment. the question is whether or not you feel an employer has the right/freedom to decide how they want to run their business. nothing more. all

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