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  1. peckinpah wasn't involved in the magnificent seven, i was referring to the wild bunch, but yes, seven samurai is much better. -dobbs
  2. ooh, well played sir... seven is a masterpiece, but a little indulgent. it is so easy to feel righteous hatred of the note-perfect bad guy. peckinpah reveals flaws in humanity and refuses to give you a "knight in shining armor" to identify with. different type of masterpiece for different tastes thanks for the response, made me think! -dobbs
  3. the wild bunch or any other peckinpah handily takes that title -dobbs
  4. this poll will only reveal the age group of the forum. in reality there are only 2 good star wars movies, the rest are trash. and though i haven't read books of either, it would seem the star wars stuff is backward transliterated. kept potter -dobbs
  5. just got these from our host... monte 2's are actually even prettier than the pic, and the pic is good: and plmc's: lgr seems to have been killin' it lately -dobbs
  6. okay, okay, i voted too soon. i answered based solely on the movies, the lotr movies are nearly crap, nearly. particularly if you've read and love the books. i mean, they added a love story, talk about pandering. if we're talking books, then who cares about the godfather. -dobbs
  7. too easy, the godfathers are classics, the rings are just a fun story. -dobbs
  8. psd4 plpc monte 2 and lusi if i throw in the dc i like the regular stuff, what can i say -dobbs
  9. i agree with Islandboy. there are a bunch of reasons why some forms are positive and worthwhile, but like most things, i imagine it is cyclical. what would i do differently? probably not much, behavior of the general public has been appalling since i was old enough to conceptualize, why should "social media" be any different? okay, just changed my mind, i would try to lessen the magnification effect. not sure how though... -dobbs
  10. this one is hard, have to keep hemingway though, just because -dobbs
  11. i haven't used it long, but this vertigo has been the best in terms of controllability and ease of use: not too expensive either. i'll see if it lasts. -dobbs
  12. the henry clay brevas ala conserva is the (highly underrated) cigar that got me started, but the reserva sw is what turned an occasional smoke into a minor obsession. -dobbs
  13. got a few boxes in over the last couple of months: montecarlos: qdo coronas: "rested" bolivar pc from 24:24: and some cce in the eofy clearance: looking forward to these, gonna rest all but the bpc. -dobbs

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