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  1. this is interesting to me, while i mostly agree with the above, cohiba panatelas and exquisitos are rarely (never) mentioned when discussing "skinnies." i haven't smoked either myself, but would be interested to understand why these are fairly overlooked. sorry for the thread-jack, feel free to ignore, i'll start a seperate thread if necessary, but the discussion is here, so... anyway, great review, i don't generally care for punch, but this is making me want to grab a box of pdc. -dobbs
  2. i got those mar e2's like everyone else and they look and smell stunning whether the photo shows it or not: the wrappers are actually very red. -dobbs
  3. you asked dude, it was an excellent explanation -dobbs
  4. i'll echo the foursquare recommendations, pretty much anything they make. being a whiskey drinker, i find their 12 year bottlings to be the only rum on-par with fine whiskey. their probitas white rum collaboration with hampden is fantastic as well. that said, i'm not a huge fan of neat liquor with cigars. i really like appleton signature (the cheap one) with ginger ale (not ginger beer) and lime. fantastic with or without cigar. the appleton 12 is pretty good too, and if you're looking for another interesting white rum, casa magdalena is worth checking out. -dobbs
  5. *edited* nevermind, bad timing... suffice to say i'm happy with the FOH policy. -dobbs
  6. okay, so i know i'm digging up an old thread, but i smoked an e2 the other day from uao abr 19 that was in my top 5 cigars for the year. because of that, i ask the same question el presidente asked in 2014: well, how are the e2's with some years on? -dobbs
  7. nice photos too by the way, sweet sunset over the water -dobbs
  8. lusis are probably my favorite cigar, so consistent. i've got an aso mar 17 box that is super-dark, but smoking pretty great right now. i am really interested to see how they do over the next 3-5 years. i have a cab from 19 and definitely need a few more. smoke now, smoke later. nice review, thanks. -dobbs
  9. if you can get past the lack of value, partagas serie d #6 is a great smoke that lasts just under an hour. -dobbs
  10. nice chronograph, i have a soft spot for Sinn watches, especially with the "syringe" style hands. i have a 556i which i wear nearly everyday but is getting serviced/repaired: -dobbs
  11. hard to beat a fine cigar and a good book, and that book is one of the best. nice review, thanks. -dobbs
  12. haven't paid serious attention to "regular" media for decades. there's no real mystery to the origins/development of television and the business of news, nothing particularly new, history is there for the reading... daily world financial news is all of my news intake, with a tiny bit of focused, supplementary reading. this diet has kept me unsurprised regarding most world and local events. yes, i am usually behind the curve on the "did you hear?" category of events and couldn't care less. oh, and friendster didn't make sense, not sure how the succeeding iterations got it better, but screw that. -dobbs
  13. these finally hit, been 1/2 way round the world three times... i'm going to be patient, so not really sure when i'll have one. if my christmas sampler ever gets here i'll smoke that one and get a glimpse. -dobbs
  14. been waiting a while for these especiales #2, kudos to the foh team for making it happen: -dobbs

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