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  1. killer shot from a fantastic picture, one of my favorites -dobbs
  2. i bought a few plpc from the lcdh in costa rica some years ago and i didn't find caramel, but a wonderful burnt-sugar quality that i'm sure others recognize as caramel. for me there needs to be an unmistakable butteriness to turn that burnt-sugar into caramel, and i've not tasted it in any cigar. i voted "love them" because when they are on, they're amazing. won't lie though, i have a '15 cab that has yet to give a good smoke, but i have a couple of '17's that are amazing and still too strong. hoping they all improve, but not counting on that '15 cab. -dobbs
  3. these are from the last few weeks: 10er of lusis: qdo coronas: never tried the huhc, looking for something small and interesting, we'll see: bbf: and a couple 10ers of galanes: my phone pics always exaggerate the texture and "flaws" in the cigars. the galanes look good (one better than the other), but the picture makes them look toothy as hell and the left box looks sickly. they don't look that bad in person. -dobbs
  4. interesting note, you may have put into words something i've experienced but not been able to describe. i've felt this way about the qdo corona, in terms of "shyness" anyway. i wonder if time will reveal more on both the galanes (haven't smoked yet, two boxes on the way) and my coronas claros. -dobbs
  5. i can confirm this works, after a while though, i've had to adjust it every third light. gets a little annoying. i haven't found a lighter that will last longer than 1 year under regular use. was considering a dupont just so i can stop buying lighters, but it sounds like they require regular maintenance. say la vee. -----dobbs
  6. this is my caucasian ovcharka sidekick: the pic may not show it, but she's about 28" (71cm) to the shoulder and 120lbs (54.4kg). she's a good size, but ovcharkas get much larger than her. at 2 years old she's full-grown. i've kind of always hated owners of those comically large dogs, but this one stole my heart and i don't find her comical at all. -dobbs
  7. These smell great, definitely waiting 90 days before sampling, not sure how fast they'll go after that. -----dobbs
  8. jumped on psp monte 2's that look and smell stellar, can't wait to see how they smoke: -dobbs
  9. cheers bud, thanks for all you and your team do. -dobbs
  10. this is interesting to me, while i mostly agree with the above, cohiba panatelas and exquisitos are rarely (never) mentioned when discussing "skinnies." i haven't smoked either myself, but would be interested to understand why these are fairly overlooked. sorry for the thread-jack, feel free to ignore, i'll start a seperate thread if necessary, but the discussion is here, so... anyway, great review, i don't generally care for punch, but this is making me want to grab a box of pdc. -dobbs
  11. i got those mar e2's like everyone else and they look and smell stunning whether the photo shows it or not: the wrappers are actually very red. -dobbs
  12. you asked dude, it was an excellent explanation -dobbs
  13. i'll echo the foursquare recommendations, pretty much anything they make. being a whiskey drinker, i find their 12 year bottlings to be the only rum on-par with fine whiskey. their probitas white rum collaboration with hampden is fantastic as well. that said, i'm not a huge fan of neat liquor with cigars. i really like appleton signature (the cheap one) with ginger ale (not ginger beer) and lime. fantastic with or without cigar. the appleton 12 is pretty good too, and if you're looking for another interesting white rum, casa magdalena is worth checking out. -dobbs

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