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  1. dobbs

    FOHrensics at home

    the bubbles won't be much different than a champagne pairing. that said, i'm sure it won't be for everyone. cheers -dobbs
  2. dobbs

    FOHrensics at home

    years ago, i read an interview with pete johnson, the founder of tatuaje cigars, he mentioned one of his favorite pairings is orange soda. i was surprised and gave it a go, freakin amazing, highly recommended. orange fanta is an all-time favorite for me, so not surprised one bit -dobbs
  3. these are my 5 go-to's psd4 plpc epi 1 lusi petit edmundo -dobbs
  4. “There are only three sports, bullfighting, motor racing, and mountaineering and all the rest are merely games”. -Ernest Hemingway i would exchange mountaineering for fighting (boxing, muay thai, etc.), and agree that the rest are just games. -dobbs
  5. thought it was impressive when my '03 toyota tundra went 285K miles with only an O2 sensor, coil pack, and strut replacement (sold it just after that). -dobbs
  6. impressive, gotta know, how much "major" maintenance? -dobbs
  7. crunchy, smooth is for children (only slightly tongue-in-cheek) -dobbs
  8. my guess is that your monthly scout meetings are with volunteers... you can find all kinds of meeting "best practices" published on the web or otherwise, but i'd guess that most people don't have a whole lot of experience with meetings at a volunteer organization; it is very different. much advice on how i or other high-pressure industries run meetings won't apply, as volunteers are rarely punished for poor performance. long story short: someone (you?) has to rally everyone around a dedication to focused meetings: sell the concept, provide direction (advice above is great, select what you think may work), and firmly, but gently, keep everyone on-track. it is hard and unappreciated work, which is why it is rarely implemented. at a volunteer organization i was a part of it was difficult to say the least, but not impossible. good luck, -dobbs
  9. the real question is not can we, but why would we? there isn't yet a permanently staffed lab on the moon and that place is waaaay easier to establish. my guess is that humans can achieve the technology, but that the economic thrust available won't get the rocket off the ground. -dobbs
  10. at any rate, wish i had an indoor spot to smoke my cigars, i am beholden to the weather, and it's kinda windy at my place, enjoy. -dobbs
  11. holy crap, no kidding -dobbs
  12. would not have guessed this, thanks, but why? concern for damaged feet, or? -dobbs
  13. fair enough, that said, most tv and book series both drop in quality after a period of time. -dobbs
  14. i really enjoyed the series, and i read the first two books when they were published, but i'll go against the grain and say the tv series is waaay better than the books. i didn't finish the third book because it read like a soap opera, which is basically what it is. when they finally made the series i was skeptical, but it is great, and exactly what it was meant to be in the first place. -dobbs

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