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  1. just got mine yesterday! is the intent that each person review all 12, or just a few? -dobbs
  2. hell yeah! one of my motorcycle heroes, saw him wheelie the corkscrew at laguna seca before traction control. -dobbs
  3. dobbs

    Pulp Fiction...

    true romance was written by tarantino. influential guy, for sure, but then he gives us two kill bills. that should have been one good movie rather than two overly-violent, mediocre ones. only an opinion of course. -dobbs
  4. psd4, from our host, now need patience... -dobbs
  5. dobbs

    Pulp Fiction...

    i agree, absolute game-changer, particularly in my lifetime. there are a bunch of landmark movies which are crap (it is a business after all), but pulp fiction is solid. i remember watching it before it had wide release and you had to see it in “indie” theaters, and i distinctly remember people walking out during the rape scene and the overdose scene. this film mainstreamed some pretty graphic stuff, for the better and worse. there are far better movies out there, and more influential ones too, but few brought those two elements together like pulp fiction. -dobbs
  6. dobbs

    best movie trilogies

    my head says the godfather, but my heart says the “man with no name” trillogy (or “clint’s dollars trillogy). the first two are italian western recreations of japanese samurai movies which were inspired by john ford westerns (!!!), and the third is absolutely brilliant despite a tedious line about a bridge. -dobbs edited to add: voted for the dollars trillogy
  7. dobbs

    Cut to the chase....

    1) PLPC 2) PSD4 -dobbs
  8. dobbs

    Same Box Code

    it’s probably lighting, but the left one looks less oily, so i picked the one on the right. that said, i like light shade wrappers on HDM, so if they had the same sheen, i would have picked the one on the left. -dobbs
  9. oh, and i like pretty much everything (offal, insects, sea creatures, etc...), but goddamn, egg nog is nasty. -dobbs
  10. durian is awesome, particularly in cakes and pastries, but DO NOT keep leftovers. it took more than two weeks for the smell to leave my fridge, and i changed the box of baking soda twice! -dobbs
  11. dobbs

    Boveda smart sensor

    i don’t like that you have to log in with boveda to use the app, and wonder about the app “phoning home” every time it gets used. does it seem intrusive during use? -dobbs
  12. you guys are missing out if you’re not watching rick and morty -dobbs
  13. dobbs

    Hot Toddy

    learning to use jameson to fortify was a revelation, the only thing i add is 3 whole cloves -dobbs

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