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  1. fair enough, that said, most tv and book series both drop in quality after a period of time. -dobbs
  2. i really enjoyed the series, and i read the first two books when they were published, but i'll go against the grain and say the tv series is waaay better than the books. i didn't finish the third book because it read like a soap opera, which is basically what it is. when they finally made the series i was skeptical, but it is great, and exactly what it was meant to be in the first place. -dobbs
  3. you got my delivery! waiting for those exact boxes actually. -dobbs
  4. these are my prize from the paparazzi contest, a magnificent aged sampler, i'm stoked. they've been stuck in transit, locally, for a month. it's been painful waiting. thanks to everyone at foh, this was a surprise and very generous. -dobbs
  5. the epi #1 is the first cuban cigar which completely blew me away with its subtlety and smoothness, it remains in my top 5 without a doubt. nice review, thanks. -dobbs
  6. congrats, i enjoy reading the reviews (even if i don’t get to all of them. -dobbs
  7. i only mentioned breaking the box as it seems he’s looking to sell them, don’t believe it affects aging, but i haven’t done the research. -dobbs
  8. i don’t think they come in 15’s, so if you’re not breaking into a complete box, i say smoke one. not really answering the question, but why trust anyone else? -dobbs
  9. nice, i wanted to go to the one here in the bay, but it was my brother’s birthday. they sound like a good opportunity to see a bunch of models. i really want an ezm-13, probably soon. -dobbs
  10. i’m not surprised there are some super-nice watches in this thread. this is mine, at work and just took the pic: sinn 556 on bracelet, and i wear it everyday. -dobbs
  11. just in, they look and smell fantastic... -dobbs
  12. nice, mine’s a bit older, and i don’t have a great pic, but this is me bringing it home from the dyno tuner. makes enough power to get in trouble: -dobbs
  13. good stuff, though cockfighter is a bit tedious, haven’t seen 92 or dillinger, may have to check those out. and warren oates is an acting god, his work in two lane blacktop is brilliant, “if i’m not grounded pretty soon, i’m gonna go into orbit” -dobbs
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