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  1. Diplomaticos Colleccion Privada ER España BRA SEP 12
  2. Trinidad Fundadores STL MAR 06. No wind and 22 degrees Celsius. Perfect lancero weather.
  3. All of them. I got rid of my tv package some years ago as I realized what a pointless waste of time it is. I felt it made me dumb and lazy.
  4. Eid Mubarak, here is how my day went. After having breakfast with my first cup of coffee for a month I took my son to the mosque for Eid prayers. After that we went back home and he got his Eid present. Spent a couple of hours playing with him and his new toy before I prepared our lunch. In the afternoon I meet up with the online BOTL I had the pleasure of meeting some 15 years ago and we smoked a Siglo VI from 08. He also gifted me a H. Upmann Connie A from 13 and a Connie B he just bought recently. Both cigars were on my to try list. All i n all a wonderful day. Alhamdulillah for everything!
  5. Yes, but usually they only sell by the box. So if want a little variety and buy singles then duty free is not the way to go. You can get an idea of love cal prices on the Macanudo store site here: It’s in danish but should be intuitive with the brand names and numbers indicating price. 1 USD equals approximately 6.5 DKK.
  6. Cigar Shop Macanudo Copenhagen is your best bet. They have a wonderful lounge in the celler of the shop. Good selection of cubans as well as a log of NC’s. Musen og Elefanten, haven’t been there for years but I believe they have a selection of cubans as well. Walk in humidor on the 1st floor. It’s a bar more than it’s a shop. But the guy in charge, Jesper, also imports different brands of cigars. Check their grou on facebook called Splendid Cigars Forum. The prices a quite a bit higher than in Germany. For reference a PSD4 is 17.4 USD. The 2 shop alternativt hosting a cigar bar on fridays if you are interested in meeting some of the local aficionados. At the moment I don’t remember which place hosts even and which plages hosts uneven weeks but I can find out for you. Let me know of you need more info.
  7. I don’t smoke during ramadan either. Living in Scandinavia it’s 19/20 hours of fasting so there simply isn’t the time for it. Besides you just don’t have the urge for it.
  8. It had not spread to the foot as I remember it. It smoked fine actually. Not the best CoRo I’ve had but nevertheless. Brushed off fine but what really peaked my mind was that it only ran along the veins.
  9. Have you seen this white stuff before on a cigar. Only appears on the veins of the wrapper. It's the only one in the box looking like this. And there is no mold in any of the other boxes in this humidor. It's a Cohiba Robusto box code PBS JUL 07. Rally bad taste one first draws but sttleling down a little bit now. Could be to heating it up to much when lighting. Hard to see the flame on the torch outside in the sun.
  10. Romeo and Julieta - Cedros de Luxe No. 2 (ASO MAY 16). I initially bought these for long term aging as MRN suggests these have great aging potential. But when I got the box last year I found half of the sticks in the box had a little mold on the wrapper. Nothing that can't be brushed off and make them smokeable but enough that I fear keeping them with the rest of my stock and let them age. So I've been keeping them in a separate ziploc with a boveda. So I'm probably just gonna go through the box during this summer or the following. I think that I read somewhere on the forum here that this is a common problem with cedar wrapped sticks. Too bad though as I would have loved to see how these would be smoking 20 years down the line provided I would still be living at that time. Continuing my R&J theme today with this Cazadores (GAT SEP 13). Just lighting it I can tell from the smell of the smoke that this one is going to be a lot more powerful than the Cedros de Luxe No. 2 smoked earlier.
  11. Vegas Robaina - Maestros Edición Regional España (EMA SEP 07). Just what I needed right now. Been a couple of years since I last tried one.
  12. JL2 SMG FEB 08 on this beautiful spring day with almost no wind.

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