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  1. A Davidoff Yamasa (toro size) and a fresh PL Picadores yesterday while doing some studying. And for today a QD’O - No. 50 (ARS ENE 18) after breakfast.
  2. Thank you for the feedback John. I'll follow your advice 😊 I really enjoy watching your YouTube channel. I've even grown accostumed to the bird sounds in the background 😄😄
  3. Just had a box of these in the mail today. I’m eager to try one after watching @JohnS reviewing these on youtube. But with a box code from march this year I would guess they need quite a bit of rest time before they reach full potential. I forget if you address this in the video John? Is it +5 years as the PLPC?
  4. Montecristo - Petit Edmundo (BTR MAR 09) Felt the urge to try one of these after watching Rob & Ken reviewing their aged vs new video on youtube yesterday. Unfortunately I don’t have a fresh one of these for comparison. I could have gone to the local b&m today to pick one up but they are having a Rocky Patel event today Just kidding, I really don’t remember how RP cigars taste as it has been +10 years sinde I’ve tried one. The event already sold out I think and I wouldn’t have been able to partake in all aspects of the event, so better leave the seat for a person who would be able to enjoy it more than I.
  5. H. Upmann - Connoisseur No. 1 (POS AGO 11) with ice tea after breakfast and some minor chores.
  6. My plans for the day suddenly changed just as I woke up. No breakfast or moning coffee. Just quickly out of the door on an empty stomach. Did manage to get a nice lunch and now have some time before work. So decided to swing by the local b&m for this lovely, yet strange multi coloured wrapper, H. Upmann Sir Winston from a box from '18.
  7. Ramon Allones - Grandes ER España (TEB OCT 08)
  8. I remember buying a box of Partagás Shorts in Granada Spain back in 2006. Aside for 2 or 3 the rest of the box had absolutely no draw at all. This was before PerfecDraw ever existed. I also remember paying only 75 euro for the box. Great buy if the cigars had a better draw.
  9. Just ordered a box of these after listening to your review on these. I’m contemplating if I should just go ahead an order another. I’m afraid I’m gonna like them and then they’ll discontinue them shortly after.

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