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  1. For me, it was always Hendrick’s for G&T and Bombay Saphire for Greyhounds. But I recently had someone gift me a locally made gin from Watershed Distillery in OH and I really enjoy the coriander forward flavor in the G&T. Just don’t try their bourbon, it is foul stuff!
  2. CoLa from our host. Happy day!
  3. Recent 24:24 score. My current box of 898s are down to just 8s... time to get some fresh ones aging!
  4. Two PSP boxes of Presidentes from a recent 24:24. The roll on these is amazing, as every stick I inspected was the perfect firmness. No underfilled or overfilled in two whole boxes, that can happen? 🤩 Thanks, Prez!
  5. The Illusione *R* Rothchildes. It wouldn’t pass for a high-end Cuban, but if someone put a Quintero label on it, I’d be fooled.
  6. Phinz

    best rums under US$50.

    I’d add Papa’s Pilar 24 to the list @ $35. It is a super sweet rum, but I have a sweet tooth.
  7. 3 yr: BBF 5 yr: Cohiba Corona Esp. 10 yr: something from the Siglo line or Party 898
  8. Beyond the usual suspects (scotch, bourbon, rum), here are two I love to pair with a cigar: Sazerac- I build mine with Rittenhouse rye, St. George absinthe and barrel aged Peychaud’s bitters. Manhattan- I build mine with Rittenhouse rye (spot a trend?), Woodford Reserve spicy cherry bitters and a couple of rainier maraschino cherries. Pairs perfectly with any cigar with a cherry note
  9. For me, welted leather shoes. We’re business casual at work, so these AE Overlords are my go to (they just stopped making them, but I picked up some spare pairs on clearance): Leather sole with a lugged heel and the whole thing made from soft kudu (antelope) leather. These are real shoes and can be rebuilt several times, so easily a decade of regular wear.... try getting a decade out of that injection molded crap most manufacturers put out!
  10. Phinz

    So, what are your recent acquisitions?

    Another good day for Islay malt- found four more bottles of Loch Gorm @ clearance price, along with a Corryvreckan on sale. The Pusser’s is for today... Tiki Painkillers in the backyard!
  11. Our new pup, adopted through a regional rescue organization: Never had a dog more easily trained. He came to us knowing: sit, down, roll over... in just a short time I was able to get him to join them together with my “bang!”
  12. A couple boxes of Reyes from a recent 24:24 and the Perfect Draw tool you all convinced me I had to have arrived today (you were right, the Perfect Draw is a high quality tool!): Bonus pic of the new buddy (adopted him a week ago):
  13. Phinz

    So, what are your recent acquisitions?

    A couple to start my vacation week off right:
  14. Phinz

    So, what are your recent acquisitions?

    When I went back, I found it was all sold... turns out it is $89 here, too... it went on “final clearance” @$53. Dang, missed ‘em!

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