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  1. I originally heard the Vampyros Lesbos soundtrack on a university radio station and had to have a copy (back in the days before the internet, you’d go to a record store). I was amazed when Tarantino used it in Jackie Brown… Damn, that guy knows how to score a movie!
  2. Today’s mail call TLE DIC 20 BSM DIC 20
  3. I was so taken with my first two, so I just ordered two more for me and one for the BIL. Thanks, and awesome work! ?
  4. Had a chance to see Shemekia perform this song (written by her late father, which gives it even more emotion) live, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house when she walked out from behind the mic. A recording just can’t do justice to how awesome her unaided voice is; completely fills an amphitheater, but still clear and not shouting.
  5. 24:24 delivery today. De Rio Seco in the most sought out box code (I’m a child... sorry) ?
  6. Shocked to see three bottles of the Ardbeg Committee release Drum on the shelf at my local liquor store, even more surprised they when they said there was no limit (I split the gluttony difference and left a bottle for another lucky Ardbeg fan).
  7. Recently swapped from HydroFlask to Kyocera, as the HydroFlask wouldn’t fit the cup holder in my new ride. Kyocera is as good at retaining heat as other double wall vacuum mugs, but has the bonus feature of a ceramic lining, so no mug flavor imparted to my coffee
  8. Normally only available in the more common glass top box via a cousin of a Cohiba factory worker’s sister-in-law. However, I picked these up via a 24:24. Thanks for delivering one of my “unicorns,” Prez! ?:
  9. PSP Serie P No. 2 from our host arrived today:
  10. For me, it was always Hendrick’s for G&T and Bombay Saphire for Greyhounds. But I recently had someone gift me a locally made gin from Watershed Distillery in OH and I really enjoy the coriander forward flavor in the G&T. Just don’t try their bourbon, it is foul stuff!

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