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  1. Happy to hear Rob made it that far🚲.
  2. Could POR 2010 for Siglo IV possibly be POL (Partagas factory)?
  3. I didn't care for the heavy marble bases they added to the large ones. If you thought they were heavy before they are extremely heavy now. I passed on the large with the heavy base and got 2 smaller styles. A few were hassled by TSA in their carryon stating they could be used as weapons (sic).
  4. Alex, I love your cigars, especially the marevas and coronas. See you in a few months. Deem
  5. I doubt if I'll be able to make it after last night but maybe I can stop and say hi......late about 8:15. I know Alex saw this but don't know his status.
  6. David, let's smoke some of your stuff next week. It's been a couple weeks. Is the new job hampering you?
  7. topping this (from 07) 50 Cabs: RA Coronas (impossible to find these days) Partagas Coronas (almost as difficult) SLR Lonsdales RASS
  8. Boli CJs, SC Principes, and Shorts, for my lunchtime smokes at work. RASCC, Upmn pc, monte 4, boli pc and lgc#4 as well.........................
  9. Andy, thanks for sharing that experience with us. Sounded sublime. Deem
  10. hey, I know that that place. what did I miss out on last night?

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