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  1. nc6789

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Thanks a lot!! This is just temporary though I promise lol we’ll have a nice one soon enough [emoji1374][emoji1374]
  2. nc6789

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    First smoke in the new house!!! Built a temporary patio til the spring when we get the real one out in haha !!
  3. Yes they are, but I prob won’t get to smoke one for a couple of weeks - I’ve heard from a few that they have smoked well and have great flavors so far, but may need a bit of down time
  4. I’ve never turned them per say, but I do go through and rearrange every so many months which I guess counts? I also don’t have as large of a collection as many here lol
  5. So far it’s been the Boli Lib I bought a box of for my daughters birth month and it was fantastic
  6. Congrats!!! Very cool news!
  7. To me it’s the perfect size and as stated previously it doesn’t really need to be focused on to be enjoyed, great for when with a group
  8. I say you can’t go wrong with a 10er of Churchill Tubos!

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