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  1. Excellent review brother!! Looking forward to Getting my hands on some after reading this, nice work, Brent!
  2. Boli Libertador paired with ORVW and ECSmB Delicious through and through [emoji1373][emoji1373]
  3. Had to wfh today, so burning my last CH 2014 TAA - its a sad day
  4. Agreed, confused the crap outta me lol I was like, wait I didn’t post these together
  5. Hey all, been a while for me!!! Finally had my first cigar of 2019 last weekend to celebrate my 3rd wedding anniversary with my wedding code box!! Was sick as a dog for a couple months this winter and so was the little one, but now we’re all golden and I’m back! SCDLH La Fuerza TOS MAR 16 Paired with some Woodford Reserve[emoji1362][emoji1362]
  6. Thanks dude, it was torture and depressing but with my daughter in daycare she just kept bringing home viruses and I just kept catching them lol you’ll be good soon enough!

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