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  1. Reminds me of a joke with a similar setup... The FBI was recruiting for a newly opened position. After hundreds of applicants, it narrowed the field down to just three men, Stephen, Marcus and Jessie. Agent Daniels brought the three men into a waiting room to brief them on the final criteria that would decide the best man for the job. "We brought you in today due to your extraordinary abilities that we think make each of you an excellent candidate to join the bureau. However, one of the most important qualities that we need to test for today is your dedication." "The final test to decide wh
  2. I'm going to buy one. And probably never allow an ash to ruin it.
  3. Some Romeo y Julietta Churchills and Cohiba Robustos
  4. Got into Cubans heavily in the past two months.... I'm now out of room....
  5. I second the taco champ: pico pica
  6. Out of curiosity, what was your parlay bet? And congrats on the weight loss, I've been doing Keto since the beginning of the year and joined the weight loss contest over on reddit's cigars sub. I'm down about 30%, from 262lbs to 185lbs.
  7. Smoking causes cancer. Eating meat causes cancer. Using your phones cause cancer. Using laptops in your lap causes cancer. The sun causes cancer. Maybe we're just not supposed to live until we're 90?
  8. Drew Estate is known for how much smoke their cigars give off, to the point that some people accuse them of adding some kind of oil to their wrappers.
  9. If you could make that in your workshop, I want to go into business with you
  10. Let's say I have $50k in my bank account, and it cost $250 to buy. Sure, I might buy that if it makes me happy. That's 0.5% of my liquid capital. If it's $1m to buy, at the same 0.5%, I would need $200m in liquid capital. When you live in a world of exorbitant wealth and money is spent to prove that you have it, this is the type of **** the uber wealthy love. It's fun to dream.
  11. For those with some spare spending cash, there's quite the fancy new humidor out called the Emperador by Imperiali Geneve. Hurry though, there's only 12 available at the low price of $1 meeeeellion dollars.
  12. Adding in two more boxes: Cohiba Maduro 5 Secretos and Partagas Serie D No 4

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