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  1. I could really use some advice... My company has asked my family and me to make a permanent move from NYC to Singapore in the next few months. We plan to keep a house in the U.S. in order to visit family twice a year, but with three small children, it's hard to know how often we will be back. I am in need of advice on what to do with my existing CC stock when we make the move. If you have experience with this, could I trouble you to shoot me a quick PM? Also, I'd love to buy you a beer if you feel like meeting up once we arrive in SG. Please feel free to introduce yourself
  2. Welcome, Nick! Indians fan and/or Browns sympathizer?
  3. I like this line of thinking. Would an original Basquiat have appreciated over 300,000 percent.... if it had to be set on fire in order to maximize its utility?
  4. Is that a CFA study guide? That would ruin any good cigar.
  5. Bolivar Royal Corona (LRE ENE 10) Start 3:32pm End 4:37pm Total: 65 minutes Pre light Dry boxed for one week. Draw is almost too open. Lighter wrapper with a good oil content. First third Incredible smoke output. Lots of black tea, cedar, and aged tobacco. Even burn. Perfect draw. Second third Black tea flavor is almost nonexistent. Pure aged tobacco. Still lots of cool smoke output. Retrohale is sharp, with almost a hint of charcoal. Final third Black tea flavor becoming much more pronounced, especially after purging, but aged tobacco sti
  6. Out of sheer curiosity, how do the misting fans work that are used in college and NFL football games? Based on your explanation, it would seem that these machines would be useless in humid climates like Tampa and Miami. Sorry for the tangent...
  7. In spite of storing at 65°/65% and dry-boxing for a day, this specimen was plugged for me. I couldn't feel a knot anywhere, so I fought hard for the first half in hopes that I could smoke through it. Resorted to punching through at the halfway mark, which finally opened the cigar enough to get some flavor. Aroma at cold was leather and hints of wood. First half was a throwaway due to the aforementioned plug. Second half was mostly aged leather with some mild hints of raisin and spice. Purged the cigar in the final third, after which the hints of raisin and spice were at their most consist
  8. Freezing should do the trick. Just follow the instructions from Claudius in the linked post. And be sure to keep an eye on any other boxes that came in contact with the affected box, if any. These little buggers can be sneaky.
  9. Looks like a wood mite to me. They won't harm the cigars, but they aren't the best pets to keep.
  10. It's kinda like eating an M&M while blindfolded and picking its color.
  11. This removal of the restriction appears to only apply to cigars and Rum purchased in person outside of the US. I wonder what the broader impact will be? http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2016/10/14/obama-cuba-regulations-expands-trade-travel-rum-cigars/92042662/
  12. Just reminded me of a box of MC2 from LUB ABR 14 that I buried in my deep sleep tupperdor... So glad to have a new name for them!
  13. hoffmr3


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