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  1. Was there in June. Selection was great but I didn't get to hang out there due to COVID and some election there was no drinks which sucked. But I did pick up some Allones Extra EL 2011's which where outstanding and some Dantes. Cancun LCDH was nicer that Playa Del Carmen LCDH selection wise IMO. They did have some Cohbia BHK's there if that's your thing for me the Regionals is what I hunt for while on vaca in MX.
  2. Great review. I think a huge point with these is there the same ring gauge as the No. 4 but only a half of inch longer and typically 25% more of a markup then the #4 which ultimately wipes the value out of them. But beside that there a great cigar I agree and made in way lower numbers that the No. 4 so maybe that's where the overpricing lies. I dunno? It's definitely debatable.
  3. Good review. I'm gonna say fluke. "19 was a good year for this cigar IMO.
  4. I like Vigia and Esmeraldas for different reasons "time". I've had a few topes but they didn't do anything for me. The Vigia is short, creamy but out way too fast for it's a nice lunch afternoon smoke for me but I'm sub an hour with it smoking it pretty slow. Esmeraldas for me is the best of the bunch. Cream/Vanilla flavors & great draw on most. If I have an hour plus to spend this is the Trinidad I reach for. Side Rant: I just really wish they'd sell these in 25's instead of 12's. I'm not sure why they do but it would make life a lot easier.
  5. I like this exercise every year it makes me think back on the year of recently rolled smokes. trinidad esmerelda "20 montecristo no. 2 "20 JL No. 1 "20
  6. Find AJ Patel. That would be my recommendation LCDH Teddington or Cavendish. I'm not sure where he is these days. I haven't been visiting since covid but the guy is seriously cigar yoda.
  7. I agree with everyone that comments that the wrapper needs to be dead on. I've had excellent boxes of shorts, wides, churchills, and PR's when the wrapper is that right rosado color and super oily 95% I'm getting a winner. Buying blind RyJ is such a crapshoot when it's bad it's really bad. I might as well just pitch the cigar, so bland. Seasonally, I smoke more in the summer Ryj, there so light I feel it's like a summer afternoon cigar to me with a like cocktail sorta thing. I dunno winter they don't see the light of day from me typically.
  8. Best smoke of September. 2019 BRC that I got last year. They where awful when I got them overpowering and unbalanced and then now turned into a real treat. Like a light switch they where all on this month the few I had. Sampling 6 months ago they weren't even close.
  9. I know what I really like and if it's out then I re-stock. I wish I went deeper on certain cigars but at this point I have no room. I think my real question is a de-stocking strategy for half smoked boxes I don't care for to make more room for sticks/boxes I like.
  10. Here's my opinion. Monte #2 I like light wrappers the performance for me has been better. Petit Edmundo's I like dark as night wrappers I dunno why. I like that huge blast of Cocco/Coffee they give. Monte #4's light wrappers have been the best.
  11. Yeah I could see how you'd think that from the picture but when you look closely with your own eyes it's clearly something written in pencil.
  12. There's a "xxo" written on the bottom of this SW box(The cardboard box). I've never seen this before just curious of anyone knows what this? It might be nothing. I'm assuming someone was testing there pencil or sending me hugs and kisses. Ha! I dunno it's kind of strange.
  13. The "18 box of Famosos I have was like a light switch this year. It was way, way to strong and mushroomy for me when I got it a few years ago. Very unbalanced and a Nicotine bomb. Now it has just turned a corner after 3. I think another year or two will be at it's peak.

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