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  1. My vote is Partagas Shorts. I've been loving them for years. Perfect balance of one cup of coffee and smoke time for me. Cabs are the best but to start get a dress box.
  2. ERDM Demi Choix Supreme '18. I don't remember the box code. ROTT was not the best. 35-40 days afterwards. Amazing! Probably one of the best cigars I've smoked all year but definitely for October the clear winner. I saw an old FOH video review a few months ago on it and you guys praised it - so I took a chance on it. I love a no hype quality smoke at a good price point. I hope this blend stays the same and for the same price. I will be buying more boxes. Oktoberfest fest beer paired perfectly with it's nutty creamy goodness. Thanks for the tip!
  3. Interesting read thanks for sharing. I am reading that right it would be $490 Dollars maybe Pounds for a 10k Cabinet shown in the image. That's amazing!
  4. I admire your goal setting with rewarding yourself with cigars. With young kids..I reward myself anytime I have open time and I'm not working or on dad duty. It's much to difficult to place specific goals for me these days to what I'll smoke. It used to be I'd reach some business goal and then fire one up but that isn't the case anymore. I see an opening and I just take it if I can. I'm more in tune with how long I think they will nap to the size of the cigar I'll smoke. If not it goes into my glass tubes the extra cigar which I prefer not to do.
  5. Bought a box of these on a whim while in Cuba. Out of the Montie Linea line they only had a few left so I thought they must be the best vitola. Since the Leyenda and Maltes seem closely scored which one would you reach for? I'm curious to try the Leyenda to compare.
  6. More power to him! Good old V-Cut in WEHO. The coffee down the street is pretty good as well.
  7. I've been saying it for years. I'll just stick to cigars and whiskey. Like Uncle Rob below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s87dGHN34Rw
  8. I'm a short and wide guy. Petit is to small for me. This whole line w/o talking about the Churchill - for me is a work smoke. I find them enjoyable when I'm not over analyzing them for some reason. Some are more consistent then others. I find the first third pretty consistent on all of them. They work best for me while doing something else where a H. Upmann and others I like to just focus on the cigar while smoking.
  9. This is a pretty easy one to answer. Read/Watch FOH!
  10. How do the cigars stay on the trays in transient? It appears from the photos it's a disaster waiting to happen. One tip of the bag and hello broken cigars!
  11. I can't vouch for the Leyenda but the Maltes box I bought in Cuba has been spot on. It's definitely well rolled and amp up Monte flavors.
  12. Great review! Sounds like I need to find some Angostura No. 1 stat if I can. Whenever I hear "The flavours of the pair went hand in glove. Absolutely in sync." That's something worth seeking out. I'm wondering if there's much difference between the 1st and 2nd edition with regards to quality?

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