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  1. ^^^ 100% agree with this. I've had LE's that where unsmokeable and wow'd by a simple RG Perlas. In most cases a variety of vitolas aged standard production is my aim these days. I've gotten dimensing returns from LE's for the price. LCDH speciality vitolas not so much. If I was a collector then it would be different. But I buy to smoke them.
  2. 1. A Fresh BRC - The first time in a long time I couldn't even finish it. Box is sleeping for awhile now. 2. A Fresh VR Famosos - These have mellow out a touch since but ROTT the room was spinning. 3. An Aged RASS '17 I was kinda shocked but it was full strenght. All where on a full stomach so no variable there which could sway things.
  3. Interesting, might try some short Piedras. I have the cazadores but there to long for my dog walks. Update on this experiment. RG Perlas is a total keeper. I've been rotating in Vegueros Mananitas & Quintero. So far so good. Perlas are still king. Mananitas can get a little harsh in the beginning and Quintero sometimes loses it flavor in the final half but is enjoyable.
  4. Good question! I find myself pulling different vitolas more now then ever since I'm more on the clock with a kid. Typically, minutos, PC's more. I have to really plan out my smoke times around other duties of the day. But with that I found shorter vitolas I wouldn't even think about kid-less. Kid-less I was smoking huge sticks more and wouldn't even bat an eye. I had the time all the time pretty much. So my vitolas changed being a dad. But, now I kinda like it. I moved towards more budget/value sticks daily and now pull my bigger vitolas out less which keeps them aging longer. Something my younger self never did. With the regards to marcas I'm all over the place. I like variety and why not when there's so many great different options to choose from. I get bored with one marca so switching it up for me is perfect. My father on the other hand is a one marca/vitola smoker all the time. I've tried for years, years for him to test other sticks but nothing phases him. He'll try but will never add it to his collection. No deviation. It's Montecristo No. 2 if he can't get that it's something to mimic it. Years of this. No change. But hey that's what he likes. It kinda reminds me of George Burns the famous comedian. He would only smoke I think White Owls(Yuck!) all the time no deviation.
  5. You do have Smoking Joe's in Tacoma which I've been to a few times on business trips to Seattle and the burger joint across the street which is probably the closest thing to in-and-out I've had up there. It's kinda of a trek from downtown but that lounge is great! I wish it eternal life.
  6. Up: 1. CoRo 2. JL No. 1 3. Vegueros Manatinas Down: 1. Dip No. 2 2. BBF 3. RyJ Churchill
  7. I love the idea of this thread. I confess I totally forgot about it. I've been testing a few new budget sticks and my fave was the quintero favorites from the bunch. Still nothing tops my RG perlas. The vegueros mantanias was a close second and JLP caszadores was third.
  8. CoRo box test 1 1/2 years in. Shaping up nicely.
  9. A little over a year of age. Been sitting in the humidor for about 3 months has definitely improved them with more balance. Great smoke!
  10. This Cohiba Corona Especiales that I picked up in Cuba last year. Just amazing with two years of age. I think it was more my mood and thinking about my time there more so. But the burn and smoke was spot on. Just curious what one was for you last month @El Presidente?
  11. Great review, one of my daily favorites. Perfect dog walking cigar. I've tried others but they can't hold a candle in the wind to the Perlas. I like to buy them in 5x5's as I find they are typically blessed with more age. Sub $5 cigar you can not go wrong with them!

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