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  1. Definitely one of top 3 greatest cigars I've ever smoked if not the one. It's the benchmark of the whole HU line IMO. I think it outlines the flavor profile of the marca perfectly. If I have the time this is what I pull out and only share with good friends that love cigars as much as I do.
  2. They make more money when they put on 3 bands on a 10 box that's why.
  3. When there done I'm not buying anymore. All boxes where bought pre-covid here so that's good enough for me. It's already become a one every 6-12 months cigar for me. Now maybe every few years. Oh well, so many good cigars out there at a "decent" price. I'm glad I got to smoke the one's I did over the yrs. but I'm not caught up in FOMO price increases. Maybe I'll get few singles if I can make my way back to the Hotel Naccional or on vacation. Actually, I'm more sad about Trinidad which I was smoking more of over the course of the past few yrs. I Love'd those esmeraldas for awhile bought multiple boxes burned through most of them. Oh well, these days with cigars it's an adapt or die attitude you must take. I'm excited to see what happens to Nudies TBH. El Prez I'm sure will expand the line more so now then ever. Custom rolls I feel will be the way of the future for a quality smoke at a decent price or H.S.A will implode. My prediction is New World cigars will take even more global market share since I'm sure the 99% of us don't want to burn $100+ dollars everytime we want a good cigar.
  4. The ones over the year I've gotten here have been great. I've heard from others horror stories from other vendors on this vitola. All HU's I compare to SW's in taste. Good ones get there in a shorter format. I think this is why people love these. You get a good box of these it's like a short SW that's what I've noticed. I can agree they need some sleep time.
  5. I'm pretty happy with Fuente's and Padron's. Don Carlos or Padron's 1,000 series are pretty good for an everyday smoke.
  6. Oh well. I can't stress over things I can't control so if/when it happens I'll just find an alternative. If H.S.A wants to price 90% of it's consumers out of purchases then there will always be the next guy with a good product at a value. When there revenue dries up I'm sure they will be discounting deep to get people back or not who cares. Probably just order some Nudies at that time hahaha!
  7. Great Idea @El Presidente I luv these deep dive forum posts. EP #2 is one of my favorites. Less woodier/earthier than a DC more smoke time than a PR. Definitely a fan. I like the ring guage more than a Rio Secco, less jaw breaking. It's a great utility cigar in the hoyo line up and I think that's why it has so many fans.
  8. I've tried the manatinas and centrofinos. Manatinas is a good quick smoke. I found them pretty one dimensional but enjoyable. Very grassy young. I could see similarities a little with a cohiba. Good for a morning smoke or afternoon. Centrofinos was very heavy young for me. Very earthy/woody. I found them medium body. Not bad but did not satisfy me at first then grew on me as they aged out. Good construction nice size. They definitely need time to age out. Way to big of a nicotine hit for me at first. Had to put a few down. Maybe just the batch I got I dunno. Nice to have around for average day smoke. Good cigar while working didn't pull my attention so much but was enjoyable. Not something I even cared if I finished it 100%. I guess now I should with cigar dustbowl we find overselves in.
  9. You've branded this site FOH for awhile and all of sudden they have issues? Sheezz. I'm not sure what to rebrand it to? Friends Of Havanas maybe seems the closest fit. Does this mean all the youtube videos need to be rebranded as well? That will be a massive undertaking. Sorry there doing this to you guys!
  10. Sad news. Mike had some of the best forum posts. RIP!
  11. Saint Luis Rey Inca Edición Regional Peru Smoked a few in Ecuador at the LCDH. I really liked them. It was a stand out cigar for me. Thought it wouldn't be so hard to find these from other channels. Man was I wrong. Very hard to find outside of South America. Now probably impossible.
  12. Goto J&J for cigars and grande mojitos. They are legit but pricey because of Mexico taxes but overall it's a great place to visit. My favorite place to eat is the La Cava at the rosewood resort. Cigar friendly and very beautiful atmosphere. Enjoy!
  13. I have some 4 yr old CE's left from a box I got in Cuba. I bought them for around $400ish dollars I can't remember exactly. I pulled from that box for a few yrs one here and there. Didn't do much for me. My buddy 4 yrs later is having a kid so I gift him one a few weeks ago and it was a easy 97 point cigar for me. I'd never buy them at this price point. Buy I'll say aged CE's are pretty special. If the price ever goes down to something reasonable which one can only hope I'd pick up another box again.
  14. Yes totally agree. If took out the visual there would be less enjoyment. I'd be at a loss if I lost any of it really. Vision, Touch, Smell, Taste. They all work together to give a glorious experience of cigar smoking.
  15. Drew Estate Smoking Monk cigars was an interesting idea. Not sure why it went away. Some of the pairings where pretty good. If I remember correctly I liked the Hef and the IPA cigar. I dunno it's been awhile. Drew Estate Smoking Monk Triple Belgian (6.5”x54) Drew Estate Smoking Monk Porter (6.5”x54) Drew Estate Smoking Monk Imperial Stout (6.5”x54) Drew Estate Smoking Monk American IPA (6.5”x54) Drew Estate Smoking Monk Hefeweizen (6.5”x54)
  16. Out of those marca's IMO Rafael Gonzalez (Perlas and Petite Coronas) and Quintero Y Hermano (Favoritos) are worth it IMO. JPL never did it for me sorry. These do just fine when you pour your great $40ish dollar per bottle bourbon. Personally I'm with you on bourbon, Woodford for years now has hit the spot and not my wallet. Buy the big bottle at Costco and it lasts me a few months. Trying to find the rarest bottle of bookers for tons of money is a losers game for what? @JoshD Great strategy no need to chase things that don't need to be chased and burn a big whole in your pocket!
  17. Well in Varadero the LCDH is right next to the La Casa De Ron(Rum) so if you strike out there just go next store and buy up all the rum you need. Have a great trip!
  18. I like them. Make a good afternoon smoke if I can't pull out a churchhill when pressed on time. Great interplay of cherry, tea, and wood. 2nd Third has been the best part for me. I like them to switch up my regular rotation. Construction has been good on all of them. Not sure yr to yr if these are great but that's my 2 cents. It's a go if you like RyJ flavors it didn't disappoint.
  19. Was there in June. Selection was great but I didn't get to hang out there due to COVID and some election there was no drinks which sucked. But I did pick up some Allones Extra EL 2011's which where outstanding and some Dantes. Cancun LCDH was nicer that Playa Del Carmen LCDH selection wise IMO. They did have some Cohbia BHK's there if that's your thing for me the Regionals is what I hunt for while on vaca in MX.
  20. Great review. I think a huge point with these is there the same ring gauge as the No. 4 but only a half of inch longer and typically 25% more of a markup then the #4 which ultimately wipes the value out of them. But beside that there a great cigar I agree and made in way lower numbers that the No. 4 so maybe that's where the overpricing lies. I dunno? It's definitely debatable.
  21. Good review. I'm gonna say fluke. "19 was a good year for this cigar IMO.
  22. I like Vigia and Esmeraldas for different reasons "time". I've had a few topes but they didn't do anything for me. The Vigia is short, creamy but out way too fast for it's a nice lunch afternoon smoke for me but I'm sub an hour with it smoking it pretty slow. Esmeraldas for me is the best of the bunch. Cream/Vanilla flavors & great draw on most. If I have an hour plus to spend this is the Trinidad I reach for. Side Rant: I just really wish they'd sell these in 25's instead of 12's. I'm not sure why they do but it would make life a lot easier.
  23. I like this exercise every year it makes me think back on the year of recently rolled smokes. trinidad esmerelda "20 montecristo no. 2 "20 JL No. 1 "20

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