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  1. I recently bought a cab from our host and noticed that the color of the wrapper is very different than any other cuban cigar. It has almost a greenish color to them? Is this normal for this cigar?
  2. Prez, I've been bbq'ing for a long time and if you want to do it right get a Komodo Kamado. The quality of the materials and the function is hands down the best out there when it comes to a BBQ grill/smoker. High temp grilling or doing low and slow this one does it all. Dennis the owner is a great resource and has a wealth of knowledge to impart if you wish to speak with him. His forum is very popular and a great place to start your research. As a man who appreciates the finer things in life you no doubt will be amazed by the food that comes off of this grill/smoker! Equate this to smoking C

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