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  1. Good to see the east coast getting some white stuff. We had 24' of snowfall in January, and two pretty big (18") storms since February started, including 18" today. I love skiing, but I'm actually having some snow fatigue. BTW I mean 24' not 24".
  2. While not a high end looking establishment, I've always liked Phillip Bloom's short documentaries, and my favorite of his is "The Cigar Connoisseur" so I'd try to find this place:
  3. They are Illusione cigars, not Eparney though, pretty much all their cigars have simple bands along with Tatuaje. For the OP, as long as country of origin is displayed, I don't know if there would be a problem. I.E., a Punch NC wouldn't have Habano on the band so I'm sure there would be a problem? I'm asking as I'm not sure, but as an earlier poster stated, I believe there would be limited selected retailers, and maybe just LCdHs opening around.
  4. For the record, I love RA and Illusione cigars. It is the enjoyment of the cigar that matters.
  5. I've been buying and smoking CCs steady for about 4 years now and I feel that in the past year, to year and a half I've "gotten a handle". I am by no means an expert, and never will be, but I do read sites like this one, try new CCs when I have the opportunity to, and have developed some good storage techniques thanks to sites like this one as well as other fine sites too. My early box purchases have aged beautifully, and over that time I've sampled regularly to experience the changes in flavor the cigar goes through. I can make reliable purchases on line, and get what I enjoy at a decent p
  6. Taking a break from snow shoveling, thinking about how lucky we are to be able to enjoy a tropical product like this RASS up here in the mountains.
  7. I combine singles into the partially filled box, so a box of Punch Punch once depleated to less than have of its original contents, becomes the storage for other other singles. Of course some boxes get disposed of.
  8. Good luck man, we've had 24' of snow fall in January, not a typo, not 24" but 24'. We are having the first storm of February now, but it's mostly wet and heavy. Higher up on the mountains it's pretty good powder.
  9. Got some powder turns in today, now kicking it with an RyJ Short Churchill,
  10. Cool, which beach are you staying? My wife is from Panama, we fly down about every other year and have some property down in Gorgona. Njoy your trip!
  11. Picked this out because it was perfect for the time I had to enjoy a cigar, added a watch pic too, ...looks like I need to fix the date.
  12. Not to sound like a broken record, but another day yet another blizzard! Oliva SEries V after clearing out the trucks!
  13. Another week, another blizzard! Tahoe is getting pounded yet again! After a day of shoveling snow and preparing for a power outage I'm relaxing with a Punch.

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