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  1. I'm a loyal Hilton person so I'm not familiar with the other choices. The Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Front Resort is very nice. Good restaurant in the hotel if you feel like staying in. Lots of restaurants close by but it's mainly a tourist thing and I think a lot is overpriced. Pool and obviously the beach is right there too. There's a restaurant called 15th Street Fisheries which is absolutely worth the drive for lunch.
  2. Most reliable: I guess I'm lucky. Never had to take any vehicle I've owned in for unscheduled maintenance. Maybe I've never owned anything long enough. Lemon: The first car that I drove regularly was my mothers 72 (I think) VW Beetle. Issue was rust in the fuel tank and it would clog the fuel filter and the engine would die from fuel starvation. I would have to pull the inline filter and knock the rust out and it would usually start right back up... Usually. Once it left me stranded in the middle of no where and I had to walk several miles to a house. Only thing home was the dog and the chain was just long enough for him to bite my leg. Then had to limp a few hundred yards more and it took several minutes to convince the homeowner I really NEEDED to use his phone. It's been so long I can't remember but I think I had to give him my grandparents phone number and he called my grandfather to come help me.
  3. My humidor is also from criagslist. It's an Eurocave that I converted to a humidor. Cost was $100 plus $200 for the spanish cedar. I also found a collection sale one time. Guy had to give up cigars for health reasons and his son listed his large collection on craigslist. I went to see the collection in person and was surprised to see a large walk in humidor in the house with lots and lots of aged cubans and Padrons. Lots of CoRo, CoLa, Espys, discontinued HdM, Punch, LGC, HU. The way he acquired them was through a friend that regularly traveled to Cuba. Boxes, warranty seals, cigars looked good. Some of the bands were a little suspect. I purchased a few and after confirming a couple irregularities, I opened a couple of them up. Broke my heart to cut open a 10+ y/o CoRo, LGC Tanios but suspicions were right. They were rolled by laying out the leaf flat on the table and rolling them as one. There were some that the filler was just breaking apart and falling out. I couldn't tell if they were just that dry and were disintegrating or if it was short filler/floor sweepings. I took what I had back the next day and talked with the father. I asked for my money back and was surprised that he agreed, minus the couple I cut up. He wasn't sure what I meant by entubado bunching/rolling. I brought along a Monte 2 tent peg that I had and dissected it and compared his to mine. He thought I didn't know my ass from a hole in the ground and I watched too much YouTube. Said they were rolled that way because they were in a hurry because there were lots of floods that year... Whatever. Got my money back. Felt a little bad for the guy for having a collection of fakes. Hopefully some of them were legit and as long as he enjoyed them, they were real enough I guess. I always wondered how his friend really got them. Did he have a connection that claimed he was stealing from a factory and gave him a good price? Or was is something where he was buying from someone in an alley instead of a store? Would love to know just to satisfy my curiosity.
  4. Fill it up! Get a PO Box and the wife won't see the incoming packages. Really though, as PapaDisco said above, I don't believe your cigars are losing and gaining any moisture in the short time you at the far ends of your rH swing. If you're concerned about it, maybe throw a small 65% 8g bag in your boxes for additional protection but I don't believe it's really necessary. Is there any way to change your temperature setting where it isn't as "strict" with holding a specified temperature? It does seem the compressor is running a lot and it's only fluctuating 0.9°F. That's a really tight tolerance. Maybe if you could get that to widen out a little bit, the compressor wouldn't be running as much and the rH could have a little time to stabilize a bit more.
  5. I have a very old EuroCave (80's if I remember right) that I converted myself. I did notice with mine that the rH fluctuates more when the unit was less full. At one point it was pretty full and as I recall, it held a pretty rock solid rH. It's currently about 1/4 full (will hold 125ish boxes and I have maybe 30 right now) and the fluctuations I see is much less than yours. My temperature is less stable but mine uses mechanical thermostats where yours are probably digital. It'll fluctuate between 62°F - 66°F and 62% - 67% rH. For what it's worth I have 20 65% Boveda 60g bags and a large tupperware of KL in the bottom of the unit for an additional buffer.
  6. From what I've had, La Escepcion Don Jose hands down. To pick from any of them, I'd go for Bolivar Especials No 2.
  7. My girlfriends family is in love with Frank. Her grandmother grew up in Hoboken in the same building as the Sinatra's and the families were close friends. Frank's mother was the God Mother of her older brother. Her family was on the bottom floor while the Sinatra's were on the 2nd. Just the other day we took her out to lunch and she was telling us stories. When she was young, after dinner the kids would usually go outside and play. Around 7 or 8, the kids usually went inside and the adults would hang around the stoop of the building. She said Frank's mother would usually grab her ukulele and play and sing and it was great entertainment for those hanging around. She said many times she would hang out of the open window and listen to her and Frank. She turns 94 this next week and I love getting the stories out of her.
  8. The cigar that first spoke to me was a Padron 1926 #35 Maduro. I enjoyed the naturals as well but the Maduro was what did it for me. I started reading reviews and magazines and was wondering how Cigar Aficionado and everyone else was able to get all those CCs for review. I did research, watched the Dr Joe Show Fake or Fine series, read all the shop reviews on CigarInspector. When I was ready to make my first test buy, I naturally was thinking "get something you know you'll enjoy" so I chose a 10ct box of Cohiba Maduro 5 Genios. That was in May 2014 and the box was MUR DIC 12. I smoked a couple and shared them with my best friend. We both thought "Meh, they're ok but certainly not worth the money". Fortunately, I bought plenty of regular production in the next couple weeks so I was able to educate myself on what CCs are all about. Just last week, I forced myself to smoke the last one from that Genios 10ct box. My first and last box of Cuban Maduros.
  9. Without making this a super long post, I've dabbled in Aviation for most of my life and given it up once or twice. A little over a year ago I quit a secure, well paying carrier to chase this crazy dream that has always been in my head. I became a CFI and started building hours and have been fortunate to contract on a King Air C90A among other aircraft. January 1st I'm moving to a new city with my girlfriend and January 2nd I'll get on a plane to start ground school for the PC-12NG for a 91k/135 company. The only aviation picture in photo bucket right now is of a 172 I was ferrying at 2AM with the AI and HI covered up with a piece of scrap paper... Not a good picture at all but it's a good war story I guess.
  10. I did when I had a smaller wineador. I had the holders under the shelves and then would put packs in the boxes if there was room. Worked well for me.
  11. I think these are harder to find than the Sir Winstons! I've been looking for months and months and am empty handed. One day I'll find a box. Anyway... For longer smokes, I enjoy any Dalias (Party 898, Siglo V) or most of the DCs I've tried, HdM DC, Punch DC and Partagas Lusitanias. Can't really go wrong with the Churchills either. Just depends on what your palate prefers and how much time you're looking to kill.
  12. I was in Cozumel in late May this year and stopped in at the LCDH for a quick cigar and mojito. I was fairly pleased by the experience and didn't find it to be too expensive. I could see it getting expensive if you're looking for boxes and whatnot though. If I remember right, 2 mojitos, some great salsa and an Allones Extra 2011 was around $35. The service was great and everyone was super friendly. There was just one guy who spoke English but not great. His English is miles ahead of my Spanish so I wasn't complaining. As already said, there wasn't a huge selection and quite a bit was out of stock. There was however, a fairly decent limited stock. He still had RA Allones Extra LE 2011, Edmondo Dantes El Conde 54 RE Mexico and Montecristo No 2 Grand Reservas available. I believe that La Gloria Cubana had a Mexican regional for 2014. It hadn't been released when I was there and I did ask about it. He thought I was talking about the Inmensos though. Don't know if I'm mistaken on that or not. ETA: scratch that. It was a Carabbean RE.
  13. As far as the ugly duckling out of a box of otherwise great cigars, just yesterday I had a RASS from a SLB that was absolutely terrible. A wind tunnel with an almost soapy/ashy flavor. I smoked 1/2 of it hoping it would improve but the best thing it'll ever do is decompose in my yard and feed the grass. For poor construction, a box of MC 2 and a box of Siglo I where the majority of the cigars had poor draws. Some of the cigars were beautiful with the majority being tight but somewhat workable. Others I lit and 1/2" in, they were tossed.
  14. Good thing you were able to get your money back. I also made the mistake of buying boxes without knowing enough about what to look for. In my case, they were from a collector with hundreds of boxes in a walk in humidor in his house. I assumed that being a large collector, I was safe and didn't look into things too much until I posted some pictures of boxes and people noticed some inconsistencies. Fortunately, I was also able to get my money back on that deal. As said above, check out for information on what should be on a box and where. You should (almost) never buy boxes outside of trusted vendors. Some sites have buy/sell/trade forums and I have bought boxes from trusted individuals. That's really my only exception from buying outside of trusted vendors. Things that I see wrong: That generation of Cuban Warranty Seal on your box was only used from 2009-2010 You have 2 date codes on the bottom of your box Feb 14 and UTCC which is an old date code system used in 1999 only. And that's actually wrong, it should be CCUT (9903) = March 99 As said above, if it's from Spain, you should have an Altadis Seal as well. I don't recall any other Spanish sticker on there except for the health warning so the other sticker shouldn't be there I think. Vendido En Cuba stamp translates to Sold In Cuba. However that's not a stamp that is used by Habanos S.A. Wax paper is wrinkled and sticker looks wrong. And why is the knot in the ribbon on top? The knot is always on the bottom. I guess your friend could have taken the bundle out and looked at them but it should be on the bottom. Fortunately, it's just a lesson learned and wasn't an expensive lesson since you were refunded.

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