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  1. wasnt easy, but managed to get a box of bushido out of hk and split with a friend.. gonna let em rest for 30 days then try, very excited had one in canada a few months back and wasnt super impressed (very loose draw) hoping these are better
  2. I am in for 10pm ny time Sunday dec 6 if available but can make others work As well
  3. Scdlh principe after dinner tonight Been through over a box in last 2 months and can not get enough!
  4. A few great ones from earlier courtesy of @HabanaMike Bolivar lonsdale 1999 Sancho panza mulinos 2011
  5. Scdlh Príncipe and huhc for me, monte media corona sometimes just don't enjoy as much
  6. Stouts, porters and especially some bourbon barrel age stouts , goose island bourbon county, founders kbs
  7. Very nice I will try to make the port Jeff one putting it in the Calander
  8. In the better weather 5 to 7 a week when it's colder much less when I'm on vacation 2 to 3 a day
  9. Party short from a 50 cab Perfect example why you can't judge a box on 1 bad cigar Or assume it needs time down First one was so bad and bitter I had to toss it, this one is divine hopefully it follows suit
  10. Another scdlh principe 3 boxes on hand isn't gonna be enough. Must get more ASAP!
  11. Erdm choix supreme is a favorite of mine, they are not that aged, only 2 years but they are great, I've also had them fresh after dry boxing a week and they were enjoyable as well. I have another box in my queue now and will probably take more as they come around , kind of hard getting tired of these
  12. The oldest I have are some 08 fundadores, 09 esplendidos and 10 rass I don't think those are worthy of pictures compared to what's posted here, awesome stuff!
  13. My first nc in quite some time just to mix things up My father la antiguedad
  14. the last waltz was great. just watched it with the wife again a few weeks ago
  15. A lot of driving today A partagas lusi and a few hours after a siglo II
  16. Does anyone not think it's possible that this is going to happen sooner than later? I am of the opinion that either obama is going to get it done or it's going to take quite a bit of time if he doesn't. I don't think there's an In between. But he's pushing it heavily. I think he wants to leave that legacy behind . If he doesn't get this in motion it's not going to happen until well after another president is elected. I am hopeful that it doesn't happen that quick I am in no rush
  17. If you can get your hands on it, yamazaki 18 or balblair 1983 .. Other wise balvenie 21 as mentioned.
  18. no and i regret not doing so, there was such a line and so much pressure to keep it moving that i didnt try them, and looking back at it i wish i had, everyone was there to try to the 23, that is my one regret and i was just thinking i should have went back to the booth after vip hour and tried the others
  19. i can do either or, but i agree that varying would be too confusing

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