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  1. Not going to lie, I was a bit intimidated by this review theme at first. I don't typically use a point rating scale for my daily smokes (just ones I post reviews of) and tend to put cigars into categories of "BUY A BOX NOW!", "Would buy if I saw the right price", and "Won't be hunting these down". No real sense of purpose, just a general feeling of if I need more of cigar or not. However, I thought "Why not look back through my posts and see what I have rated 90 in the past?" and so I dug up a review I did of these RyJ Exhibicion #4s last September. Original RyJ Exhibicion #4 Review from Septe
  2. Oregonian myself and just started getting back in to whisky in general after a few years of exploring other spirits. Went to try and find Weller and some stores practically laugh you out for even asking. But then other states people covet the Eagle Rare and it’s all over the place here. At least the pricing is controlled so if you can find “rare” bourbon it’s usually priced fairly instead of hiked up. Then there’s times like today when I went to pick up a bottle of Mellow Corn today just for mixing and it’s $23 on the bottom shelf. Thought it was a price error but nope, that’s what they’re cha
  3. Haven’t had any of their whiskeys yet but the Absinthe they do is superb. Pretty solid list of reliable, budget friendly whisky. I usually keep an Eagle Rare around the house as it’s only ~$33USD here and not hard to find. The store is out sometimes out but it’s not like trying to buy Weller! ? For mixing, I usually go Old Grandad BiB at ~$22USD.
  4. If I take notes on the smoke in my notebook I’ll usually tape the band in there at the end of the page. All other bands are currently being thrown in an empty candle jar though over the years I stored them in cigar boxes, jars of all sizes, and other various vessels. I keep telling myself that someday they’ll be used for a grand project but seems that I’ve never managed to actually make that happen ?
  5. It's finally time... I'm going to lay flame to my first Regional Edition I ever received. Got this stick as part of a trade back when I first got in to CCs around late 2014 so I have no idea of box code or exact roll date. As with many new collectors, it promptly went in to a box of Grail-type smokes that I didn't trust myself to be able to enjoy. There it sat, waiting patiently. At first, the ER band was enough to keep me away and the fact that it was not from a country so readily available at the Netherlands or Spain added even more prohibition. After a couple of years I knew there were no m
  6. Just had my first Dip 2 in years a week or so ago and I had the same thought: Partagas Sourdough meets Monte Cocoa. Great review!
  7. Been resting these since receiving them late last year. Haven’t wanted to jump in as this will only be my third Cohiba ever but at some point you have to try them just to have a reference as they age! Rather windy today but the cigar is already clipped so I’m going ahead anyway. Aroma at cold is sweet and honey-like over a core of classic tobacco. Slight tangy note like cheese (Parmesan?) and just a hint funky. Cold draw is clean, zero funk, slightly sweet and full stone fruit, peaches specifically. Fantastic. Construction is good but features a flawed cap (lifting slightly, terrible glue job)
  8. Oregon governor just released her version of Shelter-in-Pace to last until removed by the governor’s order. Going to get pretty quiet around here for a few weeks...
  9. Beautiful early spring weather reaching in to the mid 60’s here meaning it’s the perfect time to get some fresh air and leave the quarantine bubble. Wild couple of weeks here in the US and daily life is changing pretty quickly here on the west coast. The silver lining is plenty of time to call family and catch up, play some video games, and of course - smoke all the cigars! Picked a Trinidad Vigia with just over two years of age on it. This was my first box of Trinis ever and picked them up only because they were on an amazing sale. Just over four inches and a 54 RG is definitely not my size o
  10. SLR Series A paired with some dry Lambrusco. Smoking some discos before COVID discos me ?
  11. 184.4 lbs so I’m down a whole 0.8 lbs! Gyms closed due to COVID19 has not been a help and not doing well on trimming calories during work lunches. Time to redouble my efforts!
  12. Had to get back from a trip this weekend to return to my scale so hopefully I made it in time! 185.2lbs or 84.005kg is the heaviest I’ve ever been! ? Time to lose some of this!
  13. A frantic cleaning of the house before the lady comes back from a week visiting family. Cigars, documentaries (my forbidden TV indulgence), and video games have filled my evenings this week so now it’s time to bang out the honey-do list ?
  14. I too bought a box of Vegueros Mananitas early on (price was great for a newbie) and I loved them more than most. Still have a few from that box four years later and they actually age a treat as well! A word of advice on the JLP: smoke them within a couple of years. I have some 4-5 year old JLP Cazadores rolling around my humidor and they lost most of their punch with age. Now they just taste like musty old library books. Great golf smoked though as they are cheap enough that you don’t care too much if the wind ruins them or a buddy bums one!

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