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  1. I agree with previous comments. If a buyer doesn't afford the seller an opportunity to inspect, it's pretty difficult to ask the seller to warrant the quality. I think the suggestion about a credit for the moldy cigars is an excellent option and generous of the retailer.
  2. I'm a big BRC fan, and completely agree with your sentiments!
  3. I have the standard Kamado Joe (18"), a BGE competitor, and a family of 5. It's certainly adequate in size. There are definitely times I've wished it were bigger, but extra size also comes with more weight, etc. In the end, I wouldn't have gone bigger. You can also get a second grate that's sits atop the first, though it's only really helpful for things that can be stacked (chicken parts, burgers, etc.). Hope that helps!
  4. Not sure where you are, but look for them used. They usually go for about half of new. Just make sure the ceramics on bottom aren't broken. Also, would suggest looking at kamado joe rather in addition to BGE. Not sure about now, but when I bought a couple years ago KJ had come out with some innovations in design (new cap style and other things) and was overall the better product for the price. May have changed by now, though.
  5. I like my kamado but don't usually use it for smoking much anymore, except chicken, which it is great for. It's great for regular charcoal grilling especially steaks. Have found I really like working my offset pit and that the results are better to my taste.
  6. Brisket is prized bc it is one of the harder meats to get spot on. I use an offset smoker but also own a kamado joe and electric smoker. I suggest sp&g only for rub. Cook at 275 until you hit the color you want or the meat stalls, usually around 165 or so. Wrap in pink butcher paper or put in a pan and cover with foil. I dont like wrapping in foil entirely as it affects the taste. Pull NOT by temp but by when the probe slides through the thickest part of the flat like butter. The hotter you cook, the higher the finish temp usually is. Rest is key, preferably for 1-2 hours. Don't immediately place in a cooler but let the meat sit out for at least 20-30 mins so the temps start dropping. If you put in cooler too fast it will keep cooking and become overcooked. I trim fat cap to 1/4 inch on the flat and remove it entirely from the point, which is already fatty enough. Buy cheap meat expect a lower quality product. Hope that helps!
  7. I have an oasis magna (2?) in my end table humidor. Curiously, it just started acting up, so I bought the aristocrat set and forget system. Of course, once it arrived, the oasis started acting normal again. Doh! I like active humidification. Depending on season, I can go a month or more with 0 maintenance and very consistent humidity. One key for me was to get a larger size/reservoir than I really need. Downside is it takes up more space but I don't want to fiddle with beads or bovedas much.
  8. Going to write a positive review to avoid getting booted from the forum. In all seriousness, I enjoyed the only N1 I have tried thus far. Construction was good - a few minor touch-ups required. Don't recall the complete lineup of flavors, but remember being most pleased with a good progression complete with a few of the fun and unexpected flavor hits that I think define a good smoke. Well done.
  9. I have a couple boxes from USE '11. The first few were mediocre but they've really started to shine in the last 18 months. Good year for #1.
  10. I'm for the Vikings, Bills if they get bounced. @Ken Gargett: Based on Cousins' performance this season (good but struggling in big games - sorta like with the Skins), do you think the Skins should have let him go, and do you think the Vikings should extend his contract?
  11. Great to hear. Any thoughts on the flavor profile beyond smooth/buttery mouthfeel (which sounds awesome)?
  12. The Superiores have definitely been a shining star. Loaded up on several boxes at the time after smoking a few, and glad I did!
  13. Get a big bucket! It's nearly a three-year wait for anything beyond a new 24x36 they introduced. Great product, though. The welding and attention to detail are top notch. Even where customers normally wouldn't look (interior welds, e.t.c.)

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