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  1. My deepest condolences to the family for the loss of your dear dad.
  2. unvarnished wood boxes of 10 robusto size for these ERDM regionals...
  3. Probably the best small Upmann I have ever smoked... Better even than some Upmann No.4s that were older! Nice review and pics of a rare Upmann many never even heard of before! Thanks!!!
  4. Conde and Ponce in Nimes plus a cigar club gathering!!! Fantastic!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
  5. FIrst time I have seen missing bands on a box... Now if they only came that way in cabs of 50! Im sure its fine but you might want to post the boxcode so QC at Habanos has a gander...
  6. All these petit piramides that I have smoked for this production have been spot on and fantastic smokes!!! Kudos to this production run...
  7. Very Nice! These Diademas have shaggy foots on the foil at both ends! The ones from the boxes I have seen are cut at both ends for the gold foil!
  8. Out of the cardboard box and in the cabinet humidor... Oldest jar I have are the Monte milleniums which are aging gracefully in this manner of storing...
  9. If there is one word that can surmise what an aged cigar can bring is satisfaction... For the grower who farmed well, the producer that made it well, the vendor that it was kept well for the customers and finally the consumer that it was stored well to be finally smoked and enjoyed on a given day... Anwhere down the line the chain can be broken but it is indeed very satisfying when you can experience an Habano that has been done right every step of this process... For me the qualities of an aged cigar are smoothness and complexity that can only come together when aged.... I wish some of the aged cigars I have smoked I could have experienced since conception but I wasn't even smoking when I was in grade school so those experiences are lost and I am only experiencing the results of those who took care of them before me... I am surely a fan of aging cigars and how long is all relative and dependent on the sample and your tastes...
  10. I've never been one to ask for vendors but if the PSP2s you are smoking are hallucinogenic, PM sent!!!
  11. For me..... once a box gets below 8-10 sticks left in it, I toss the box and put the remaining sticks in my singles drawer for consumption.....
  12. Rob, any word on the production numbers for this release yet? X/XXXX boxes made? Thanks for the pics and forewarning on these coming out!

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