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  1. Enjoyed reading this thread. I would guess at one time we all have some sort of issues with the temp / humidity etc. I also have an Aristocrat. Temps due flux at times but I consider that normal depending on the season and the % of space that I have open (very very little). I judge everything by the way my cigars are smoking and hardly pay attention to anything else.
  2. Made some home made pizza the other night:
  3. Also from NJ (Lavallette & Middletown).
  4. Welcome from New Jersey (Lavallette & Middletown).
  5. Welcome from New Jersey (Middletown & Lavallette).
  6. Welcome from Middletown and Lavallette. What town are you from?
  7. welcome from NJ. What do you like to smoke?
  8. HAHAHA, good to have you here

  9. This needs to be Global: Cigar World, A little of everything: Burning Desire
  10. Welcome from Jimmie The Mum from NJ. I usually hit Barclays Rex on Broad St.

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