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  1. I think the filler may be too dry. I would raise the RH to 68-70%. Let the cigars become stable for a month before smoking.
  2. La Palina cigars are amazing. I smoked a Mr. Sam last night and it was a top 10 NC for the year.
  3. My buddy came back from Boston a couple years ago (he's a huge red sox fan)with some Luis Tiant cigars. I was not familiar with him so he filled me in on the history. He said he was a very nice guy and appreciative when he bought a box. Cigars were great at the time, pretty sure the manufacturer has changed since then, though.
  4. I use a tiny screwdriver type tool. It came in a kit from the dollar store. Instead of a flathead, it has threads. I just screw it in a little then back it out. It will bring a tiny amount of tobacco with it. Keep checking the draw until just right.
  5. How did you get in? I tried yesterday and it said the group is full.
  6. Yeah, the media really blows it out of proportion. I love all sports, including the Olympics.
  7. I am interested in this also. I only know of the change in the 90's.
  8. I really like the PLPC's that I'm smoking right now. They are a couple years old, though. Seems to be very slim pickens on these lately.
  9. BPC for me this morning with fresh roasted coffee and newspaper. High 60's in Central Florida this morning. Been waiting for that!
  10. Construction problems are so frustrating. Thanks for looking out for us.

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