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  1. Fishing the bay in Destin, FL end of month and this video has me PUMPED!!! Thanks for posting...
  2. Fair enough and agreed, make it and SOMEone will most likely buy it
  3. WOW! Hehe, that's incredible! Hope you guys have great fishing!
  4. Pres...SOME things were just NOT meant to be together, lolol!
  5. HAAAPY BIRTHDAY Di!!! Well, I would have given you a "CHEERS!!!" emoticon, but currently they don't all show for me... Anyhoo, all the best!
  6. Believe it or not I have been blown away by the mid '14 Partagas Aristocrat!
  7. BRING BACK THE RS11 [email protected]^%@^R!!! Sorry, off topic I'm still a lil giddy, I got promoted on my job yesterday
  8. Wow! You smoked the whole box in a month? That surely speaks to your level of enjoyment...had they settled long? Did you see any improvement from first stick to the last? Finally, if you remember (YEEES, I'm a factory code hawk ) what was factory code? I do love the Superiores and have gone through several boxes...over many MANY months

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