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  1. Rob, any thought to metering these out via box limits?
  2. I don't have the shirt or tablecloth replacement budget sufficient to allow that sort of faux showiness. And my undercarriage suffers enough abuse from other sources.
  3. I've been at this for a long time, yet this question remains an ongoing challenge. I say that primarily because I have found that one of the main unknowns in the equation is me--we all change over time in terms of what we like from year to year, or even month to month. Some of this is physiological due to aging and how that affects our ability to taste and our preferences; some is circumstantial--cigar smoking is in large part an emotional activity, highly dependent on where we are in life at any given point in time, plus micro factors of mood, season, location, available time and others. Cigars do change over time but I think we and our preferences may change even more. Nonetheless, some predictability does come through for a limited number of cigars that are, for me at least, reliably going to remain of interest over enough time to allow for going deep. I stress the word "limited" and it does take a few years, as Rob said. Not just to give you enough time to establish your own preferences and predict which of those preferences will stand the test of time, but you also need enough time to be able to have a general idea of where a given cigar is going to be down the road and make a reasonable determination that you will like what it is going to taste like then. Time will also teach that not all cigars deliver the same pleasure down the road as they do when young. You don't age Beaujolais. As just one example, I have no need to go deep on Parti Shorts--to me, over time they lose the "wham bam thank you ma'am" slap in the face that they deliver when fresh, and that is what I buy them for. The increased ability to trade in and out of things has reduced the risk to a degree so have fun with it!
  4. The old Chevrolet Nova remains one of the greatest examples of a lack of marketing due diligence. Puzzled by the lack of sales in Mexico, the geniuses at GM finally figured out that "no va" in Spanish means "doesn't go".
  5. A vibrant minuto (think Partagas Shorts or Trini Reyes) in the morning is my favorite cigar moment.
  6. Either of the Lopez Bros--Juan 1 or Juan 2--will kick your ass if not approached with caution.
  7. Would have voted for Trinidad Coloniales had they been on the list
  8. Mike said it best--Congratulations, Rob.
  9. Down to my last '12 DD...ugh. Has this disappearance ever been confirmed as an official discontinuance?
  10. Oh, Nicolette. Such a pure voice. RIP Thanks, guys
  11. Lanceros. Then I'd ask my wife to get off her DA on the lawn and run in for the CCE.

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