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  1. The argument holds if revenue is the only objective. In theory, sin taxes are targeted to disincent people from engaging in the targeted activity, thus saving socially -borne expenses created by those of us choosing to engage in them. Absent that benefit, the tax becomes solely punitive.
  2. RA Club Allones. Been waiting for these guys to reach their potential for 5+ years now. While always a good cigar, they just never seemed to get over the hump into being something special. However, I had one in early Feb and it simply exploded into all kinds of things happening that were only hinted at before. Tried another a week later and it was validating. If you've been holding and waiting on these to come out of their shell, give one a go.
  3. Would love to see the Bears utilize that space. Metra access right out the door. Rt 53 and NW Tollway near. Plenty of space for multi use facility and plenty of parking. A state of the art retractable dome would allow Super Bowl to rotate through. Closer to Halas Hall than Soldier Field and I think most Bears fans are out in the suburbs now.
  4. The bit about not altering their blends lightly is great info. Thanks!
  5. The Monte 1 is an under the radar cigar. I would concur that if you enjoy the #3, which I do, you will enjoy the #1. Add to that the aesthetics, feel in the hand, heft and proportion of a Lonsdale, and you have a truly winning combination in terms of the overall smoking experience.
  6. Pre-about 2015 8-9-8s packed a whallop. I recall Rob writing that if you were going to have one, it would be your last cigar of the day. Then, post 2015 and into 2018 before they disappeared, some of that power seemed to have been blended out. Still a great cigar, without doubt, but it did not need to be approached quite so carefully. I'd love to get Rob's and Ken's (and anyone else's, of course) view on how this post-hiatus batch stacks up in the power department versus past issues.
  7. Big Corp. Started exclusively on Skype several years ago, migrating over to Teams, which is the current vehicle of choice. Both have their issues. We have not authorized Zoom as a platform as yet. Virtually all workers are operating from remote, typically home, locations. 90% of the meetings are set for 30 mins. If properly run, that is usually sufficient. Anything over an hour is very rare and almost always inefficient. Video on is rare but increasing.
  8. Your Regular Production Cigar of the Year (2017 - 2020 production). 2019 Trinidad Coloniales Your Specialty Production Cigar of the Year (2017 - 2020 production). La Trova Your Best New Release (2019/2020 production ) I have only had the Punch Short de Punch Your Most Improved (2017-2020 production) 2019 Trinidad Coloniales Your Mr. Dependable Award (2017-2020 production) PLPC
  9. "Washington C.H." stands for Washington Court House, a town located between Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio.
  10. 2010 Trinidad Robustos T, generously gifted by a fellow FOHer. Fresh as a daisy; no hint of slowing down after 10 years. Simply outstanding. A top 5 all-time smoke for me and I have been at this for awhile.
  11. The high level of injuries have made a huge dent in several rosters. Interesting that in past years we heard that injuries were the result of having 4 exhibition games; now we hear that they are the result of no preseason.

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