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  1. foursite12

    Petit Robusto V Corona

    I much prefer the Coronas size. The extra length seems to provide more of an evolution during the smoke time and it has a better feel in both the hand and the mouth. The No. 3 kills the PE. The QdO Coronas is a fine cigar; a personal favorite. The QdO 50...isn't--at least not yet.
  2. Nice review. Trinidad is my favorite marca but not because each of their cigars shares a wonderful common Trinidad family flavor profile. They don't. In fact, I find it to be exactly the opposite of that. To me, each of their regular offerings is not only completely different from anything else in the Trini line, they are also each unique in the world of cigars. The Reyes, Coloniales, Vigia and Fundadores to me each taste like no other cigar. And, bonus, I happen to really like each of them!
  3. 1. Partagas Shorts (50) 2. Trinidad Coloniales 3. PLPC 4. Quai d'Orsay Coronas 5. Cohiba Coronas Especiales 6. Partagas 898 7. Cohiba Lanceros 8. Cohiba Siglo IV 9. RyJ Churchill 10. Partagas Serie E No. 2
  4. First time in many years that I have been as excited for the start of a Bears season. Coach Nagy is a complete breath of fresh air and it has proved infectious across the entire organization. Will that excitement last after a few losses? Hopefully, the playoffs remain in sight as a realistic goal for the duration.
  5. Rob has commented previously on the fact that we are starting to see Code dates a mere 2, 3 or 4 months old, which has not been the case previously but is no doubt due to supply issues. My question--and strike me down if it has been asked and answered already (mea culpa!)--any thoughts on whether the standard advice on waiting still holds or are you guys seeing these freshies coming in really hot and in need of an extended down time?
  6. IMHO No. 1 is best of bunch, followed by the tragically under-the-radar No.3.
  7. Javi, Many of us can identify with much of what you're feeling. By the time you blink, you will be at her graduation, so pay attention and make each moment count.
  8. In a word--yes, they are generally more up front, bright and vibrant. They are purpose built that way to fit specific needs and smoking windows. I have often referred to Parti Shorts as a "wham bam thank you ma'am cigar" and it works so well in the morning as a slap-in-the-face welcome to the day--which is also a time slot well suited to a high-intensity, short-duration, cigar. For this reason, many prefer this profile when they are young and fresh, still retaining that snap before age sands down the elbows and knees.
  9. A Trinidad Lonsdale, called the Caribe
  10. foursite12

    Hump day chuckle...

    Sounds like the A-H is a perfect car for him.
  11. Soap. Liquid dishwashing soap, to be specific. Many times. Typically fades after 30 secs or so.
  12. foursite12

    the worst concert you've seen

    1. Aretha Franklin. Chicago Theater 1986. She wanted to be somewhere else; specifically, in the arms of a particular guy she mentioned, who happened to be in attendance. She essentially sang to him for the duration of the show, ignoring the rest of the audience, looking only at him. Mercifully, her hormones won out and she left the stage well under an hour into her show. 2. Rolling Stones. University of Illinois Nov 1969. 3 hours late. Bitter cold while we waited outside. Jagger mocking the audience and the location. Bored outta their freaking minds, they had no problem making us aware of the fact they were only doing this because they had to. Utterly passionless. Ken, Your man B.B. King was the warm up and he was fabulous and a true pro. Three weeks later to the day was Altamont. Some of my group are shown in the Gimme Shelter film, which was cool, but the concert was very disappointing.
  13. PLPC Trini Coloniales Cohiba Lanceros
  14. If consistency and value are out of the equation, there is no competition in that group for the Reyes. As said above, when they are on, nothing else comes close. With consistency and value included as factors, Shorts would be my pick.

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