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  1. Mike said it best--Congratulations, Rob.
  2. Down to my last '12 DD...ugh. Has this disappearance ever been confirmed as an official discontinuance?
  3. Oh, Nicolette. Such a pure voice. RIP Thanks, guys
  4. Lanceros. Then I'd ask my wife to get off her DA on the lawn and run in for the CCE.
  5. Black Dog--Urbana, IL (near University of Illinois campus) Salt + Smoke--St. Louis, MO (on the Loop near Washington University)
  6. Gratifying to read that I’m not alone in that thought process; I also have some from 2014 and have concluded that this is a cigar best enjoyed with its youthful slap in the face still intact.
  7. Guys. I suspect calling out specific vendors still in business-true or otherwise-is way beyond the intended scope of the poll and is a clear breach of the site rules. Not all countries have the same liberal laws on speech as you may be used to.
  8. Previous: Coloniales, PLPC, Vigia Current: Monte ESP 2, Coloniales, PLPC. Gobbling up the Monte Esp 2 like mad lately; they exploded at the 3 year mark.
  9. The HDM DCs perform well young. Several of the others would be a waste. I predict the Lusitanias will be the overwhelming poll choice of the readership here but that can be a lot of cigar for someone not used to a two hour trip down nicotine lane. The HDM will consume the same time, of course, but it isn't quite as rich as the Lusi.
  10. Nothing beats a morning cigar; something with some terrier in it. The wham bam thank you ma'am cigars of the world shine as the sun comes up. Partagas Shorts fill the role admirably.
  11. Thanks for the invite! I'm out in the 'burbs and won't be downtown this week but I hope you and the Mr enjoy your time here!
  12. The 8-9-8 remains a long-time favorite; however, it is worth noting that it's pretty clear the raw horsepower to which Ken alludes has been throttled back in the last few years. Prior to maybe...2014(??) if you were planning on an 8-9-8, you were planning on a single-cigar day. Great smoke but much less of a force of nature now. @RDB I would not hesitate to pick up a box to try. Still medium-plus but quite approachable.

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