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  1. foursite12

    Super Bowl Wrap-up

    Belichick took the wunderkind McVay to school, which was fascinating to watch, especially as it was explained by Tony Romo. The Rams' offensive personality was taken completely away and they had no backup plan--Goff had no chance to be any good, since McVay called only straight drop-back passes from very early on--something the Rams have not done all year, other than in the Chicago game (which they also lost for the same reason--learn or die). Brady may have not played his best but the TD drive featured some amazing plays from him. The three successive uses of the same play but to different guys was like watching a surgeon at work. Yes, I missed more scoring but I really enjoyed watching the Pats operate on D, with Belichick pulling the levers.
  2. foursite12

    Chicago help, please

    Was at Iwan Ries Saturday with a fellow FOH-er who was in town for the day. Interesting store with all the goods; very accommodating help who make a point to let you know that you can look around anywhere--main floor, behind the counters, humidors--anywhere you see. Very relaxed. They have three lounges that we saw. One seemed to be for pipes only (IRC is very pipe-oriented), one that was "basic" but ok for cigars and then the "deluxe" lounge, which is in another part of the building. For the deluxe lounge there is a $15 fee for the day for non-IRC members. Exit/reenter is perfectly fine. BYOB but as mentioned above, there is ice and glassware. TV, leather furniture, an array of tables. A reasonable part of the space is reserved for members. Not extreme luxury but perfectly fine. Cigar reek was pretty strong. Nothing said or posted about smoking our own. We paid the fee and each bought a very good cigar from the store. We smoked a couple of 8-9-8 in lieu of what we bought with a clear conscience and without any issues.
  3. Just to play the devil's advocate here...traditionally, momentous occasions--birth of a child, company closes a huge deal, you name it--you might put out a box of cigars to celebrate. Friends/family/employees either take one or don't. If Mr. Kraft had walked in and said, "Dom Perignon for everyone!" and some of the guys did not partake, would there have been this question? Now, if he had gone around personally and said to Brady, "Tom, I want you to have a personal memento from me to you in honor of this great achievement", I think that would have been different from having a bodyguard go around with the box--"Cigar from Mr. Kraft?"--under those circumstances I think you're free to politely decline.
  4. Go to robs post on Australia Day
  5. Aside from the differences in the level of automation, unlike in Cuba Florida state law would prohibit the workers from smoking in an enclosed workplace.
  6. I did this for 7 years and then realized (a) he wasn't coming back and (b) he would want me to smoke it and think of him for 90 mins while making a sizable dent in a bottle of single malt. I keep the band and will never forget him or our last smoke together in spirit. An Esplendido from 2006 that is the only 100-point cigar I have ever smoked--or ever will.
  7. Just shooting from the hip here, but is there any “consumer rights legislation” that requires the Cuban security features to be on the box and visible, other than those packaging regs promulgated by Cuba itself? I would think the regulations covering the boxing of cigars in Cuba are trumped by the health regulations in another country where those boxes are sold.
  8. Monte Tubos. I have a few boxes of PMU 14 from Rob that I recall being terrific but for no reason whatsoever I have not reached for one in awhile. Gotta fix that!
  9. foursite12

    the next bond film

    Interesting that her name roughly translates into "the oldest or most respected". But back to the point, she appears far younger than her chronological age, and I agree with the subjective conclusion--strikingly appealing.
  10. foursite12


    Thanks so much for the info. I have heard some whispers in the same vein. And yes, the 2017 is still available here and there with some looking.
  11. foursite12

    best gins...

    The Terroir (No. 24) is one of at least 3 gins made by St. George. That blend tastes like a virgin pine forest to give the "terroir" of California, where it is made. Fantastic, but best neat, in my view. The St. George "Botanivore", however, is an astounding Martini and GT blend, currently my go-to. But I will seek out some of the others on this list that I have not yet had.
  12. foursite12

    favourite islay malts

    More than a little interested in your thoughts on these. I have my own views but will not jump in until you've had a chance to reach some conclusions.
  13. foursite12

    favourite islay malts

    The Lagavulin 12 is spectacular but expensive. Do I think it's worth the tariff--absolutely; however, at half that price or less, the Laphroaig 10 YO Single Cask and the Ardbeg Uigeadail and Corryvreckan are top notch heavyweights. Don't ignore the Lagavulin 8 YO--not as big as the others but a great dram in its own right.
  14. Scheduled for theaters in my area (Chicago suburbs) starting Dec 17.

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