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  1. yep. My most anticipated regular cigar event is early Sunday morning roll-out with a Reyes, a rustic stoneware mug of fresh-brewed strong black coffee and the news out on the deck with the bloom of the new day coming on.
  2. Hot ash invariably finds its way to a place where hot ash is most unwelcome. Any purported benefits notwithstanding, I don't risk much buildup and keep the hot end clean.
  3. Rob, I recall that the 2019s were released very fresh and benefited from some extra initial downtime to breathe off some gremlins. What do you think for this batch? Typical 60-90 days' rest to start?
  4. Kudos to all of the staff and management. Merry Christmas to all.
  5. If I reach for something newer, these are where I go most often: Trinidad Coloniales '19 Monte 1 '19 Punch Short de Punch '20 Trinidad Media Luna '21 RyJ Petit Royale '19
  6. Thanks, Ken. I must admit that I struggle with these soaked barrels. I readily admit to age-induced crankiness on my part but where do we cross the line into flavorized adulteration? Selection of barrel material, charring techniques, blending between old and new barrels—no issue from me. I can even get past the fake color additives-sort of- but this seems to me to be a step out of bounds.
  7. I got some of this from one of my few remaining 2012 HUPC the other night, so HUPC is my WAG.
  8. Great job! Glad to see you back on here, even if just to brag.
  9. I'm fortunate to have temperate great outdoors year-round now but back when I was in Chicago it seemed the challenge was not just in air exchange but also smoke residue gathering on all surfaces, causing the room to smell like a dirty ashtray, even if the air is refreshed.
  10. I bought several boxes of RyJ PC in the 2015-16 timeframe, including a box of EAG May 15 from FOH, which still has a handful of sticks remaining in it. I always enjoyed them, in a snacking sort of way. Workmanlike cigar that I consumed regularly, mostly during warmer weather. Looking back on my notes, I am compelled to report that I paid $109 for this box, graded by Rob as HQ, in early 2016. As for RyJ as a marque, I find them consistently inconsistent and the lineup needs judicious pruning. Having said that, my humidor will always contain a supply of Churchills, Cazadores and Petit Royales if I can find them at a decent sale price.
  11. I think the early game (Thursday night US) looks like a pretty solid lock for Carolina over Houston.
  12. Yep. Many great meals there. Our second daughter nearly entered this world there. We barely made it to the hospital. Had to leave between the time we placed our order and the food arriving. Staff was awesome helping us out that night. Interestingly, I don’t think we ever ordered pizza. P.S. off-topic but it appears we share a love (or perhaps love-exasperation) for the damn Bears. I’m flying their flag here in San Diego-loyal to the end-but they can be stunningly infuriating.
  13. Eons ago, relatively speaking, Charlotte's in Barrington carried the best thin and crispy in Chicagoland. Since its tragic closing years ago, the only thing I found living while living there that came close is Vito and Nick's in Hometown on far Sout'west Side. Worth a spin if you're ever down that way or coming up the Tri-state but borderline worth a special trip from downtown or from the NW.
  14. There are only 4 skirt steaks per animal (2 "inside skirts" and 2 "outside skirts"), which may be a reason for the high relative cost. As mentioned by an earlier poster, the outside skirts are the ones to look for, in my view. Sometimess the packages are not marked as inside or outside, so you may need to ask. Unless you're in a supermarket where the butchers are nothing more than people stocking the displays, you should be able to get a reliable answer from them.
  15. I interpret the question as being, “which cigar would you feel is the most likely to be identified in a blind tasting contest?” I’d have to go with the SP, with RyJ Belicoso and Sir Winston in hot pursuit.
  16. I know I’m only one vote but FWIW an N3 new release would be most welcome. In my view, a true and remarkably accurate throwback to earlier Cubans. An amazing feat using NC leaves. Kudos to Rob and Hamlet.
  17. The argument holds if revenue is the only objective. In theory, sin taxes are targeted to disincent people from engaging in the targeted activity, thus saving socially -borne expenses created by those of us choosing to engage in them. Absent that benefit, the tax becomes solely punitive.
  18. RA Club Allones. Been waiting for these guys to reach their potential for 5+ years now. While always a good cigar, they just never seemed to get over the hump into being something special. However, I had one in early Feb and it simply exploded into all kinds of things happening that were only hinted at before. Tried another a week later and it was validating. If you've been holding and waiting on these to come out of their shell, give one a go.

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