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  1. @Dave001 Thanks for the info! Very helpful insight and descriptions. Looking like SP are going to be worth it, and both Cosacos and No. 1 seem to be pretty good as well. Cosacos are definitely more my size. for the SP I'm guessing I should be looking for darker wrappers? Anyone have any recent boxes/box codes (last three years) that they are really pleased with? Haven't been able to locate the any of the 14 codes vouched for above. With some of these marginal lower end brands I'm always concerned that they're not getting the best tobacco and it's easy to get a crap box haha. Pro
  2. Self employed as a lawyer for about three years (until about a month ago - wife took a new job in a different Colorado so I had to close up shop) Loved being able to pick my own clients, fire unreasonable clients, pick my work hours, pick my work location if I didn't feel like going into the office. Also, starting a law practice requires much less capital, with lower operating costs than most businesses. Flexibility of hours and locations allowed me to smoke in the best conditions on any given day. Made more money than I would have working for another attorney (in my practice ar
  3. It'll be warming up here this weekend, so looking forward to some cigar smoking weather again. Dinner and a movie Friday night. Lunch downtown Denver on Saturday followed by some hiking. Sunday I have to fly back south for a few days to arrange moving the rest of our furniture and things out to Colorado. I think it is safe to say no one will be having a better weekend than @planetary though!
  4. Hot damn! You make the Cosacos sound delightful! May have a hard time drumming up a box from '14 though haha. Hopefully the quality has remained consistent for a bit.
  5. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Glory Glory! [emoji460][emoji837] Sent from my XT1060 using Tapatalk
  6. Thanks for the feedback! I have some beautiful Sig II I got from Prez awhile back. Would love to pick up some Corona Especiales! I could see how the Dig I, panetelas, and exquitos are a hard value to justify given the size/Cohiba markup.
  7. Yeah, from what I hear it was part of the Christmas sampler and was well received. I'd rather have cigars that taste good, even if not in my preferred vitola, than the reverse. Of course I could just let the whole thing go and buy some more of the things I know I like... lol.
  8. Awesome! Thanks, I think it's looking like it is more between the #1 and Cosacos on the Fonseca. SPNP seems to only be getting approving comments. Any one recall a flavor profile on the SP? Salt and driftwood like big bro? Or more akin to a monte 4 or Upmann PC. Love the comments y'all keep em coming!
  9. Nice! How you like those Exquisitos? Been thinking about picking some up. Sent from my XT1060 using Tapatalk
  10. That's very helpful, thanks! That would be my issue with the No. 1 as well... bigger than what I generally smoke. Might you have the full box code on the Cosacos? I'd like avoid buying blind as best I can.
  11. Thanks for the feedback! Interesting regarding the No. 1, I picked the KDT because I seem to smoke more of the shorter cigars just due to time. If the No. 1 is that much better, I may need to reconsider.

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