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  1. I too have a Mag 50 cab from 2015 and it is one of my favorite boxes. Great review and keep it up!!
  2. Thank you to FOH, especially the whole team and mods who keep this amazing community alive and active. Met some wonderful people, made some great friends, and smoked some sensational cigars thanks to FOH. To many many more years!
  3. What type of Australian Jurassic creature is screaming in the background?!? Great Q&A fellas!!!
  4. correction 1599 boxes. Customs destroyed one of mine ?
  5. Actually, I had this humidor totally emptied out and in the meantime while I was prepping the new setup. I filled this one back up....yes....i have a problem. But, dont we all?! I should have my new setup all buttoned up in the next couple weeks, and I upload some photos of my wineador conversions.
  6. As per most of your recommendations, that you always buy bigger than you need. I am the poster child of the reason you get more space than you need. In fact, I too have a beautiful M+ THC Aristocrat, which I must sadly/proudly sell as I have outgrown the beauty. And living in a condo in Los Angeles, doesn't allow me to keep the Aristocrat and the countless coolers. So, if anyone is interested here are some photos of my M+ with THC, perfect working condition, please DM for additional information. Again, its located in Southern California, and sorry but the cigars are not included haha.
  7. Fuzz, it was great to see you again my friend. And as promised, I will be doing my best to visit Sydney soon!! Have a great US trip and an absolute blast in Cuba!!
  8. In Corona Del Mar (close to Laguna Beach) is Gulfstream restaurant, they have a great outdoor seating area with drink and food menu. You can bring your own smoke and enjoy the OC weather.
  9. Mine was plugged, tried draw tooling the thing multiple times with no luck, it was so over packed. I had no shot in hell of guessing what it was.
  10. Used this one [email protected] She let me know my emails had gone into her spam folder
  11. After multiple trips to Havana, I inspect all the boxes I buy. I have even pulled 5-6 boxes of Sir Winnies at Hotel Nacional, and was allowed to open them all. Only to find one box worthy of purchasing. I did have the intent to buy more than one, but both myself and the lady helping me could see the poor roll/packaging of the boxes. I highly suggest you go with the mentality that you know you can open boxes to inspect. 'I'm going to need to open these to check' vs. 'Are we allowed to open these?' you will see that most places will let you open them. And of course you can bring back opened boxes, how the heck else are you supposed to take a couple out to try while you are out there?!
  12. @First Lady can you double check if you received my email for cigar 2 your sheet shows that I did not submit. Thank you! Finally, got one correct after all these years.
  13. It was a lovely weekend here in Los Angeles, double that with Cinco de Drinko on Saturday. Got an early start so I could do the taste test before the tequila started flowing. Sadly, my Cigar was a full dud, lacked flavor, underfilled, and poor construction. I did light up a couple of the options I thought it could be to try and find something. Of course the cigars I tried were full of flavor and made me despite my Cigar 2 even more so. Despite that it was a great day with great food, great drinks, great cigars (after the blind Cigar), and most important great friends. My guess is in.... and it was left to a coin toss for me.
  14. Best Wishes Greg, I work with my family business! Seriously...Good Luck lol

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