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  1. Why is it unfair? They should get sympathy points for not having the food supply? How does that make my base argument any less relevant or valid? If anything it supports my position...and as I stated before I had some decent meals...im not saying its a travesty beyond comprehension...im saying its not in the same class as a major US city.
  2. And thats your loss...because its pretty badass when it comes to food...but hey...to each his own
  3. Yup...im speaking strictly food...SF has spiraled into oblivion in many other respects...no argument there from me.
  4. Its a simple comparison for me...the overall quality and consistency of food in Havana is not on par with that of any major US city. If you feel otherwise than we have a difference of opinion...I'm not about to go into food supply or lack thereof...but when you see 5000 flies hovering over a piece of meat that is going to be sliced to put into a sandwich its a visual that isn't very common in the good ole U S of A...
  5. prez I think we will have to agree to disagree here...if I hadnt seen it with my own eyes I would take your word for it...but having been there and having eaten there you can't convince me that Havana is anywhere approaching any major US city when it comes to quality of food...sure you can get a good meal if you know where to go...I had some good meals while there...but boy oh boy can you get some absolute travesties just as easily...
  6. I would argue that if you walked through San Francisco (jumping over bums, human waste, and used needles mind you) and picked random restaurants you would have an experience that is exponentially more enjoyable than Havana...not even in the same universe.
  7. We had some decent to good meals for sure...el Aljibe was good chicken...starbien was decent enough...and actually had a really tasty pork dish near the port but the restaurant name escapes me... I think I was traumatized by some nasty shrimp (no need to de-vein at this place) and chicken (could have not been chicken if you know what I mean) at the restaurant next to the LCDH at 5th and 16th...one of the worst meals in my life...maybe the absolute worst...that combined with not having the type of breakfast I am accustomed to and the absence of easily accessible decent food led me to be miserable...but the cigars and beers made up for it for the most part.
  8. My one trip was enough for me for this very point...the food is the main reason I will likely never go back...call me spoiled or a baby I dont care...way too far for me to travel to be miserable when my plate of food arrives...
  9. NFL Kickoff weekend...family, cigars, food, booze...all the good stuff!!
  10. 17 medio siglo...wonderful cigar...hibiki on the rocks to wash it down
  11. JO majestuoso that my 4 year old decided needed a double band...and a laguanitas pils with too much foam...means i have work to do on my kegerator this weekend
  12. Had a box that ranged from flavorless to just ok...
  13. I voted RYJ but its a case where I like all of these...heck, I keep a decent supply of wide chirchills on hand at all times..
  14. A 2011 wide church...still plenty of flavor here...good cigar.

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