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  1. Thanks BuzzArd...I have you down...its very easy...take a look at the following site...the only difference being that you get two numbers per team on this pool. https://www.superbowlsquares.org/how-to-play SB squares.xlsx
  2. We only need 10 more spots so I am bumping this thread up...hoping we get some late stragglers! SB squares.xlsx
  3. On the spreadsheet where it currently has "TBD" there will be 2 numbers in each box. Those numbers will range from 0-9 with no repeats. Essentially, two numbers are drawn out of a hat for each square. The square your name is in will have two numbers for each team, corresponding to the row and column you are in. At the end of each quarter we take the score of the game and whatever the last number of the score for each team is, the box that has those two numbers wins. So if the score is Patriots 14 Rams 7 at the end of the 1st quarter, the box that has a "4" for the Patriots and a "7" for the Rams wins...
  4. Hey Tommy - no once the winners are determined you would send the cigars directly to them...
  5. I count 11 confirmed so far and the updated spreadsheet is attached. I took the liberty of choosing a square for some of you that didnt indicate a preference. Wertman I don't have you in it since I am not sure whether the above is a confirm or not? Please let me know. Its pretty simple...the winner of each of the first three quarters will receive 20 cigars (5ers from 4 people) and the final score winner will receive 45 cigars. As a winner you will not be sending out any cigars. If someone wins multiple quarters they receive an extra 5er for each additional quarter won (so as to make sure that everyone who does not win sends out a fiver). As soon as it fills up we will get someone from the board who is not participating to draw the numbers assuming we can find a kind soul to help. SB squares.xlsx
  6. yea that can become a little sticky I guess...how about we say minimum $10 per cigar using Rob's current pricing in the Int'l store...and if folks want to be a little more generous so be it! What do you think?
  7. Years ago on the old CA forums I ran a superbowl pool each year that was pretty fun...each square would cost 5 high end cigars. We would need a minimum of 25 entries in order to make it work...post here if you would like to participate and lets see if there is any interest. Spreadsheet is attached with the rules...please indicate what square you would like by column and row. We would have an impartial party draw the numbers if this works out. SB squares.xlsx
  8. I can second this notion...been using a xl pod here in the windy hills of the east bay for a number of years now...they also can keep some of the cold out but their main effectiveness is against wind...which can really ruin a cigar. Best 130 bucks you can spend...they are available on amazon prime as well

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