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  1. mbflash80

    Your last 90 days "go to"

    Last 6 months its been the Mag 54 as far as volume...
  2. this news if true would cause a seismic shift in my bank account
  3. I always enjoy these unique reviews Wilson...keep it up. MB
  4. Ive only smoked a couple of the Maltes but both were really good...better than Leyenda IMO...and that one is good too.
  5. mbflash80

    Simon Chase...

    man 74 is pretty darn young all things considered...dude is/was a legend...RIP
  6. Cant recall ever seeing wrappers look like that...were they pressed against something that made those impressions?
  7. Never had the CC but Dominican Davidoffs are the most overpriced cigars in exsistence...in my opinion of course
  8. mbflash80

    H.Upmann Sir Winston

    This thread led me to light up the one and only sir winston i had sitting around...courtesy of TBird55...its a nice smoke for sure. Have to try more before I could put it ahead of esplendido or punch dc on the large format.
  9. Well these arrived today courtesy of our host...they are pretty
  10. completely different in my opinion. the topes definitely tastes like an EL...its spicier and has more earthy qualities...the La Trova is excellent as well but it has a tamer profile...smooth nutty tobacco flavors...cant go wrong with either one!
  11. Very very good cigar...i do not think the regular production will approach it...
  12. mbflash80

    Dog At The Gym?!?

    drives me nuts...some dude had his pitbull in Costco with him the other night...thing was barking and irritated...had to pick up my 4 year old son and carry him to make sure the thing wasnt going to go after him...so many idiots in the world and enablers that allow them to run roughshod.
  13. Whisky Rum Stout Red Wine
  14. Just wanted to say thanks again to Rob and the entire FOH staff...received two nice looking smokes over the weekend and look forward to lighting them up!
  15. mbflash80

    Box of the Day

    I dont usually chase but the Silver Jubilee might make me put my track shoes on...geez

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