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  1. wait 5 years and then smoke them for the rest of your days...they will not let you down...the bets of the DCs and they only get better and better and better...my favorite cigar now for a decade+
  2. An out of this world JO my favorite old school lager (nearly immpossible to find on the west coast) and some laphroaig...and Slayer on the bluetooth
  3. 13 Morro with some sierra nevada octoberfest and maiden
  4. These are pretty nice...surprisingly mild but tasty
  5. bummer for sure...I was raised in LA and there was no denying the shadow that EVH cast on young guitar players growing up in the 80s...a true legend and in my book the most innovative player of all time
  6. didn't they produce like 500k Talisman...or 50,000 boxes? sorry I dont follow these types of things too closely but I could have sworn that was the number...
  7. Rough edges on this one...but should be really good down the line
  8. I manage employee benefits for golf and private clubs around the country...I'd estimate my collection to be a little north of 2,500...with 95% being CC
  9. Was 96 at 9pm tonight and no power here in no cal...kept the beer cold and had an excellent JO sublime
  10. Far left is Especiale 1...never even had one and not really a lancero fan...but what the heck.
  11. Been in the industry 20 years and the last 10 have shown little to no effect on your rates as a cigar smoker...unless you tell your doc you smoke 5 a day...its basically untraceable in urine or blood from what I understand
  12. Halfway through a JO EL Pyramid and its not overcast...smoke from the wildfires

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