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  1. Yea if we are talking tried and true and plenty of stock then mine would be: Punch DC Juan Lopez 2 RYJ Wide Churchill Bolivar Belicoso Fino H. Upmann Conniseur B This list kinda floats and cigars can go in and out...but the top 3 on that list have been there for a number of years for me.
  2. I never do it...tried it years ago and it didnt add anything for me so I never even consider it to be honest...maybe ill try it again...but cant see it becoming a normal thing for me.
  3. What a joke this whole deal is...i live right at the base of mt diablo and the winds go crazy here...but for some odd reason we were not blacked out last time and are not scheduled for this one either...keeping my fingers crossed.
  4. Saw Rob Halford front Black Sabbath at the Orange Pavillion in Costa Mesa back in 92? They were opening for Ozzy...and Sepultura were first up...great show. I missed Merle Haggard in Oakland in 2016 because I was being lazy...and he passed away 3 weeks later...I will always regret not being able to say I saw the greatest country singer of all time live.
  5. Recently the connie B...back through the archives....phonecio 30
  6. I think so...but ive got no problem with anyone that goes with British Steel...or sad wings or stained class or killing machine or defenders or painkiller...you get the picture...JP is the best metal band of all time in my opinion.
  7. Niners are 6-0 so lets burn one on a Sunday...
  8. I will pass at this price...175 would have been my max on these...
  9. Start with two beers...oktoberfests this time of year...then a scotch...then 3 more beers...i only do this once a week though...gets me through two cigars usually
  10. doesnt bother me...I think its indicative of a quality roll...whether it keeps the smoke cool or not is another story...but I rather enjoy holding an ash...not a chore at all in my opinion.
  11. same here...but I have had very good ones from friends...but mine never seem to hit the mark...good...just not great
  12. I dont have a lot of these (maybe because I don't set too many goals in life) but I do have a 2014 box of Punch DCs from my sons birth month that I am saving for when he turns 18 and can smoke one with me...and I do have some Cohiba Robusto Supremo 2014 as well for the same purpose but I have been tempted to light those sooner since I am not too sold on the way EL wrappers age...
  13. A really nice connie B on a fall afternoon here in nor cal...gotta say this is one of my favorite releases of the past few years

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