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  1. Total garbage...john kills the queen and the unsullied just capture him? come on...this was a completely half hearted effort to end the show...
  2. When he was in his prime I really enjoyed Dice...his first few albums were truly hilarious... 1) Dice 2) Eddie Murphy 3) Tom Segura there are probably many that are deserving but its not something I really get around to listening to these days
  3. I agree with the general sentiment here...the series has been on a downward spiral going on three years...ever since they had to start telewarping characters (with the exception of the whites walkers who were handicapped by apparent governors on their accelerators) all over westeros in order to advance the story to its rushed end...and this ending we are seeing on the show might explain why the books cant be written...the author hasnt quite figured out how to put it to rest...I was expecting a lot more.
  4. mbflash80

    Your Last Cracker Cigar?

    HDM PR this past week...2016 3x5 with UAO stamp...absolutely perfect
  5. I havent had the pleasure of trying these yet but I keep thinking back to the O'reilly and how amazing that cigar was...would love to give these a spin...thanks for the review!
  6. So needless to say....not impressed? Just a cigar...not terrible but not special in any way...not sure there was anything there that would lead me to believe they will be better with rest
  7. A third into it...completely unremarkable so far
  8. So how did the cigars smoke?
  9. I plan on smoking one nfl draft weekend so Im curious as well...
  10. Absolutely...when I was new to the hobby in 2004/2005 i used to buy "cuban" cigars from a shop in downtown LA called Diplomat...looking back now I know they were fakes...
  11. mbflash80

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Thanks Claus you just saved me 500 bucks...lol
  12. it could have been stretched to 40 easily...but I had finished my drink so I probably left a little in the ashtray that could have been smoked
  13. Few months back I picked up this 15 pack coded with El Laguito. This review is for the first cigar out of the petaca. Appearance wise there is nothing too remarkable about the wrapper. Looks like your run of the mill medium shade wrapped habano. I'd venture to guess it might fall into the PE category in the FOH scale. The cigar itself feels well constructed...no soft spots (its a pretty short cigar after all). It lights up very easily, producing ample amounts of smoke. Right away I know this cigar is going to be very very good. What I would call a classic habanos flavor profile emerges. Its woody, somewhat leathery (not the type in strength that I would associate with an opus x, but a distant related cousin with no tattoos or need to display to the world all its perceived grandiose). Smooth is the operative word here, everything about it...the draw is easy but in the most comfortable way, the smoke produced is bountiful and layered. The flavors have triggered experiences from a long time past for me. This happens rarely but every once in a while my memory can be uprooted enough to where I get just a frosted window view of something...in this case its me sitting in the same exact spot I am smoking this cigar, only maybe 8-9 years ago...somehow I think a Partagas D4 is in my hand in this glimpse. Back to reality. I have a generous pour of Hibiki on the rocks to pair with this cigar after eating a hearty meal (This was Sunday so I made Chicken Parmensan, a dish as american as a burger but fugazi italian enough to where my Nonna might approve) and it seems to be good company. Its not overpowering at all, a smooth whisky made even smoother by what might be one too many ice cubes. None the less, the HDM PR is sailing into the evening here...no need for any touch ups, it burns straight as an arrow. I enjoy it immensely. Enough to where I check inventory to see if another pack or two might be available...but no such luck. I take solace that I have 14 remaining. Final smoking time is only 35 mins...but glorious. If pressed to score this one I would give it a 94.
  14. mbflash80

    Your last 90 days "go to"

    Last 6 months its been the Mag 54 as far as volume...
  15. this news if true would cause a seismic shift in my bank account

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