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  1. I was too young to REALLY enjoy the great music of the 80s...and when I was old enough to in the 90s it was all grunge crap...gotta go with the 80s plus the Niners took home 4 super bowls in that decade so that clinches it. crap...edit: I met my wife in the 90s...so lets call it a tie.
  2. Is that a partagas regional from cuba? Which one is that? Being a global brand i was under the impression they didnt release regionals? Im thinking you might have a few fugazis there bro...plus...Jamaica. of course I could be 100% wrong and i hope i am...
  3. Well that is the $64,000 question now isn't it? I really have no idea why...I just know it to be true in my experience. maybe non cuban tobacco starts off so strong and pungent that there are too many flavor variables for it to age well...they really do punch you in the face fresh...whereas a strong young cuban to me has a richness that can be overwhelming and take away from the smoking experience...maybe its that variable that allows cuban tobacco to age in a more refined way without losing as much flavor..."it rounds out" so to speak...where NCs just "flatten out"...thats about as unscientific as an answer can get...lol...
  4. Padron 1926 Naturals to me are the only NCs I consider when not smoking CCs...I havent had nearly the amount of issues that some others complain about with CCs...maybe its storage maybe its luck...who knows. I will say this...if your collection is large enough to where you know you are going to have cigars sit in storage for 10+ years then you are wasting your money on NC at any price point and for whatever quality control you desire...NC tobacco is not built to last in my opinion...I smoked a Tatuaje Cojonu 2003 (from a 2008 box) that was 11 years old and it was lifeless and bland and nothing close to what it was when fresh...the same can be said for VSG, Padron, and even Opus to a certain extent but maybe not as bad
  5. We go to Nob Hill Cafe every Christmas season for dinner...what a great little neighborhood spot...especially when you stay at the Fairmont...the food is very good and very reasonable for SF
  6. I love desert...my wife spoils me with some really great stuff...but if I had to choose just one I may go with the Coconut Cream Tart from Tartine in San Francisco...
  7. Cigars - Mag 46 - never had one that really blew me away Avocado - i cant stand them...texture and taste just gross me out
  8. I would say that roughly 1 out of 10 cubans have issues...and for that one I use the perfect draw which works about 75% of the time...so if my math is correct my success rate is 97.5%... but I will tell you that cuban cigars that are exposed to a climate of 62 RH for a longer period of time will perform better in my experience...
  9. Tommy continues to lead the life we all aspire to...cheers to you and yours on this independence day weekend! MB For me? I wish I had the means to go deep on JO ELs...but real life has gotten in the way recently...all good...I will be back in action soon enough
  10. not easy to find but AMO May 16 have been PHENOMENAL
  11. Sir David Edmundo Dante 54 Been a hell of a long time since i had one but I guess Phonecio 30 is what broke my cherry on REs so that has a special place too
  12. Id trade away the american trend of the extended family unit not gathering together on a regular basis to share a meal...and replace it with what is still customary in many countries...a meal amongst aunts, uncles, cousins, on a very regular basis. For me growing up in an Italian family here in the united states we would have multiple meals every week with my extended family...it was a great childhood in that regard.
  13. the worst is when I am a glutton and try to eat my food when its too hot...I burn my tongue and then adios to enjoying a smoke for a few days
  14. JL2, Punch DC, and a whole boat load of johnny o els

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