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  1. Ahhhh, the typical critical comment from the resident forum Negative Nancy. Gets really old. God bless the ignore function in this forum..was built for the likes of
  2. growing up when we played baseball we would refer to someone who could not hit for power as being a "Punch and Judy Hitter"...
  3. I grew up in LA so carne asada was a staple...and the best cut for that is skirt steak...still make it nowadays although my marinade for it has not been perfected...so still tweaking it here and there...grilled over very hot charcoal on a weber its hard to beat...green onions, flour tortillas (white boy style) and cold beer...brings back great memories of summers with my crew...probably some Slayer or Suicidal Tendencies blasting as well...
  4. yes because they all use liquor store cigars to wrap their weed in...they arent actually smoking the cigars...simply the wrapper...from what I understand at least
  5. This is the one and only SW I have...from a friend who grabbed a box while we were in Havana in 17...so it has a little sentimental value...on the lighter side but very nice
  6. Having smoked through multiple boxes of these from 01, 05, 08, 12, 14, 15...I can say in my mind this is the most consistent cuban cigar made over the past 2 decades...my all time favorite
  7. From personal experience you literally drop 2 62RH 60 gram bags in and forget about it for years and years...if your climate is moderate like mine than the bags will never need to be replaced...they just hum along perfectly...
  8. Ive smoked 3 now from the box...2 were good...one was just ok... thanks everyone for posting...I tend to agree with the idea that this is just a missed band in QC...although the worst printing job I have seen on a legit cigar that I can remember.
  9. Well after many years of trading and selling cigars I have finally run into a deal gone south. Take a look at the pic below and pay attention to the far left cigar...opinions please.
  10. I smoked the first La Palmera from a recent purchase...2016 box code...ugly ass wrappers...but a very good smoke...little thin on the body...but an easy going smoke with a very nice balance.
  11. I mostly smoke CCs so lets get that out of the way right now...but as far as most unique flavors go I have to say the Tatuaje Escasos line and the "H" vitola in particular. From what I understand they are using a corojo wrapper on this cigar which is somewhat a change of pace for Tatuaje and it really brings some vibrant flavors to the cigar. It is so very different than a good CC but also very different from all of the nicotine bombs that permeate the NC landscape these days. it is blended very smoothly but packed with flavor...I am not good with pointing out specific flavors because I really feel those descriptions can be contaminated by so many surface features of a cigar...but the escasos have this thing going on that is all their own...maybe what most might call "toasty, buttery, nutty"...I would describe as rich medium smooth...anyhow I highly recommend trying them...even if you are strictly a CC smoker. My only fault with the cigar is that it does leave the pallet dry...so a good drink to go along with it is vital IMO.
  12. in 2004 I was 29 years old and starting to make headway in my corporate job...a common occurrence at the industry conferences would be a bunch of guys smoking cigars into the wee hours and telling tall tales of their heroic accomplishments...a co-worker who has remained a friend to this day (even though our working relationship has long since passed) handed me a PSD4...I had no idea what it was or the significance of the cigar...but I instantly fell in love...and all these yeas and dollars later here we are...
  13. should be ok if they used the 24-48-24 method...its worked for me so far.
  14. I smoked some excellent staples of siglo VI and esplendido in june...but the standout was this Glorias...was not expecting it to be such a powerhouse...wonderful cigar.
  15. Mag 46...tried so many over the years without success...yet i still have them taking up space.
  16. This popped up on another board that doesnt have as much traffic...the statement that was made was that empirical evidence would lead us to believe that Siglo 5 is not and has not been rolled at El Laguito for a very long time...maybe more than a decade. I personally cannot recall seeing a box or tubo that was EL rolled. Please feel free to contribute your experience and if you have any Sig 5s that are EL rolls please by all means let us know! Thanks, MB
  17. smoked one from an SOM DIC 15 box two weeks ago...it was just as good as it has been for the past 5 years...one of my favorite ELs and really wish I would have gotten a box from the recent offering...
  18. Im in Danville and while I am generally a solo smoker I am not opposed to a herf every once in a while...
  19. CC smokers prefer taste over reliability...NC smokers prefer reliability over taste. That being said, there are instances where you get both from both...luckily I do not have the type of construction issues that Halfwheel runs into on their CCs...there is something lacking in their procurement or care of their CCs...its the only plausible explination IMO.
  20. Ive been trying like heck to track these down...nice score! Let us know how they smoke!
  21. Grandma almost made it to 95...almost...celebrating her life
  22. Punch DC, Trini Esmeralda, and JL2 (with RYJ Wide Church very close as well)
  23. already a bunch of amazing stuff being posted here...could go so many ways...but keeping the acoustic spirit alive...this is a good one for a cigar and a beer...

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