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  1. Great cameo in Sopranos too. He was good in anything he ever did. What a tremendous loss. One of the great character actors of our generation. Not many could’ve pulled off Omar. The Wire isn’t a historically great show without him.
  2. If I had a choice between a box of sir Winston and paying my electric bill id smoke my SW’s in the dark.
  3. The combination of piss poor living conditions and a fledgling government has to be of concern to the political elite that control Cuba. I hope Cubans do the best thing for Cuba, whatever that may be.
  4. Right on. Could’ve been the humidor at Melia Cohiba, who knows. Wound up finding a few boxes that looked good. They were for a friend though. Haven’t actually smoked any.
  5. When I was there pre Covid, there were la Isla everywhere. Tons of them had mold and I opened several boxes and the first half dozen were complete trash. take that for what you will. Did find a box of La Cabana (at the airport, funny enough) they’re gorgeous but haven’t been able to bring myself to try one.
  6. Nobody could give you better advice than this. I also gauge any cigars worth in relation to SW. 56’s are, at best, in the same realm of quality to a SW with a more obnoxious ring gauge. For $500-600, they were well worth it for me and I wish I got a few more. For $1000, hard pass.
  7. I smoke alone. With nobody else. I smoke alone. With nobody else. Yeah, you know when I smoke alone, I prefer to be by myself.
  8. (I’m actually curious to hear the answer. I have nicotine flowers on the brain now)
  9. It’s like I always say, there are no stupid questions, just stupid people that ask questions.
  10. Have the Galanes been around much? I tried one and agree that they seem like one to try and age.
  11. I meant if a Girl Scout knocked at my door and offered me a box with my thin mints. I don’t chase NC’s, there’s more than enough Cubans to piss away my life savings on. I don’t turn them down or put my nose up to em, just not my passion. The occasional trade with my NC friend is always fun though.

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