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  1. One of the effects of the vaccine seems to be decreased likelihood of dying from covid. having been hit by a 10 ton COVID truck, I’ll get the shot the second they let me.
  2. Have 2’s been around anywhere? I’d love to get a box. A’s are big enough, not really that interested in B’s, especially at Winnie prices
  3. Podcasts are wildly popular and are basically the new radio. Joe Rogan has an enormous following, as does that barstool sports guy. Tons of advertisement and Spotify gets a lot of pay subscribers similarly to how Netflix buys premium content. I don’t get it either and I’m not even 40 so don’t feel bad for not giving a damn.
  4. To whomever said the born to run joke was the best of the lot, I respectfully submit that this is it. At least for the Springsteen fans.
  5. I’m just amazed so many people care about Springsteen getting a DUI. im also surprised people argue that Springsteen isn’t relevant when he could sell out 100 shows in a row without trying and Obama is consistently voted the most beloved human being on the planet. I don’t listen to podcasts except for Talking Sopranos but the two of them Doing a podcast has pretty wide appeal.
  6. Got half a cab in a split and I have maybe 1 a year. a lot of people confuse mild with one-dimensional. They’re the best example I can think of that disproves that. It’s a shame they haven’t been around in so long.
  7. Does anyone think the SLR DC’s will ever resurface? Something tells me it will. It’ll be limited and a ton more expensive and not in a 50 cab.
  8. They’re fine. I smoke em when I golf. The flavors are definitely muddled. Size kind of blows.
  9. Second this. Sugar man was one of the best documentaries I’ve ever seen.
  10. Just bring back the 56’s. I hate the RG but they are one of my favorite upmann’s. The blend is incredible.
  11. So sorry to hear that. I hope some of your things made it out and your family is safe and healthy. Cigars can be replaced.

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