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  1. JohnInCleveland

    Pre Embargo cigar tins

    I love anything with that creepy punch guy.
  2. JohnInCleveland

    Anyone Insure their Cigars?

    I know I'm exhuming a post from the dead, but I've been pondering this as my cigar collection has become one of my most valuable possessions, and with the legality of Cubans becoming even more muddied, I think it's worth revisiting. How many out there have insured their cigar collection? Anyone ever collect in the event of fire, water damage, etc? I'm sure there are plenty of people with much larger collections than I who could probably give some wisdom on how to handle.
  3. JohnInCleveland

    Enforced Ageing

    Beats the alternative
  4. First one I had was a single in Havana and it was so good I bought 10 and brought them home. They were all as pedestrian as is humanly possible. When they're good, they're great, but man, a mediocre 2 hr cigar is so disappointing.
  5. JohnInCleveland

    Super Bowl Predictions

    I'm a contrarian. 27-24 Rams.
  6. Now that's a story! Thanks for sharing.
  7. Sooner or later the revolution will be replaced, whether gradually or abruptly. It's hard to avoid brain drain when you have very educated people with no hope for the future to offer. The poverty porn of visiting Cuba has its charm but it's followed by a profound sadness. It shouldn't have to stay this way forever. The spirit of the Cuban people is beautiful, but they deserve so much better.
  8. JohnInCleveland

    New smoker...for meats

    I'm a better cook than photographer. Turkey on the BGE with a brine of about 14 hrs.
  9. JohnInCleveland

    Pulp Fiction...

    Imo lock stock is better. Both great flicks tho. Just watched snatch a few weeks ago. Brad Pitt was such a bad ass in that
  10. If you feel Sopranos is watchable at best, I don't know what to tell you. Have you considered the possibility you just hate television?
  11. So did I after season 2. Then I binged on 3 on a flight and it sucked me back in immediately. It's extremely well-written and their interplay is revolutionary for TV. It's not fair to compare them, I think both are excellent for different reasons and well worth your time.
  12. JohnInCleveland

    Aristocrat Humidor Shopping

    I have spoken with Bob but not met him in person. He was a real gentleman and you'll probably have a great time. I purchased one of his Aristocrats and I live in Ohio, so similar climate. Mine stays very perfectly at 61-62% humidity and I keep my house at 69 and so far it's been perfect. Still need a few days dry boxing but i couldn't be happier with it.
  13. Zane loves his BCE. Not enough that he didnt share a few with me...He's one of the good ones, I don't care what anyone says.
  14. Anyone else laugh that the site bleeped out your rum brand?
  15. Those lounges at ATL have always looked like a train wreck when I walked by. Small area filled with cigarette smokers, oof.

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