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  1. zeedubbya gets every box that's already been touched, sell off the ones that are untouched, and use the proceeds to avenge my death.
  2. I'm comfortable smoking at the golf course and the clubhouse terrace. That's why it's where I prefer to spend every free moment.
  3. I've also been disappointed w San Juan. The two I had were complete wind tunnels with muted flavor. My biggest beef w the bigger ring gauges is they're often underfilled and unsmokable.
  4. I understand that not everyone loves Montecristo; but when I light up a perfect Monte 2, there aren't a lot better cigars. Sure they suffer from inconsistency bc of the volume, but especial 2? A good monte 4 or edmundo? Come on now!
  5. I'm too stupid to figure it out until I read your post. I was thinking "a humidor made out of a firetruck, bold"
  6. When I was there we paid $10 or $20 for guest passes so you could walk around and see the beach. Was it worth it? Eh. But the back area had a nice volleyball game and the gym was like a museum for workout equipment. Gotta say I do like Club Habana if for no other reason than it's uniqueness as a relic of a bygone era.
  7. I think the radical elements have gotten more vocal and the more rational, reasonable folks see there isnt much oxygen left for rational conversation. I have 3 or 4 friends i’ll talk politics with and the rest have lost their minds in either direction (or are so off put they stop being informed). If you cant talk to someone for an hour about an issue and one of you cant convince the other to change their perspective from time-to-time, its a waste of time.
  8. The first few episodes of the season were excellent. Then it was like someone went "oh crap we have 2 seasons of plot progression to slapdick together bc were ending this show early for no good reason" There should be 3 or 4 episodes left and there's 1. A total disservice to a once great show. And on top of that Tyrion, my favorite character, wound up being a feckless idealistic dolt. Such a shame.
  9. That's a brilliant idea Ken, I have to ask my friends who are even nerdier than me to help me connect the dots bc the plot is so dense. A binge worthier show has never existed.
  10. If you want to crawl down the Winston Churchill rabbit hole, read the 3 part series by William Manchester. He's quite literally the last of a dying breed and the most interesting man I've ever read about. The audiobooks are quite good too and on Audible.
  11. Joe cocker is awesome though. I saw him open for Steve Miller band and he stole the show. Too bad he passed on. It is funny to think what I used to think was gentlemanly too. It used to be smoking Macanudo's and drinking Honey Brown...
  12. Call me the cat that ate the canary. I was the fortunate recipient of CigSid's and Zeedubbya's generosity. Thankfully Zee left some Cokes in the car or they would've had to scrape me off the floor from the nicotine kick in the second half. That's the first time I've gotten dizzy from a cigar since I learned how to retro. We were going to smoke outside until the 70 mph winds swept in...

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