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  1. I’ve had (almost) everything. If I could only smoke one cigar for the rest of my life, it would be Sir Winston. I’m also deeper on these than anything else and it’s the only thing you couldn’t convince me to sell any of.
  2. Do they still officially exist? I think they’re sitting next to my SLR DC’s flying on a majestic unicorn
  3. Please share your experience there as I’m kicking around a trip soon.
  4. I’m not so sure, he’s so smart about this stuff I can barely even understand his answers with my feeble brain.
  5. I don’t really understand why Cuban tourism is down. They sell you 2 star hotels for twice as much as a 4 star hotel in most of Latin America, with very few amenities, backwards technology, and a repressive government. Cuban people used to look at me like I was crazy when I was in Cuba visiting. Its…not for everyone.
  6. I feel bad for Buffalo. this is why I feel a kinship with you guys. The weather sucks and our teams break our hearts without fail. on the bright side, you have one of the young elite QB’s so the future looks bright…
  7. People are complicated. They can be lovely and thoughtful and also ignorant and pompous, all in the same hour.
  8. I’ve been a good boy this year, can you please send me a really good outdoor heater?
  9. I don’t trust the government. I asked my doctor friends if they got the vaccine. To a person, every single one of them did, as did their family members. Im not a rocket scientist. I take the advice and counsel of the smartest and most accomplished people around me. It’s worked out a lot better than trusting Facebook posts by my drunk uncle.
  10. much does the vaccine cut dowm on covid death&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b-1-m
  11. Great cameo in Sopranos too. He was good in anything he ever did. What a tremendous loss. One of the great character actors of our generation. Not many could’ve pulled off Omar. The Wire isn’t a historically great show without him.
  12. If I had a choice between a box of sir Winston and paying my electric bill id smoke my SW’s in the dark.
  13. The combination of piss poor living conditions and a fledgling government has to be of concern to the political elite that control Cuba. I hope Cubans do the best thing for Cuba, whatever that may be.
  14. Right on. Could’ve been the humidor at Melia Cohiba, who knows. Wound up finding a few boxes that looked good. They were for a friend though. Haven’t actually smoked any.
  15. When I was there pre Covid, there were la Isla everywhere. Tons of them had mold and I opened several boxes and the first half dozen were complete trash. take that for what you will. Did find a box of La Cabana (at the airport, funny enough) they’re gorgeous but haven’t been able to bring myself to try one.
  16. Nobody could give you better advice than this. I also gauge any cigars worth in relation to SW. 56’s are, at best, in the same realm of quality to a SW with a more obnoxious ring gauge. For $500-600, they were well worth it for me and I wish I got a few more. For $1000, hard pass.
  17. I smoke alone. With nobody else. I smoke alone. With nobody else. Yeah, you know when I smoke alone, I prefer to be by myself.
  18. (I’m actually curious to hear the answer. I have nicotine flowers on the brain now)
  19. It’s like I always say, there are no stupid questions, just stupid people that ask questions.
  20. Have the Galanes been around much? I tried one and agree that they seem like one to try and age.

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