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  1. My wife has no problem with me smoking cigars. Of course there's a direct inverse relationship between how often I smell like cigars and how often we bump uglies. It moderates itself.
  2. It boggles my mind how many people (not specifically referring to BOTL, in my personal experience) keep downplaying this. It's barely taken hold and we aren't even extensively testing. You can't put the toothpaste back in the tube, the schools are shuttered in Ohio for 3 weeks minimum. I've been impressed by the reaction of state officials, but they're hamstrung by federal ineptitude. They really haven't even begun to test. The number of cases is DRAMATICALLY higher than what's being reported.
  3. Was there a couple weeks ago and there was bupkes, but a lot can change in a couple weeks
  4. I'm offering a similar scenario in order to give perspective on ways where people find market inefficiency to exploit for profit. Of course it's different. I've never personally bought scarce cigars to profit bc the premise makes me feel icky. To each their own I guess. We all have to sleep with ourselves and how we treat others.
  5. Scalping is finding a market inefficiency and manipulating it to your benefit. A few years ago, I led a group of folks who paid a bank a few hundred dollars to park cars in their lot during a festival that they knew nothing about. I knew I could make a few thousand dollars by staffing 1 guy for 10 hours. The bank should've gotten 3 or 4 times what I gave them, but they didn't want to make the effort and we're happy with what I have them. I didn't feel bad about what I did and I still don't. What we're really talking about here is an unspoken honor system in the community. I'm running to Havana in a few days and I'll try and pick up some regionals if they're around for my buddy Zane. I couldn't mark them up a buck for him bc he's a BOTL, but what if some random coworker told me he would pay me $500 for a box of Punch Punch? I'd have a hard time saying no.
  6. I've been there several times, my sister hasn't and work travel and having small children only allows a very brief jaunt while in florida. 24 hrs in Cuba for her is superior to never seeing Havana and she loves an adventure. It's not that weird a request to see if anyone has been there in the last few days on a cigar forum I frequent. At least I didn't think so.
  7. NBD. I'm only gonna bring back a little. But I appreciate the heads up, very helpful to know.
  8. Have an opportunity to go to Havana in a week or so for 24 hrs. Anyone been there (or going in the next week) who can give any stock reports or advice? I've been a few times and I'd love to try and hit up only 1 or 2 LCDH and time will be at a premium. Hoping to bring back a few special boxes (SW, Cohibas, nothing super rare) and I could benefit from any insight.
  9. That picture is offensive. Who holds a cigar between their middle finger and their ring finger?
  10. Great find. It basically looks like a half height version of what I got. I adore it.
  11. I don't skip lunch, we eat a late lunch that never really subsides until about 7 pm. It's a salute to being thankful coupled with a salute to morbid obesity. Nothing more american than that.
  12. +1 on Principe. They still last an hour for me Every time. Never disappoint.
  13. zeedubbya gets every box that's already been touched, sell off the ones that are untouched, and use the proceeds to avenge my death.
  14. I've also been disappointed w San Juan. The two I had were complete wind tunnels with muted flavor. My biggest beef w the bigger ring gauges is they're often underfilled and unsmokable.
  15. I understand that not everyone loves Montecristo; but when I light up a perfect Monte 2, there aren't a lot better cigars. Sure they suffer from inconsistency bc of the volume, but especial 2? A good monte 4 or edmundo? Come on now!
  16. I'm too stupid to figure it out until I read your post. I was thinking "a humidor made out of a firetruck, bold"
  17. When I was there we paid $10 or $20 for guest passes so you could walk around and see the beach. Was it worth it? Eh. But the back area had a nice volleyball game and the gym was like a museum for workout equipment. Gotta say I do like Club Habana if for no other reason than it's uniqueness as a relic of a bygone era.
  18. I think the radical elements have gotten more vocal and the more rational, reasonable folks see there isnt much oxygen left for rational conversation. I have 3 or 4 friends i’ll talk politics with and the rest have lost their minds in either direction (or are so off put they stop being informed). If you cant talk to someone for an hour about an issue and one of you cant convince the other to change their perspective from time-to-time, its a waste of time.
  19. The first few episodes of the season were excellent. Then it was like someone went "oh crap we have 2 seasons of plot progression to slapdick together bc were ending this show early for no good reason" There should be 3 or 4 episodes left and there's 1. A total disservice to a once great show. And on top of that Tyrion, my favorite character, wound up being a feckless idealistic dolt. Such a shame.
  20. That's a brilliant idea Ken, I have to ask my friends who are even nerdier than me to help me connect the dots bc the plot is so dense. A binge worthier show has never existed.

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