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  1. Golf Saturday, golf sunday. 4 rounds in a week. Been pushing my luck for a while now...
  2. I had a single Monte double edmundo in Havana and it was one of my favorite smokes of all time. I bought a box and enjoyed none of them. You don't have to have a whole box but there's so much variation from stick to stick sometimes.
  3. Interestingly I use a punch cut on smaller cigars like Principe's and it's the only time I can remember getting that tar build up. Strange indeed...
  4. Only one left is the 4's. They're pretty readily available and, I'd imagine, quite cheap on the island.
  5. If the purpose of this exercise is for me to read everyone else's responses and argue to myself about the merits of cigars they hate like a mental patient, it's working like a charm.
  6. Gotta agree on San Juan. Everyone who loves em has had better boxes than I. Too many wind tunnels for me. Most reliable is Sir Winston. Sometimes a little tight but the flavor is so good I am happy to fight the battle
  7. I'm a business owner so my perspective skews in that direction. There are very few qualified candidates BC unemployment is super low. Wages are fairly stagnant, which presumably will start to change BC of the thin labor pool. Hasn't yet though, at least not much.
  8. RASS from a cab. Last one was extraordinary. This one...Less so. They can't all be home runs or you'd appreciate the home runs less.
  9. I'm 15 miles from your route. That town that says "Strongsville" is where I grew up. Lunch or dinner, whenever you come thru. I used to live in DC area, it can be a tough leg, I'd probably try to get to South Bend that day. Give or take.
  10. Cuyahoga as in Ohio? I'll feed ya and share a cigar if you come this way, and I can tell you everything there is to see between there any Iowa. Spoiler alert, I hope you like corn as far as the eyes can see.
  11. Alexw33 pretty much just shut down the thread. Can't top that one...
  12. If you are actually buying a box, you shouldn't have issues. I bought some HdM DC's and I set them on the counter and they volunteered to open before I bought. They were to my satisfaction. If you're expecting to look at a half dozen boxes, you might be pushing your luck. If you want to make sure you aren't buying a lemon, you should be fine. If you're smart, you'll buy here for the best quality. Not to be a Homer.
  13. Good call on the internet factor, I loved nothing more than disconnecting for a week and hiding under the veil of decrepit technology that made the entire world politely piss off and wait for an answer until I returned, something that's sadly a notion of the past most of the time.
  14. It depends on what you're seeking. It's a once in a lifetime experience and everyone should go for at least a long weekend. But I don't blame you for taking a week vacation elsewhere.
  15. Forget celebratory cigars for others... Smoke as many celebratory cigars as you can between now and October. It's a lot harder to find an hour or two for smoking with a 1 year old. I took 7 of them to Florida for a week and came back with 5.
  16. Drink safe water? What fun is a vacation if you don't contend with Castro's revenge from accidentally having a mixed drink at the wrong bar with ice from tap water? Blasphemy! My souvenir was crippling digestive issues for 24 hours and riding 5 hrs from Toronto in a cold sweat. You're making me nostalgic...
  17. It costs more than similar Caribbean destinations for the same level of accommodation. I love going there, but it's not a coincidence that I get death stares from the missus at the prospect of another Cuban vacation. I guess part of its charm is that it doesn't appeal to everyone.
  18. For a long time, it was Sir Winston. Finally tracked them down with a box code I loved and I kept buying and buying. I know a lot of times the search is more fun than the actual joy from smoking them. Those times aren't sir Winston.
  19. Caught em at Blossom last year, thrilled they're coming back. Even if you're just a music fan but not a Dead Head, they're a must-see. Took my dad and he didn't know 3 Dead songs and he was blown away.
  20. I must be weird, I love those punch SdO2... I guess I'm in the minority
  21. I don't prefer larger ring gauges. With that being said, some of my favorites of late are larger, Mag 56, Mag 54, Monte 80th. In a perfect world, these cigars wouldn't be wider than a robusto, but I'm not going to miss out on an exceptional blend bc it's not the RG I'd prefer, for the same reason I enjoy the occasional panatela, which I also don't prefer.

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