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  1. All you need to know about Aroldis Chapman I learned from asking about him in Havana. As anyone who has been to Cuba knows, they revere their ex-pats in the MLB as if they grew up down the street from them. Their eyes light up when you mention Yoenis Cespedes or Kendrys Morales. Ask any Cuban who loves baseball what they think of Aroldis and they clam up and look at their feet. Prod them and they'll tell you, in their own special way, that he's always been an asshole, long before the story about choking out his girlfriend. I had a solid half dozen conversations and not one person had a nice thing to say about Aroldis Chapman. Because he's a world-renowned jerk.
  2. Indians got themselves in trouble last year because they didn't have Carrasco and Bauer in the WS. Their rotation was Kluber, Tomlin, and whatever else they could scrape together. This year, they have Kluber, Bauer, Carrasco, Tomlin, Clevinger, and even Salazar if they wanted a few innings and then going to the bullpen. A depleted starting rotation is the least of their concerns, the big concern is scoring runs and getting better AB's. Too many lousy AB's yesterday. Umpires have struggled with consistency and the guys have taken to swinging at crap. It's a nasty habit. Yankees had the same problem in game 1.
  3. Red sox are DOA. They weren't even competitive in either game, it's simply a question of whether they win a game or not. Cubs Nats looks like the best shot at a good series. Hard to see Yankees coming back after that game Friday, it was probably the craziest baseball game I've ever witnessed. Hard to come back from the dead after that loss. Indians have that magic again this year, and more importantly, a healthy Bauer and Carrasco.
  4. If you're looking for 4 or 5 star hotels, or modern amenities, you're right. The reasons you don't wanna go are the reasons I went. I can't say how much your wife or kids would enjoy it, but I can say you should find a way to go, even if it's for 4 days with guy friends.
  5. He said if he takes an interest. I suspect he doesn't intend to throw them in his crib. If the worst thing I pass onto my offspring is an appreciation for the finer things in life, then I did something right.
  6. Browns are going to be a super competitive 5-11, be in the games almost every week, and take a huge step forward. Kizer will have ups and downs but solidify himself as the QB of the future, and Peppers will become a Pro Bowler this year or the next. Michigan tutelage notwithstanding, kid canball.
  7. Party source is the best. No trip to the in laws in Cinci is complete without visiting the Wal Mart of liquor stores. Going this wknd...
  8. It's great that Cuba has such well-educated people, but spend a little time there and you find out your cab driver is a chemical engineer. They have a great workforce being frittered away in their garbage dump economy. You make more money making beds at a hotel than you do being a scientist. This serves no one.
  9. You gotta watch out for that ice. Got the worst case of Castro's revenge when I got back stateside. My fragile first world belly couldn't handle that water supply.
  10. I've smoked from 3 different boxes, and haven't had a bad one yet. I don't think there's any other cigar I can say the same for.
  11. Won't question your experience, everyone picks up on different things, and obviously we haven't smoked from the same boxes, I've never noticed either flavor you mentioned though. I don't like leather or wood flavors in most instances, so I'd probably be as disappointed had I sensed them.
  12. i love the size and the blend. I find them fairly complex and nuanced. Different strokes.
  13. Of course I'm the guy who still hasn't cracked his box of Esplendidos either so I might be better at giving advice than heeding it myself...
  14. The funny thing about cigars is that you don't know when they've reached their pinnacle until they've passed their pinnacle. I had a few 15+ yr old cigars this week and they were phenomenal. Unless you've got money coming out of every orifice, I wouldn't worry about aging too long, when you smoke one and it feels like it's in the sweet spot, keep smoking em til they're gone. Don't keep boxes without taste testing more than a few years, then you'll never have a box go to pot on you.
  15. 2-3 a week, a 5 month old hasn't been conducive to smoking. Also find myself smoking way nicer cigars than I used to while golfing bc Its my only chance to smoke ...
  16. Worth mentioning that Cubans aren't very experienced with speedy, efficient construction. One of the issues is foreigners taking jobs from Cubans and being paid significantly more, another issue is the Cuban labor force is notoriously slow and inefficient. Communism and inefficiency are synonymous. Can't have the new hotel open in 2036.
  17. I look everywhere, but buy 90%+ here. I spend an unhealthy amount of time looking.
  18. The plan was just to do weird medical tests on all of you by thinking you're headed off to Cohiba land. Hook, line, and sinker, the lot of ya. Now where's my James Bond laser contraption?
  19. I spoke with the judges... Our island will allow it.
  20. I'm aware that similar threads have existed, but I'm putting a little spin on this and hoping it sparks some interesting responses... 1. You only get one brand to smoke for the rest of eternity. You can have anything under that brand in perpetuity. 2. You only get one cigar to smoke for the rest of eternity. Non regional editions, regular production cigar 3. You only get one cigar to smoke for the rest of eternity, no restrictions, new or old, doesn't have to be readily avaliable.

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