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  1. from my memory , a coro smoked in 1996-in my earky 20s!-, still remember the intense grassy and heavy aroma, very different than modern cohibas(we were in the old tobacco variety), after that I was lucky to have a reserva 2002 cohiba selection box, the robusto from that box was really out of this world
  2. Ken, finally tasted the isla del tesoro, so....best nose of any rum I had so far, ethereal, complex really out of this world...taste , nutty ,fruity, a great clear cane sugar after taste, a little less impressive than the nose ,so overall what an amazing spirit!
  3. i will let you know ,in a few days I am going to taste it
  4. day 1 :(reality) the last GR Cohiba + the isla del tesoro(Ken you were one of the reasons to look for it, finally I tracked a bottle in Greece for 350e, I hope it is worth the money!haven t opened it yet) day 2(fantasy) Cubatabaco 1992 humidor or an early 90s cohiba, esplendido or an origianl behike 2006+ havana clum maximo rum(fantasy as well)
  5. insane!! they should make a BHK lancero instead, idiots
  6. 11 days ago,a behike 54- with some years on it 2010 or 11 maybe-, amazingly complex, started with powerful grassy notes, turned into orange peel,tobacco leaf,and last third cocoa and florest flor with humid earth on a big bang! 97, and best cigar of the year so far
  7. check my hometown Thessaloniki, it s greece s second biggest city, on the coastline , near by is halkidiki ,best northern greece area,feels like an island, great sea side with pine trees finishing into the blue sea.so in 1h you will enter another world
  8. fantastic! happy Xmas to both of you from far away Greece! -and good luck with the fires...
  9. it s Greek, πολυχρωμια! ,meaning ''many colors'', in a metaphor ,rich, diverse, complex:)
  10. indeed they were great smokes! I had a box from 07, last one was smoked a couple of months ago, the evolution was fantastic, from all the box this last one -12 years matured- hits perfection, it was a 96+ cigar
  11. vinegar! - sour and unpleasant and this came from believe it! cohiba esplendidos from 2010 I believe, many sticks from that same box were like that
  12. Hello, a good place will be Polyzos shop in Kolonaki area 10' walk from your hotel-I consider the best shop down town Athens, don t expect anything good in the islands, Athens airport duty free can be good if you have luck! prices are pretty good
  13. cohiba selection 2003 cohiba siglo 5, 2001 cohiba lanceros, 2001 trinidad fundadores, cabinet 2000

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