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  1. it s Greek, πολυχρωμια! ,meaning ''many colors'', in a metaphor ,rich, diverse, complex:)
  2. indeed they were great smokes! I had a box from 07, last one was smoked a couple of months ago, the evolution was fantastic, from all the box this last one -12 years matured- hits perfection, it was a 96+ cigar
  3. vinegar! - sour and unpleasant and this came from believe it! cohiba esplendidos from 2010 I believe, many sticks from that same box were like that
  4. Hello, a good place will be Polyzos shop in Kolonaki area 10' walk from your hotel-I consider the best shop down town Athens, don t expect anything good in the islands, Athens airport duty free can be good if you have luck! prices are pretty good
  5. cohiba selection 2003 cohiba siglo 5, 2001 cohiba lanceros, 2001 trinidad fundadores, cabinet 2000
  6. for me it would be the Davifoff s chateaux range.... and some early cohibas- 94 esplendidos come to mind. Magic smokes
  7. ιn the late 80,s cuban Davidoff s, early 90,s Cohiba esplendidos , Recent years, cohiba reservas 2003 box, some fundadores 1998-2000, an aged 898 ,an aged serie dn4, 2001 lanceros ,2005 siglos v,an early behike 52 I still think even after so many years that old school Cuba was phenomenal-and gone it seems for ever...but still the terroire produces the best smokes there is
  8. cohiba siglos 5 from 2001, I bought a box from a fellow cigar collector recently.I smoke one every week.I love them. White peper, eggs(!),cedar and cream.Unusual but truly great! And still have leggs..the nicotine kick is still.. ''fuerte''
  9. this is a sad story for all havana lovers. I vividly remember the Davdoff s and cohibas taste and aroma from the end of 1980s.And the early 90s cohibas. No NO comparison with todays tobaccos.If something could happen,if someone powerful could push the people in the Cuban cigar business to bring it back,would be a dream of mine...
  10. the 50 cabinet of Trinidad fundadores from 2000,and the cohiba reservas 2003, are the best cigars in my humidor. Every and each of them10/10!
  11. thank you all i might go for a great cohiba esplendidos box from 2008 for less.....

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