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  1. From what I remember TOS Diplo 2s at that time were on a very hot run. Sounds like you got a nice batch ??
  2. I think I know what you mean by green. This happened to me when I first switched from NCs to CCs-my humidity was too high. Try knocking down your humidity or dry box for a week to see if it helps.
  3. Nice review. Sounds like with some down time they will be ??
  4. In no particular oder 1. PL montecarlo 2. Bolivar RC 3. RASS Honorable mention- Fonseca no. 1
  5. Like my kids, one is easy and one is difficult (SLB never slides easily), but I love them both equally ?
  6. Was able to score a box of these Don Jose at a fair price. Giving them a try in hopes they can compare to the selectos finos.
  7. I would get more for your money with some quality regular production. If you are a Boli fan then you already know what you like. If not, try a few BBF, PC and/or Royal Coronas and see how they compare to the soberano. Enjoy your trip!
  8. I just saw these on sale for the first time from an online vendor at the hefty price of 1,200.00 CHF (equivalent to approx $1,271.00). Does anyone know if this pricing is accurate? (I’m assuming the answer is No as it seems very high and if so, does anyone have any info what it should be?) Boxes of 25. Not much additional info provided in terms of vitola other than an estimated smoking time of 1 hour, 40 minutes.
  9. I was told (by an insurance agent) not to smoke for a week. It worked with no issues.
  10. RA Club Allones, EL 2015. Like a RASS, but better and with more flavor. I love the size too, as if a robusto and corona gorda had a baby.
  11. I think it was all part of Di's master plan not to deal with a day's worth of emails!
  12. Thank you gentlemen. John, I've had a PSP box of the no 2s resting for about 4-5 months now. Going to be a while before I sample them, but definitely looking forward to it as they seem to get better reviews.
  13. For a long while I was curious about the Juan Lopez line and thought of them as an "under the radar" cigar. They don't get the attention other marcas do, but whenever mentioned on the forum they seemed to get high praise. About two-three months ago I was looking for a box of everyday smokes that was on the cheaper side and Rob had put up the Sel. number 1s on 'clearance.' When he stated that there wasn't a better smoking, young corona gorda out there, I jumped in and am very happy I did. I think these are gems of a smoke. One of my current favorites and much more than an everyday cigar. Their

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