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  1. That's part of the batch Pierre Salinger snagged for JFK right before he signed the embargo
  2. Coincidentally I recently bought HDM San Juan 2 box/10 I never thought much of this cigar when I tried a few several years ago near the launch time.But these had 3 years ageing on them so I thought I'd give it a try. Started smoking them this weekend Friday night. Well I only have 5 of the 20 cigars left and still have most of Sunday WoW!!! What a transformation in just 3 years Amazing Cigar, A Masterpiece. To the extent I've never experienced such a dramatic transformation inactually only 2.5 years Box Code being TOS OCT 15 Literally went from Dud to Stud If you live in America I'm going to send you one of these under the condition you write the review and make sure to reference compare the two PM Me your address and Ill send it out Monday. I look forward to reading your comments
  3. Cohiba Genios Maduro from our host LAU JUN 16 Advertised as Genios with a Cohiba Siglo 6 Wrapper and rated 96. Haven't smoked one yet but they do look the part and we'll see. Anyone smoked one of these yet?
  4. That's probably the key to the problem and with limited good quality( leaf-tobac) which gets alocatated to Cohiba etc. . Its the combination of factors
  5. Baldy appreciate the outstanding reply I need the refrigeration in Florida it gets hot and even w A/C temp gets above 75* to 78* in summer Yes these are thermoelectric I presume that's the same as thermometric I need a humidifier yes any recommendations and what else would I need. Actually for $149.99 this wine cooler looks really good. Costco has some excellent products at great value
  6. Costco has these really nice looking wine coolers My question is can these be easily turned into Humidor for cigars? If yes what's required? I saw these in the store and there even cheaper this was only $149.99 at the store
  7. That makes a lot of sense but what gets me is, there's been nothing at all available over two years literally nothing and over that same period we've had some availability of other prominent cigars as Cohiba's complete line top to bottom has had some availability (though limited) but nothing on Sir Winnies. Maybe someone knows if any are on the horizon Rob?
  8. About a year ago I posted the topic "Where have all the Sir Winston's gone?" and there still gone It's so difficult to get a good box of these Why there is literally nothing not even drips? Anyone have any insight or any relief on the horizon?
  9. I didn't realize the Sir Winston is a seasonal cigar it just seems like its never the season. I've been wanting to get a box of those for the longest time. As for the Dalias, haven't the Monte #1 been pretty stellar this year and if you include 38-40 guage there's been a reasonable supply of Cohiba Lanceros, Monte Especiales, various petite coronas
  10. I would give him the Cazadores for the simple reason you have two of those boxes and only 1 box of Exhibition #4. Additionally I know that GEO May 14 that's a great box!!!

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