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  1. So am I seeing this right? No more full size cedar sheet insert? If so, this changes their mid- and long-term aging characteristics.
  2. TheGipper

    Gamechanger Releases

    I think everything we call "game changer" follows on from Altadis buying a 50% stake in Habanos in 2000. It seems they brought a lot of free-market oriented thinking about marketing that previously did not exist in HSA. The rumor / urban legend of Castro asking his cigar industry leaders why they don't just consolidate the entire industry into a single brand of cigars represented that old thinking, pre-Altadis. Altadis also brought a pretty big infusion of cash ($500m). It's no coincidence that the Edicion Limitada program ramped up after 2000. And that many new sizes were introduced after that point in time. And unfortunately, the discontinuations also ramped up. I know the tiny segment of us extreme Habanophiles that are represented by us on this board don't like the discontinuations and emphasis on higher-margin products. But even we have to admit from HSA's point of view, redirecting quality tobacco away from low margin, low sales products into higher margin, higher demand products is good business management.
  3. +1 On the suggestion to hit a running shoe specialist. It's worth it. And expect to pay the equivalent of US $100-$150 per pair. It's worth the extra money, as you're likely to be more comfortable and avoid injuries. It really does matter. For me, Brooks are the best, as they seem to make good EE width shoes and I have gone through many pairs. Saucony also great for me, but the Brooks are a little more comfortable for asphalt/concrete running for me.
  4. TheGipper

    El Prez for a day

    $10k not nearly enough. I'd need 5x that at least. Oh wait, I mean *we* would have to pay the $10k?
  5. TheGipper

    why don't you die!

    For a second I thought this was the would-be University mentioned in the Monty Python Bruces sketch. But after looking it up, I realize that was the University of Woolloomooloo. I appreciate this forum for enhancing my knowledge of Australian geography.
  6. I stopped reading after the first instance of the word "blockade".
  7. I'll recommend a re-read of this (short) study I did about a year and a half ago, detailed in this thread: Bottom line was ROI was pretty common across all categories, which surprised me. The average annualized ROI on various categories: 12.01% Annualized Ret (all) 11.92% Annualized Ret (Regular Production) 11.64% Annualized Ret (Special Production) 12.85% Annualized Ret (Discontinued) 11.87% Annualized Ret (Cohiba Regular Production) 10.80% Annualized Ret (Cohiba Special Production) Bottom line for me is that it's pretty easily to handily beat these returns in the equity markets, so I'll just keep buying what I want to smoke, not what I think other folks want to smoke!
  8. ALWAYS be appreciative of a friend bringing you a gift. ALWAYS. Be genuinely thankful to him. And leave it at that for the time being. At some point in the future, you may want to show him a fake you bought (if you still have one languishing in your stash). If you don't have one, then describe ones you bought and how you figured it out. Everyone getting started in the hobby gets taken by fakes when new to the hobby, and you can help him understand that at some point down the road. That takes the edge off the situation. Hopefully that will spark his interest in acquiring the knowledge to distinguish real from fake.
  9. TheGipper


    Looking forward to the first posts in the 2019 thread! A bit sorry to see Williams taking shots at Stroll now that he's gone. They could have put Lewis Hamilton in one of those awful 2018 Williams cars all year and he'd probably have finished no better than 16th in the overall driver standings. I hope George Russell doesn't have to endure similar "he wasn't ready" quotes two years from now.
  10. TheGipper


    Oh, I do like that Lotus style color scheme on the Haas. But Crofty's going to have to put the eyeglasses on to keep those apart from the Renaults.
  11. TheGipper


    I'm a Verstappen partisan, so I'm biased, but this nonsense about Ocon was merely unlapping himself is silly. Surely he was facing blue flags all up the main straight. The best outcome for Ocon is he's alongside Max thru turn 2, which puts him on an outside line thru Curva do Sol and back behind Max 10 times out of 10 by the time they get to Reta Oposta. I cannot remember any time a driver has beat back a pass in turn 1 in Brazil with that line thru turns 2 and 3. Oh well, that's racing. Ocon's penalty was appropriate. Max's penalty for the shoving match is also appropriate, he should not have done that. And Lewis did a great job squeezing out 52 laps on those mediums.
  12. BTW, there are quite a few pools that are open all year. Wynn is one and there are several others. There's a full run down at the link below.
  13. +1 on the cheap-o Eagles BBS linked to. You get FIVE for $8.47. They last longer than any $75-$100 Colibri or Xikar or every other overpriced piece of junk I've ever bought. Generally last 2-3 years for me before they gunk up a bit, then I just throw 'em out instead of bothering to clean them. The best part is I never worry about TSA taking my lighters, or friends forgetting to return them, or whatever. Two bucks! Who cares.
  14. Many sports books are now non-smoking. At least the best ones are (Caesars, Mandalay Bay, Bellagio, Venetian). Bummer. But pretty much every casino floor allows cigars. Most bars attached to casino floors (that don't serve food) will also be cigar friendly. So choose where you stay based on what you like about the place. You'll be able to find a place to smoke at every major resort. Plus BYO is completely acceptable everywhere. No one will even know what a cutting fee is. As for specific places, my favorites are: Montecristo at Caesars - A little hard to find (just ask when you get there), but a great substitute for the sportsbook, as they have several large screens there. Great single malt and bourbon choices also. Rhumbar at Mirage - Outdoor, so check the weather, but the heaters help fend off any chill. Music can get loud-ish, but a great atmosphere at evening/night with the lights and bustle of the strip around you. Not the place to go if you want to catch the game, hard to get a line of sight to any of the few tv screens. Parasol Up/Down at Wynn - Definitely go outdoor by the pool if the weather is nice, or indoor if not. Make sure to try a Sinatra Smash cocktail. No tv screens here. Skyfall Lounge at The Delano - 64th Floor views of the entire strip on their outdoor balcony. Just amazing views. Cigars allowed on the balcony after 10PM. Chandelier Bar at Cosmopolitan - First or third level allows cigars. Beautiful setting. Try the Verbena cocktail, with the edible flower - but be sure to obey your server's instructions! The Dorsey at Venetian - Ivy League lounge feel. You can sit by the fireplace and have a cigar. Can get a little loud after 10pm on DJ nights. Sports Book Bar at Caesars - Smoking is not allowed in the main sports book seating area, but at the big curved bar behind it, cigars are allowed. Probably the best place to catch multiple games at once. But don't limit yourself, the great thing about Las Vegas is you can still pretty much smoke where you want on the casino floor. You might find a casino floor bar you really like and enjoy having a cigar there. There are plenty of bars that aren't cigar-oriented that you can still smoke and enjoy your time at (places like the many Aria bars, Vesper at Cosmo, Le Central at Paris, the Lobby Bar at Caesars are all enjoyable). Just my opinion, but I don't care for Casa Fuente at Caesars. Fine to visit and shop, but a waste of time to sit and smoke there. It's like being in a sururban strip mall.
  15. TheGipper


    Was Kimi actually smiling a bit in the post race interview? Great to see him back on the top step! And as an American, I do appreciate the Red Bull guys giving us a nod with their "western wear"...but that suit design needs to be retired permanently.

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