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  1. TheGipper


    I'm a Verstappen partisan, so I'm biased, but this nonsense about Ocon was merely unlapping himself is silly. Surely he was facing blue flags all up the main straight. The best outcome for Ocon is he's alongside Max thru turn 2, which puts him on an outside line thru Curva do Sol and back behind Max 10 times out of 10 by the time they get to Reta Oposta. I cannot remember any time a driver has beat back a pass in turn 1 in Brazil with that line thru turns 2 and 3. Oh well, that's racing. Ocon's penalty was appropriate. Max's penalty for the shoving match is also appropriate, he should not have done that. And Lewis did a great job squeezing out 52 laps on those mediums.
  2. BTW, there are quite a few pools that are open all year. Wynn is one and there are several others. There's a full run down at the link below.
  3. +1 on the cheap-o Eagles BBS linked to. You get FIVE for $8.47. They last longer than any $75-$100 Colibri or Xikar or every other overpriced piece of junk I've ever bought. Generally last 2-3 years for me before they gunk up a bit, then I just throw 'em out instead of bothering to clean them. The best part is I never worry about TSA taking my lighters, or friends forgetting to return them, or whatever. Two bucks! Who cares.
  4. Many sports books are now non-smoking. At least the best ones are (Caesars, Mandalay Bay, Bellagio, Venetian). Bummer. But pretty much every casino floor allows cigars. Most bars attached to casino floors (that don't serve food) will also be cigar friendly. So choose where you stay based on what you like about the place. You'll be able to find a place to smoke at every major resort. Plus BYO is completely acceptable everywhere. No one will even know what a cutting fee is. As for specific places, my favorites are: Montecristo at Caesars - A little hard to find (just ask when you get there), but a great substitute for the sportsbook, as they have several large screens there. Great single malt and bourbon choices also. Rhumbar at Mirage - Outdoor, so check the weather, but the heaters help fend off any chill. Music can get loud-ish, but a great atmosphere at evening/night with the lights and bustle of the strip around you. Not the place to go if you want to catch the game, hard to get a line of sight to any of the few tv screens. Parasol Up/Down at Wynn - Definitely go outdoor by the pool if the weather is nice, or indoor if not. Make sure to try a Sinatra Smash cocktail. No tv screens here. Skyfall Lounge at The Delano - 64th Floor views of the entire strip on their outdoor balcony. Just amazing views. Cigars allowed on the balcony after 10PM. Chandelier Bar at Cosmopolitan - First or third level allows cigars. Beautiful setting. Try the Verbena cocktail, with the edible flower - but be sure to obey your server's instructions! The Dorsey at Venetian - Ivy League lounge feel. You can sit by the fireplace and have a cigar. Can get a little loud after 10pm on DJ nights. Sports Book Bar at Caesars - Smoking is not allowed in the main sports book seating area, but at the big curved bar behind it, cigars are allowed. Probably the best place to catch multiple games at once. But don't limit yourself, the great thing about Las Vegas is you can still pretty much smoke where you want on the casino floor. You might find a casino floor bar you really like and enjoy having a cigar there. There are plenty of bars that aren't cigar-oriented that you can still smoke and enjoy your time at (places like the many Aria bars, Vesper at Cosmo, Le Central at Paris, the Lobby Bar at Caesars are all enjoyable). Just my opinion, but I don't care for Casa Fuente at Caesars. Fine to visit and shop, but a waste of time to sit and smoke there. It's like being in a sururban strip mall.
  5. TheGipper


    Was Kimi actually smiling a bit in the post race interview? Great to see him back on the top step! And as an American, I do appreciate the Red Bull guys giving us a nod with their "western wear"...but that suit design needs to be retired permanently.
  6. TheGipper

    Decent cheap bourbons

    So weird reading the regional responses here. Willett impossible to find here in Oregon, but other places folks saying it's plentiful. Saw this for myself when I saw more than a dozen bottles on the shelf at the Total Wine in Sacramento last time there. Opposite case for Sazerac here. Someone mentioned it isn't cheap...only $33 all in here in Oregon. And never hard to find here. Admittedly a great bargain at that price.
  7. TheGipper


    I like Seb's idea of throwing bananas from the cockpit. More qualifying strategy you use your banana during Q1 or save it for Q2 or Q3? Of course, Mercedes would tell Valtteri he has to give his banana to Lewis.
  8. TheGipper


    Pffft, there was no reason for Perez to move to the inside off that turn 17 exit. Perez completely swerved *off* the racing line there considering where you line up for the turn 18 braking zone. I wouldn't penalize Perez any more than he already was, but that was clearly intentional. I suspect Charlie knows that but doesn't want to make an issue of it in the press. Charlie probably privately said to Sergio, "Sergei might have deserved that, but don't do it again."
  9. TheGipper


    Excellent, a new RA vitola! Large Club Coronas!
  10. TheGipper

    high roller bourbons

    Definitely have noticed a shift in the supply (Or demand? Or mix of both?) for some hard to find bourbons here in Oregon in the last year. Stuff that used to never stay on the shelf is fairly readily available lately: both Col Taylors, Eagle Rare, Elijah 18, Elijah SB much more get-able lately. The manager at my local says he hasn't seen more supply, just fewer hipster buyers grabbing these up. To quote him, "The hipsters have moved on to grabbing Hennessy instead." But many bourbons still nowhere to be found here: Elmer, Weller 12, Stagg, Willett.
  11. TheGipper


    Haha I know, I picked up the broadcast at about lap 5, noticed the VET VER RAI at the bottom of the scoring graphic and thought, WHAT HAPPENED? Lucky for online replays I got to go back and see the whole thing. Actually went back and re-watched it again this week. Was kind of weird to see Stoffel running so strong. That seems like a lifetime ago.
  12. TheGipper


    I have resolved not be late to turn on the TV for Singapore this year. Not going to miss Turn 1 of Lap 1 this time.
  13. TheGipper


    Well, there's only been two non-oval track deaths in Indy/CART in 50+ years (Krosnoff 1996, Rodriguez 1999). Personally I think Rahal could stated it better to point out that the large high-speed ovals are inherently more dangerous than road courses. The big ovals are the tracks where the serious injuries and deaths occur almost exclusively in Indy. Whether or not F1 has better safety technology than Indy is obviously debatable, and I personally don't have an opinion on that. But the Wickens crash is the sort of one you unfortunately get at the high speed ovals, and no car-mounted technology would help much. Somewhat similar to Wheldon's crash at Las Vegas. I kind of doubt Massa's 80 foot (or whatever he's proposing) high walls will be seen at tracks over here any time soon.
  14. TheGipper


    This was a fun moment.

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