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  1. If there isn't enough room for the humidity to "enter", then how could there possibly be enough room for the humidity to "exit" in the first place?
  2. Wait wait, the title suggests that cabs are not boxes. Is this some technicality I've never thought of? Does this work with wives/girlfriends? "No dear, I haven't ordered any boxes this week."
  3. I have used both. Neither is perfect. The Heartfelt ones don't stick together very well. The adhesive is kind of weak like a Post-It note. The Kenco ones have a much better adhesive and will stick nicely, but the backing is rather difficult to peel off. These work better for me.
  4. What I do: 1. Vacuum seal (don't crush your cigars by letting the machine auto stop, hit the seal button when the bag is tightened up a bit, it's good enough - the benefit of vacuum sealing is in the seal, not the vacuum). 2. Straight into the freezer for 24 hours at 0F / -18C. More than 24 hours is totally fine also. 3. Straight onto the kitchen counter for 6 or so hours. 4. Open up the vacuum seal and that's it. Never had a cracked cigar from this process. And never had a beetle outbreak.
  5. Yes, not one word in the about wealth or financial success in that article. Some people need to work on reading comprehension and their How-Not-To-Jump-To-Conclusions skill.
  6. Hope they can keep Mexico on the calendar, there's been some entertaining races there recently. I also like the reliability challenge the high elevation there seems to present the teams.
  7. Hmm, two months seems like a short amount of time to impart such a strong cedar note, but maybe the cedar flavor just isn't your cup of tea. You may not want to buy any 10+ year old boxes of the Romeo Cedros series.
  8. Nothing is sin tax worthy. Social engineering in itself is a greater immorality.
  9. Also remember that a casual or first time cigar smoker will be put off by the strength of even the mildest Cuban. At large gatherings I tend to bring with me a box of non-Cuban cheapos that I'll never smoke (Macanudos and the like) but might hit the spot for a first timer. If they want to take a churchill sized Montesino and only smoke one inch of it, I don't care at all. And no one ever thinks to ask, "hey you're smoking a different cigar than I am". They won't notice or care.
  10. Yes, the Hoyo and Upmann were awful. But they were evidently aged cigars, as stated. Just bad aged cigars. I guess those of us who rapidly snap up the Partagas Coronas Gordas and Montecristo Churchills when they're offered just aren't as smart as the rest of ya'll who never tried any of the Anejados at all. We'll just have to live with our persistent ignorance, I guess.
  11. So the action we got this weekend is making me think about tire temperatures again. I am wondering if the extremely high air and track temperatures helped with core temperatures for the teams that have been struggling with tire windows on the 2019 tires. Obviously there was almost no chance we were going to go back to the 2018 tires, despite all the talk recently about that. But what if they go back to 100 degrees on the rear blankets? Or maybe even allow something higher than 100 on both? Could that help with tire core temperature for some teams? Is that a change FIA could make without needing unanimous agreement among the teams? Would like FIA to take the attitude that we *must* have more races like this, and if a tire blanket temperature change *maybe* would help achieve that, then let's go for it.
  12. Hmm, this makes me think maybe they should have threaded in some fireworks fuses back in the days of the fireproof EL wrappers. Might have helped with combustion.
  13. I think the problem here is that the 5 second penalty was far too harsh for this situation. That was an outcome-determining penalty. What was really needed was a timely "give up the position" type penalty. That would have been commensurate with the hindrance Vettel put on Hamilton there. But that is difficult to implement. It would require very timely action by the stewards and a way to have the drivers take the action of it within a lap or two of the incident. If somehow we could have that, then we could have had a legitimate outcome to the race. Seb can either pass outright, or push Lewis into making a similar mistake. Or Lewis drives a clean final segment of the race. That's the only way for either driver to have earned the win. But FIA has to explore the possibility of doing some sort of rapid give-up-the-position type penalty. 5 seconds as the minimum penalty for any violation is way too severe for today's thin-margin racing.

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