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  1. TheGipper

    high roller bourbons

    Definitely have noticed a shift in the supply (Or demand? Or mix of both?) for some hard to find bourbons here in Oregon in the last year. Stuff that used to never stay on the shelf is fairly readily available lately: both Col Taylors, Eagle Rare, Elijah 18, Elijah SB much more get-able lately. The manager at my local says he hasn't seen more supply, just fewer hipster buyers grabbing these up. To quote him, "The hipsters have moved on to grabbing Hennessy instead." But many bourbons still nowhere to be found here: Elmer, Weller 12, Stagg, Willett.
  2. TheGipper


    Haha I know, I picked up the broadcast at about lap 5, noticed the VET VER RAI at the bottom of the scoring graphic and thought, WHAT HAPPENED? Lucky for online replays I got to go back and see the whole thing. Actually went back and re-watched it again this week. Was kind of weird to see Stoffel running so strong. That seems like a lifetime ago.
  3. TheGipper


    I have resolved not be late to turn on the TV for Singapore this year. Not going to miss Turn 1 of Lap 1 this time.
  4. TheGipper


    Well, there's only been two non-oval track deaths in Indy/CART in 50+ years (Krosnoff 1996, Rodriguez 1999). Personally I think Rahal could stated it better to point out that the large high-speed ovals are inherently more dangerous than road courses. The big ovals are the tracks where the serious injuries and deaths occur almost exclusively in Indy. Whether or not F1 has better safety technology than Indy is obviously debatable, and I personally don't have an opinion on that. But the Wickens crash is the sort of one you unfortunately get at the high speed ovals, and no car-mounted technology would help much. Somewhat similar to Wheldon's crash at Las Vegas. I kind of doubt Massa's 80 foot (or whatever he's proposing) high walls will be seen at tracks over here any time soon.
  5. TheGipper


    This was a fun moment.
  6. The peanut gallery here all have high expectations. This is, after all, Mongolia. Looks wonderful to me, considering. At least there is a LCDH. By comparison, the folks in forsaken backwater places like...Vancouver, Canada...don't even have a LCDH!
  7. TheGipper

    Cedar Boxes

    None of Cuba's standard packaging boxes are full Spanish cedar. As you note, the only actual Cedrela odorata coming out of Cuba typically is the thin sheet inside the boxes.
  8. TheGipper


    Indeed, and you know it's a really nice day when you can see more than one mountain, like today. (Can also see St. Helens *and* Jefferson today.)
  9. I read this sort of thing all the time about Cuba and the much-hated US based franchises taking over Cuba if the embargo is lifted. I don't get this thinking. There's no embargo between Cuba and Canada. So why isn't there a Tim Hortons on every corner? No embargo between UK and Cuba, so why aren't there Tescos? It's not any embargo that keeps foreign investment out. Do we even think the Cuban government wants foreign investment and the attendant extension of private property rights necessary to do so? I doubt it.
  10. Unknowable to exact certainty, I acknowledge. But to me it seems to be very, very marginal at most. An analogy to me is that I never shop at Costco. Literally never. I buy everything from other stores. With no hindrance to getting exactly what I want/need, except possibly for some very minor incremental cost (even that is debatable). Does that have a real significant impact on my life? Doesn't feel like it. Being able to trade with the entire world ex-USA seems fairly similar. I think it's a fairly modest declaration to say that Cuba's problems are almost entirely of their own making.
  11. But if we assess these claims by the Castros to their citizens (re: the blockade's embargo's negative effect) to be largely a lie, then surely the removal of the embargo would not have prevented them from coming up with another lie to shift blame? Clearly the embargo did not achieve the stated aims of JFK et al. But I doubt lifting the embargo would have resulted in the Castro tenure and legacy playing out any differently. If the wide open trade with Russia, Canada, Spain, the entire EU, etc. that has existed for the entire time didn't lift Cuba's economic fortunes, why would having the US as one more incremental trade partner have had any substantial effect?
  12. Stopped reading at "toxic glue fumes". I'm always surprised how hypochondriac us cigar smokers can be about everything other than cigar smoke.
  13. Vacuum sealing machine + Rubbermaid Roughneck 31 gallon totes + 1-2 pounds of beads per tote (or crystal cat litter) is what I use. The Rubbermaids don't seal as perfectly as a cooler, but they hold the humidity nearly equally well in my climate (Oregon). Helps if you set something on top of the lid to improve the seal. Really only have to refresh the beads with distilled water once a month or so. Would work fine without the vacuum sealer also. If you want low/no maintenance, a cooler that seals well may be worth the extra initial investment. Won't require as much water refresh. I have a couple of coolers in the rotation and if I don't open them, they barely need any water added. Maybe only once or twice a year. Do not buy the Sterilite clear totes as a substitute. Too much plastic smell that doesn't dissipate. If you go with the Rubbermaid, wash it out after you buy it and let it air for a couple of weeks, and it will be good to go.
  14. Well, by that standard, everything under the sun (including gold) will have zero value 5 billion years out once the sun expands to consume the earth. But that's not exactly a bold or insightful prediction.
  15. Most? Yes, of course. But this is about as bold a prediction as predicting which horizon the sun will rise over five years from today. This is like saying "most" businesses will go bankrupt. Or "most" stocks will go to zero. "Most" business do indeed go bankrupt or at least shut down. "Most" stocks do indeed go to zero*. But the winning businesses and stocks more than make up for the ones that don't survive. We will see if the same ends up being true for cryptos. *- (There are at least 15,000 stocks that are not traded on major exchanges and are essentially worth zero. And there are tens of thousands more over the many years that have been completely de-listed and are literally worth zero. It's the nature of business.)

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