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  1. Another image that gives an idea of the full size.
  2. TheGipper


    Hmm, who's sandbagging? And by how much? We'll find out when the engine party modes come out in Qualy today. Don't forget, Red Bull folks saying they will have a legit party mode for Qual for the first time also.
  3. TheGipper

    profile picture... the small one.

    Easy way, use an online resizer, like (there are others also):
  4. TheGipper


    I see this has now turned into the Unofficial Post Padding Thread for the newbs and lurkers. At least try to add some insightful comments. Oh wait, the guys with 10,000+ posts don't do that at all (ever), so continue on!
  5. TheGipper

    Jury Duty

    This is so obvious, I don't even know how to explain it. You pay taxes on wages you actually made. Your W-2 won't have an extra line for "Wages we didn't actually pay but we're reporting to the IRS anyway so you end up paying more than you should". If there was, then you could rightly say you should be allowed to deduct those. But since your W-2 doesn't have that, trying to deduct them is reducing your tax liability by 2x your tax rate on the lost wages.
  6. TheGipper

    Jury Duty

    You want a double deduction on your taxes for wages not earned? Is your real name Wesley Snipes?
  7. TheGipper


    And Williams already behind everyone else, missing Day 1. Plus they are putting the guy with the thickest wallet out in the car for Day 2 (Latifi). And not one of their active drivers. Already looks like a long 2019 in store for Williams.
  8. TheGipper


    I like the black accents on the Ferrari. Looks better than the white they had previous seasons.
  9. You may want to explore buying cigars in cardboard pack format. That said, I suspect the sensitivity is to more than just cedar / mahogany, as there's really no Spanish Cedar (or I would guess cedar of any variety) in present day dress boxes or SBN boxes or SLB cabinets. Some may have divider sheets that are Spanish Cedar, so you may want to trial a dress box where you remove the divider upon receipt. See that improves the situation. Oh, and the Romeo y Julieta Cedros series would be unadvisable your wife.
  10. TheGipper


    Yeah Red Bull had that weird blocky blue one for rollout last year. I liked the color combo, but it looked like they ran out of paint before the finished. This year's is really sharp.
  11. TheGipper


    Why do all these teams bring out these brilliant looking liveries for winter testing...them revert to the boring old designs for the regular schedule?
  12. Okay. No time for me to post further on this topic, I must attend to my individual duties. Can't wait until I turn 100 years old and a Hawaii Representative absolves me of all my individual duties. I will be posting like mad on this forum then.
  13. Oh well, since you put it that way, and you're so persuasive, I'll just turn over my entire array of individual rights to be assigned or discarded at the whims of your personal opinion. Is that the response you were looking for?
  14. Same guy is also making a push to make "medical" marijuana more accessible. So he's undoubtedly another one of these former hippie politicians who wants everyone to approve of his marginal behaviors while he proscribes your preferred ones.
  15. TheGipper


    This is inspiring. Thanks to this company and Monty Python, I've decided to trademark the brand name "Scheisshaus Cigars". Stylized as Schéißhaüs Cîgârs, of course.

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