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  1. I would think Latifi is an obvious choice for Williams. Russell really isn't their driver, as he's probably got a future in a Mercedes seat long term. If Williams thinks they have a better future beyond 2020, they need to have a young talent they can develop for themselves. I wonder if Hulkenberg regrets pricing himself out of the market. He's not going to pull down much of a salary as a reserve driver for whoever.
  2. No, I said it won't harm the cigars. I know my post sounded like criticism, but it wasn't. Every time these storage method threads start, they get filled with people with no experience with a particular storage method telling people who have tried those methods why they don't know what they're talking about. Every time. So don't undo your aluminum wrapped boxes. Maybe your particular locale will be different than mine. The cigars will be fine if you keep them inside actively humidified container. Let us know how it went after a couple years or more.
  3. If you're interested, do some reading on MVTR and polyethylene (Saran wrap material). You may be surprised what you find out.
  4. It won't harm the cigars at all, but you're in for an interesting lesson about how aluminum degrades in a humid environment over time. I used to do this (minus the saran wrap) until I found that out. Then bought a vacuum sealer and I use that for long term aging. I also use wax paper for medium term aging. I don't have experience using saran wrap, but I suspect it is a rather poor water vapor barrier, moreso than one would think. Certainly not as good as tightly wrapped wax paper.
  5. Flippant answer: One check mark plus one "x" mark means these boxes contain contain medio tiempo leaf. Probably Behikes that they didn't have packaging ready for. You lucky dog! Paranoid answer: Wait til you discover the weird pencil markings often on the top vertical edges of boxes (under the lid). These are all NSA/CIA/FBI codes for tracking your activity. Serious answer: It's fairly common. Nobody knows what it means. It probably means nothing. Or somebody counted some boxes in a warehouse somewhere.
  6. 'Tis a strange thing that people who describe themselves as having no understanding of something still feel compelled to comment on it and disparage it.
  7. I see Glenlivet has found a way to dispose of all that awful Founder's Reserve that's been just sitting in warehouses.
  8. Yeah...8-9-8s in a 10-0-0 packaging configuration. Annoying, but I won't care if they smoke well.
  9. Absolutely. I've recently converted over to a v-cut and I can't believe it took me this long to discover how much better it is. To answer the original question, it doesn't really affect taste for me, but it greatly reduces (often eliminates) the tar buildup at the head. To extent you can keep the tar off your lips, it kind of keeps the flavor pure all the way down to nub length. Also it takes some time to master the skill of controlling the depth of the cut with a v-cutter. But once you get it figured out, it seems to me a superior cut for most everything over 38-40 RG or so.
  10. If there isn't enough room for the humidity to "enter", then how could there possibly be enough room for the humidity to "exit" in the first place?
  11. Wait wait, the title suggests that cabs are not boxes. Is this some technicality I've never thought of? Does this work with wives/girlfriends? "No dear, I haven't ordered any boxes this week."
  12. I have used both. Neither is perfect. The Heartfelt ones don't stick together very well. The adhesive is kind of weak like a Post-It note. The Kenco ones have a much better adhesive and will stick nicely, but the backing is rather difficult to peel off. These work better for me.
  13. What I do: 1. Vacuum seal (don't crush your cigars by letting the machine auto stop, hit the seal button when the bag is tightened up a bit, it's good enough - the benefit of vacuum sealing is in the seal, not the vacuum). 2. Straight into the freezer for 24 hours at 0F / -18C. More than 24 hours is totally fine also. 3. Straight onto the kitchen counter for 6 or so hours. 4. Open up the vacuum seal and that's it. Never had a cracked cigar from this process. And never had a beetle outbreak.
  14. Yes, not one word in the about wealth or financial success in that article. Some people need to work on reading comprehension and their How-Not-To-Jump-To-Conclusions skill.

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