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  1. KFBR392


    My birthday is April 9th. It’s fate.
  2. Local consumption numbers seem really high. Wow.
  3. KFBR392

    Sancho Cristo

    They look good. Are they that dark or is it just the picture/lighting.
  4. Haven’t tried trini shorts yet but cosho are my favorite small format cigar by a mile.
  5. Wow. Much higher % than I would have guessed.
  6. Makes me want to crack open my box of close to the same date.
  7. Colibri V cutter was life changing. Never use any of my straight cutters anymore.
  8. Sounds like a maybe to me 😜
  9. Want to sell those mag 56?
  10. Yep. According to his website no more humidor building. Nooooooo. Was just getting ready to order one.
  11. The MDO 4s I got as a 6 pack a couple months back we’re awesome. Made my buy 2 boxes when the came up at the beginning of sept
  12. One of my favorite smokes but there’s no real CC comparison IMO
  13. KFBR392

    Trinidad Shorts

    Priced like cosho? I like cosho but for the price (I think I laid basically $2 a stick), I’d rather have a $4 huhc and have it last me 4 times as long, not to mention a better taste. The shorts would have a place in my rotation more often if they were priced better. Probably my fault for only smoking cosho up to now. Perhaps I’ll try Monte puritos or Something similar to save coin? Any other suggestions?

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