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  1. One fine day this past summer, I was smoking a RA Superiores (ETP Feb 16, from El Prez). It was a very good example of the cigar, but not particularly notable. As I was enjoying the typical RA profile, out of nowhere I was hit with grape bubblegum. First time I’d experienced something like that, but unmistakable. It arrived early in the second third and I thought it would be fleeting, but it actually stuck around almost until the cigar was finished. Very pleasant, and didn’t clash with the usual flavor profile at all - very memorable!
  2. For more serious issues, a lot of great advice here. Thanks to all who have contributed! For the occasional production of a drowsy response, try Bob Ross and the joy of painting. The combination of calm, positivity, and paint on canvas lulls me to sleep.
  3. Many thanks, Rob! Was able to grab a box today. Score +1 for the fantastic pipeline thread!
  4. Will we see Exhibicion No. 4 anytime soon? I remember they were up semi-recently, but I missed them.
  5. Wondering about Cohiba Coronas Especiales in the next couple of weeks?
  6. A lot of good ideas here. I would definitely be interested in a program like this... paying 10% per year for a 3-4 year old box is probably the sweet spot. I’m sure that this product gap is a big reason why the locker sales, FoH auctions, and Bond Roberts have been so popular and successful! Of course they offer much more than just 3-4 year old boxes, but I do think there’s an appetite for “lightly” aged boxes where the provenance is transparent and high quality.
  7. I picked up a single when I was in Aruba in Jan '18. I held it about 6 months in my own storage and then smoked in the the summer of 2018. I remember that it had a hint of a floral edge (10%), but I mostly got cardboard (90%). I remember being disappointed, but I'm happy to hear that others have had better experiences! A shame that it's inconsistent.
  8. Those look beautiful. Would love to participate in this!
  9. What really put me off was the more seasoned and experienced people who I've seen asking "Where did these cigars come from? Where have they been sitting all this time?" From what I understand, distributors (PCC for example) have their own 'aged' programs, where provenance is clear, storage is standardized, and the boxes are at least average regular production quality on the way in. In comparison, all seems to be confusion with the Anejados program - no clear answers to any of those questions. When seasoned and experienced members point out issues of this magnitude, it definitely makes me want to stay away. Combined with all of the uncertainty, the pricing made it easy to say thanks, but no thanks.
  10. Wishing you a successful surgery and a speedy recovery!! Get plenty of rest, and create a line-up of the first few cigars you'll have to celebrate your full recovery! 💪
  11. dt2

    The Wheezycab

    Incredible, so well done. Thank you for sharing with the community!!
  12. Really wonderful review!! Quite a pleasure to have an original LE. Thoughts on how this compares to the regular production Piramides you’ve had? Also, your choices for drink pairings are really speaking to me. Thanks for the info on these two, I see research in my future... 😄 👍
  13. Got it, thank you. Glad to have my expectations set at the right level early on.
  14. This seems to be the general consensus in the thread. Are people referring to all of Italy, or just Rome? I ask because I’ll be visiting Siena, Florence, and Milan in 2020 so if there’s truly nothing special to be had, it’d be great to know that up front so that I don’t spend time looking for something that isn’t there.

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